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  1. I think the XP3 is absolute overkill for the Fuji X system and almost pointless Its def overpriced and that "silly" Duratect coating......... really ? I sell A1 /A2 Giclee Prints of my work shot on XP1 and XP2 and the prints are beautiful from both with in my mind the images from XP1 a preference but either is fine So there's a point ..... XP3 .... Why ? People talk about Film Simulation ...... Thats only in JPG, Shoot raw and if you really must use a simulation just adjust in your preferred software ..... Buying an XP3 for a Film Simulation is worse than buying a Leica for a Red Dot ( and I've bought plenty over the years ) Dont waste money guys and seriously dont listen to Fujis "X" Photographers ... most couldn't take a decent pic and only get used because they are happy to write pages of content .... Have you ever heard them say a bad word ? Fuji make great cameras but please dont get caught up in the hype and waste your money ..... Your XP1/2 didn't suddenly stop taking great pics ... only you did that !
  2. I have a pair of XP2's and can't really fault them I also have an X100F I really do think that the files from the xp1 and the xt1 I had were so much nicer ! Im having a tough time trying to convince myself bigger is better but I print my work to A1 and I have a lot of prints shot on the old sensors which are just lovely and yes you read it right .... A1 with no problem ! Obviously the new sensors will print to this but as others are saying they just are not the same I use this kit professionally and dare I take a step "backwards" ? I am seriously tempted !
  3. its a deal breaker send it back
  4. Yep it's always been noisy ... Just this thread reminded me of it Its also my least used lens
  5. I don't think I lust after new gear If anything I am lusting for the good old days ! Its Paris tomorrow and I will be taking the XP2 , then I will see if it can earn its keep
  6. What happened !! Musical differences ?
  7. Mine is fine but the lens is a noisy bugger Anyone else find its a bit noisy when focusing ?
  8. My god you're fitting a screen protector not doing surgery ! Ive just fitted the 650d protector to my XP2 quick wipe and on it went no bubbles or dirt very easy
  9. This says it all really ... Ive already sold one of my XT1's and the other is up for sale I still have both my XP1's
  10. You are all correct and the new camera is great Maybe I'm just a sentimental old fool
  11. Heres an interesting thing ...... I may well have lost the plot (quite possible) Anyway here goes... In the beginning there was the XP1 which after a bumpy start I ended up really liking , it had soul it was a camera that just felt right ... Then enter the XT1 with all its bells and whistles and yes I was tempted by the new camera and ended up with 2 of them They were fine and I used them with no problems but I did not love them Compared to my XP1's they were ugly and just had no soul Yep I know I'm mad but to me a camera needs to have something about it more than mega pixels and fancy focus , if the camera feels right a decent snapper will make great pics , I really do believe that So.... Here we are at XP2 launch and I have had mine a few days Yes it works fine Yes its faster But having it made me get my XP1's out of the cupboard and guess what .... It doesn't seem so slow Granted its not very useful for super fast things but I don't snap super fast things Then I started looking at image files from the XP1 days and I think some of my best Fuji era work was on those cameras ! Ive also printed those files to A1 with no problems (I'm never likely to go bigger ) So here I am with 2 XP1 bodies and an XP2 body , I am 2 days away from a job in Paris and I am seriously thinking do I dare go back to the old days ! I am seriously considering it and if I do ....... who wants to buy an XP2 (attached pic from XP1)
  12. gaffa tape over the little speaker holes
  13. Thats cool Its good to know there is no "fault" just an inconvenience Im liking the camera and the menus don't worry me to much as I don't really change things once set up apart from ISO and thats well taken care of with the new dial
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