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  1. Mike G

    Sizzling Fuji 80mm macro.Normal ?

    Liam, you are right, quite a few Fujinon lenses make a noise, the 18-55mm among their!
  2. Mike G

    Sizzling Fuji 80mm macro.Normal ?

    I think you will find these noises quite normal!
  3. Mike G

    Convince me

    The only comment I would make is that to me the Sony A7Riii would seem to be superfluous, maybe consider selling it to fund a nice bit of glass!
  4. Mike G

    X-T2 Card Slot Selection

    dfaye, you are quire correct silly me, sorry chaps
  5. Mike G

    X-T2 Card Slot Selection

    I’m pretty sure that if you press the playback button for a few seconds a dialogue should pop up allowing you to change slots! Correction Press and hold the delete button simultaneously click the rear command dial and a dialogue box will open up offering you an option to change the card slots!
  6. Mike G

    Settings XH-1

    Just a thought Mycroft, see if you can access the EXIF of a previous photo and pickup some of the settings!
  7. Mike G

    Are they bosom buddies

    I’ll have to make a decision before long!
  8. Mike G

    Macro with Fuji X

    Sell your granny and get this lens!
  9. Mike G

    My X-Pro2 Review.

    Adam, I much prefer the colour shots( surprise ). Sorry to hear of your woes.
  10. Mike G

    Good morning

    She is 135 metres long, with 182 passengers. And you need awfully long paddles!
  11. Mike G

    Good morning

    The Emerald Dawn on passage north at 0825. X-H1 + 56mm 1.2 @ 1/850 f6.3 ISO200
  12. Mike G

    Round the bend

    From my travels on the Rhine. X-H1 + 56mm 1.2 @ 1/420 f5.6 ISO200
  13. Mike G

    No playback on X-t2 LCD, please help.

    Cycle though the VF LCD modes using the button on the RHS of the VF, and you will get there!
  14. Mike G

    X-H1 Lightroom RAW

    Use the uncompressed raw files not the lossless compressed! On my iMac lossless compressed files are imported OK, but will not display a thumbnail!
  15. Mike G

    Harbour scene

    This was taken using the Velvia simulation, so now I’m wondering if that accounts for the blueness? Having changed the film simulation to Provia, that to my eyes seems to have toned down the saturation. The sky was very blue on that day at 1411 !