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black and white (open thread)

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i would like to see your bw conversions and examples made with fuji x cameras in here... all subjects are wellcome!

i know the world is full of colour but sometimes colour is deflecting...

no mater if allready set right in the cam or convertet in post processing - but no colour key ;)!


lets get started...



media installation by street artist jr

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X-T1, 10-24mm            

in the dark by Jörg Staudt, auf Flickr   X-E1 with XF18-55

x-t1 and 18-55mm.  b&w conversion in lightroom.

Posted Images

So today I visited a new church for my project, and what catched my eye will probably seem strange for many.


18013409522_b3552ccb80_b.jpgEglise des Jesuites - Molsheim by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr


18017501621_2b27fc9fa8_b.jpgEglise des Jesuites - Molsheim by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr


17830523179_5f3b967e55_b.jpgEglise des Jesuites - Molsheim by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr


18017583931_74027041e8_b.jpgEglise des Jesuites - Molsheim by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr

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    • Greetings @FoToEdge. May I ask if your PD Anchor Links cord would be the thinner V3 version or the thicker V4 where people deem them as thicker rendering it impossible to pass through the XT3 eyelets? I have the V4 and I'm unsure whether to consider pushing that inner metal ring found within the eyelets (which may pose the risk of scratching the side of the camera should you commit an error) OR to just buy circular lugs just like what @TerryB did on his Fuji Cam unit? Thank you.
    • I have the following problem with my x100V. When I set the exposure composition dial button to "C" I can use the front command dial to change my exposure. That works perfectly and much faster. But sometimes the camera automatically changes the exposure to the maximum (+5) and I can no longer control anything. I have to turn the camera on and off a few times and then everything works again. Carolus / The Netherlands
    • Hi, I've owned a XT3 for some time, mainly for stills - I've taken the occasional video but not really paid much attention to the settings. I started to take more videos now - and I've noticed that whilst using AutoISO, there is no display of the actual ISO that the XT3 is selecting. I would find this useful so I can tell if I should remove/reduce the ND filter. The only way around this would be to set manual ISO, and maybe use a variable ND for adjustment.Then I got an XT4 - and I've noticed that the XT4 does show the actual ISO. Just wondering if anyone knows if this is a 'new' feature on the XT4. Or was it possible to see on the XT3 and I've inadvertently disabled it. A friend has an XT2 which behaves like my XT3 - no specfic ISO displayed.
    • I'm having the same issue when I'm using the camera with a Godox flash light! Almost every 10-20 photos the issue occurs and the camera freezes completely, the indicator lamp turns into orange. And same here I have to literally take the battery out to resume the camera.  Look for a solution too. 
    • I got excited there for a review, but then I read the only one comment on the listing:  
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