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    • Thanks! I had deleted the images the first way but they kept coming back. I must admit to being old enough that I didn't see or recognize the teeny tiny trashcans though.
    • Well, I absolutely loved this camera until I tried to shoot tethered.  This was an absolute disappointment to me, as I am a pro, and wanted the camera to be my walk about, and my back up in the studio, and on location. Well it looks like only the first part of that plan is going to happen. Not being able to shoot tethered is such an unnecessary crippling of an otherwise wonderful instrument.  If I had known about this limitation, I doubt I would have bought it, I probably would have gotten an XT4 and used my existing XT2 as the back up. So, Fuji kind of screwed themselves out of $800 in camera sales, and screwed me out of a new studio cam.
    • The top dials all being in ‘Auto’ are probably acting to limit your options. Try manual settings re: https://fujifilm-x.com/en-us/quick-start-guides/quick-start-guide-fujifilm-x-t3/ scroll down to the Shooting Video section and give those options a try. Keep in mind the note about f-log files needing color grading. edit: p.s. If you are curious as to how to get the 1 / 48 shutter speed, this video explains how to do that as well as some other stuff:  
    • A couple of things ... In the top right side of the post, you will see three dots just like this -->   ... Once logged in, for posts that you are the author, click on the three dots icon and you can edit the post. Put the cursor just to the right of the image you want to delete and press the delete key and the image will be deleted. Also, at the bottom of the editing box will be the images uploads section with plus and trash can icons for each image. Click on the trash can icon to remove it from the uploads. It is possible that the decision to maintain backwards compatibility with older computers outweighed the thought of only using the latest USB power supply abilities that would allow the camera to not draw the battery down. Right now, you can use the camera with older computers as long as you get the right kinds of cables, imagine how folks would feel if they were told they had to buy the very latest, new computers with USB-C PD ports in-order to use the camera with the computer.
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