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  1. From the album: x100t - new toy

  2. From the album: x100t - new toy

    got up early, but not before the mossies

    © chasable

  3. Albé is a small village in the Bas-Rhin department in the Alsace, France Albé, Alsace, France by Johan Thole, on Flickr Albé, Alsace, France by Johan Thole, on Flickr War memorial, Albé by Johan Thole, on Flickr Église Saint-Wendelin, Albé by Johan Thole, on Flickr Freedom Tree, Albé, 1795 by Johan Thole, on Flickr
  4. Hey Everyone, I recently purchased an x100t off eBay and love the camera. However, the shutter speed dial on mine won't rotate to B - bulb. It will only go so far as T, limiting my maximum exposure time to 30 seconds. Is there another trick to getting the dial to B, or is my camera broken? Thanks for reading and to anyone who might know the answer! - Joe
  5. Hello. I am new here and was pretty new with my camera. Unfortunately on recent trip to france it was little drowned in river. It start to work after 2 days, but i have some problems: - Focus doesn't work, after pressing shutter button in halfway it should start to interpret picture, but this is doesn't happens. No focus at all - Battery die when camera turned off. After turning off camera it still sinking battery and if i left it for one night battery gonna die. So question, which i have: - Is it any way to turn focus in settings? May be it some programm error? (Tryed reset alrea
  6. From the album: Street

    This was one of the first few shots taken on the X100T, which is my first Fujifilm camera. Loving the size and quality of the images from this little machine. The icing of the cake: the quietness of that shutter makes this one of the best street photographer's tool. Looking forward to shooting more with this.

    © CZSONG

  7. Hi all, I enjoy shooting at the wide-to-standard focal length boundary, and am torn between the x70 and the x100T. I mainly enjoy shooting small family gatherings, people, about town, and when travelling. From all that I've read, I know that I can't really go seriously wrong with either camera - however I have a couple of concerns that I've not seen addressed. Between the x70 and the x100T, the main concerns are: 1. Focal length: I love everything about the x70 except the 28mm equivalent focal length. I prefer the 35mm FOV. I know that the x70 has a software 35/50 mm mode that w
  8. I bought a Fuji x100t couple months ago and I haven't played much with the continuous autofocus until now. I'm not sure if I have a problem on my camera or if you guys are experiencing the same results with yours, but the C-AF doesn't seem to work very well. Actually it is totally unusable on my x100t. I took a video to better describe the problem (link below). The C-AF seems to always hunt even in the best light conditions and it's horrible between f6.3 and f16. With a wider aperture it seems to work. Even though I'm not very impressed by Fujifilm AF speed and accuracy, I understand it's not
  9. Hi all, Have a problem with my X100T, the camera is 16 months old. The ability to pre-focus by depressing the shutter half way and get a green square in the viewfinder / lcd has vanished, no matter what focus setting I change. User error or time to go off for repair??
  10. Anyone experience this before? I set a minimum shutter speed to 1/125 yet when I am out shooting and get in a shady spot I notice the camera chooses a shutter speed below my set minimum. When I shoot out and about I am usually at ISO 800-1600 at F8 and Auto shutter. I try to keep the camera shooting at faster shutter speeds by keeping my ISO high. Thanks.
  11. This is a link to my review of the TCL-X100, originally posted to X100c.com. http://x100c.com/blog/22/3/2015/want-an-x100-but-prefer-the-50mm-perspective-youll-want-the-fujfilm-tcl-x100
  12. i have purchased an x100t and still have my x100s for a few days more before I sell it. So I have had some time to compare the two models. Yes, x100t is a more responsive camera, and overall I like the improvements. However, comparing the EVF and the LCD with the x100s and I am no longer so happy. With the exact same Screen settings the x100t's EVF and LCD is extremely noisy. The picture is alive with chroma noise compared with the x100s which even in low light has a very clean image. No noise at all. Keeping the lens cap on on both cameras while turned on and the x100s EVF and LCD is
  13. Hey Guys! I have an X100T, and I was wondering if there is any difference in auto focus speed between the EVF and OVF. I am asking, because I have noticed faster auto focus with the EVF than the OVF. Also, I have also noticed that Auto focus is faster when the mini EVF is being used WITH the OVF. Is there any legitimacy to my claims? I may be completely wrong, but it seems auto focus is indeed faster when the smaller EVF is used in conjunction with the OVF. I find auto focus is faster WITH mini EVF + OVF than with JUST the OVF. Yes, I have all the higher energy and speed modes turned ON.
  14. Hello, I am looking for advice, I am concerned about how best to get focus on the ceremony walking down the aisle shot. I am using XT1 with 56 lens, and an X100T. thanks Shane
  15. Original Blog Post: https://insigniachiaki.wordpress.com/2016/02/04/the-beauty-of-vintage-or-why-i-use-fuji-x/ Telling other photography enthusiasts that I use Fuji is sometimes a scary thing to do. You see, there are many other enthusiasts who believe that “Full Frame is the way to go” or that “Mirrorless cameras are for pussies”. Although I strongly disagree with these statements nowadays, I can see where they are coming from. Because being a FF-addict myself in the past, I can definitely remember my lust for ever-shallower DoP (BOKEHHHHHH!!!) and (on paper) amazing high ISO capabilit
  16. Hi everyone, I just wasted three hours of explaining my idea and at the moment of posting my pc magicly shut down so in short... Fuji could incorporate 42mm, 50mm and let's say 65mm crop modes (framelines for OVF and EVF < like Leica did with the Q) without the need of using the TCL. I know this would kill/lower the sells of the TCL but would also make the X100S/T (especially considering it's size without the conversion lenses) more versatile for some 42mm, 50mm FL lovers and portrait (street) shooters who love the form factor of the X100 series. We would loose some of those megapixels (r
  17. Last summer I went to a bicycle race series to see my friends racing. Here are some pictures I took at the races. All of them are with my x100t. Mardi cycliste by Samuel L-G, sur Flickr
  18. I'm going to Moscow in December where it will be -2°C to -8°C and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on taking the X100t out in those kind of temperatures since it's not weather sealed. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks
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