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  1. Markymark, you've already been owning the XF18/55. Reading the exifs of your photos, you can verifie your personally most often used focal length... Btw, I also suggest the XF 35/1.4 with a very nice rendering and Bokeh, the XF 27/2.8 for its minimalistic character and astonishing optical qualities and last but not least the often underestimated XF 18/2.0 for its wide angle and aperture (especially for street). To be honest, It's your decission which kind of viewing angle you prefer most... nobody will be able to tell you... you'll have to find out yourself... All those lenses
  2. Looking at your lens-line-up, we have to mention that in the 50-60mm focal length you are quite well equipped with the TAK 55 and the Fujinon Zooms, whereas there is only the 18-55 at the focal length of 35mm. Go for the 35/1.4 would be my recommondation too! That's just a magical piece of glass, you won't regret it...
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