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  1. Nothing particularly complicated if you turn on Auto...
  2. I will get it for the two lens travel kit: 14mm and 16-80mm.
  3. I appreciate the effort. That being said, I definitrly prefer the old layout. It was compact, no nonsense, straight to the point. The new one requires more scrolling to find points of one's interest, and color solution, which would be appropriate for children's site, seems out of whack here. Is it possible to return to the old style? It would be terrific!
  4. The problem could be with the camera or it can be with the card. I tend to think the card is the culprit. Which exactly card have you been using? Did you try to insert a different card and see if your X-T2 has the same problem with it as well?
  5. I am not interested in Fuji full frame cameras. For that I have Nikon D750 with a wondeful set of lenses. For me Fujifilm is an opportunity to travel light, without a load of glass - and still get a quality pics.
  6. I can see banding in the Milandro's link, but not in the samples provided by Teon ijff. Yes, there are definite horizontal color zones in those landscapes, but isn't that specific distribution of natural light?...
  7. Arthur

    Macro shooting

    Hi laurelxr! Congratulations, you've bought yourself quite advanced and expensive camera. That's the good part. The bad part is that buying a better set of laws of physics costs a lot more. You'll be better off just buying a macro lens and set of appropriate lights. Good luck!
  8. Either the reason described by jimphotos or you might have a dark background where the dark spot is located, in which case the blob will jot be visible. Clean the sensor, bro.
  9. Does Luminar work directly with Fujifilm original raw files?
  10. Yeap. Soft. Mushy. Not worth even a buck.
  11. Mari didn't say the camera got hot, she mentioned red light, which is an error sign indicating the problem either with the lans or the card. There is no reason to send the camera in before checking those two issues.
  12. Mari, red light indicator means either a lens or memory error. You've got to give more specifics. What set of parameters are you using: position of all of your dials, ISO, aperture, what lens are you using, does it happens with any other lens, have you tried changing the lens and making sure contacts are clean? Have you tried changing the memory card? What was the result? Another question: is this your first digital camera? Is this your first Fujifilm camera?
  13. Here's what you want to do to set up a truly scientific test. First let the acousticians measure sensitivity of both of your ears. Second, you've got to measure exact distances between each of your ears and the camera shutter mechanism in both horizontal and vertical positions, as well as the angles between the ear surfaces and the direction of the vector connecting ear openings to the shutter mechanism. Then simple acoustical calculations will reveal the actual strength of the signals coming from the camera to each of your ears. If those results jive with your perseption then everithing works properly. Otherwise you should gather all this data and send it to Fujifilm along with your camera for investigation. There ain't no need to thank me. That's what all of us would do in such dire circumstances. Good luck. Please, keep us posted.
  14. Anything made in Russia is second-rate. It's a technologically challenged land. Just wondering, why would you want to buy their product?
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