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  1. But Pro2 has classic chrome simulation that Xpro1 lacks which is a very filmlike looking simulation.
  2. I also wonder if it's a better idea to use a camera with a big EVF such as the X-T2 as manual focus must be easier when you have a big VF compared to a smaller like the X-Pro2
  3. UGH, sounds like a a lot of work
  4. Cpl of questions 1. As it does not have any electronic connection with the camera, does it mean I won't be able to see the aperture number on the display? 2. Is it a bad choice for street photography as it's a manual lens? You can see what kind of shots I take https://500px.com/filiphermelin 3. Is it near impossible to nail focus on moving subjects? What's the technique you would use?
  5. Hmm I didn't know that. Well then it's a not a benifit with the ND filter against for example my old X-T2 that can shot up to 1/8000sec @ f/2 (I believe).
  6. Max shutterspeed on the x100f is 1/4000 sec but if I shot iso 200 on a bright day with aperture f/2 and AUTO shutterspeed, it only goes to 1/1000 and the image gets overexposed when it should go higher to get a correct expousure. Why does it stop at 1/1000. I mean I can use the built in ND filer, sure but I shouldn't have to. The other solution is to dial in correct shutter speed manually but I just want to shot with LOW ISO and lets the camera decide shutterspeed for correct expousre it self.
  7. The huge size difference between the 35 f/1.4 and 35 f/1.0 isn't worth the small DOF difference you get IMO.
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