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  1. The X-T1 camera menu has options for Continuous and Shooting image stabilization. The XF series lenses have a stabilization switch. It is always recommended that you turn off the switch when shooting on a tripod. I just got an XC lens, which has no switch. The reviews on web sites say you use the camera settings. With no option in camera for an off, any recommendation about what to do when IS is not wanted? Thanks. Tony
  2. Hello everyone, I just recieved my graphite XT1, bought it on Ebay brand new! plus batteries. I tested the camera before hand and the images are phenominal. I wanted to see how I can see the shutter count perhaps someone knows? Also if you like to see the gallery dedicated soly to the XT1 image quality check out my instagram page dedicated to urabn NYC, people and fashion photography. @jwarnyc
  3. Hi, I recently traveled to Berlin. Together with my Fuji XT-1 of course! Some minimalistic architectural photo's from the immense Tempelhof airport. Such a weird, but also big, impressive, piece of architecture with a lot of historical background, but in modern times it is a great escape from the city to many people. Just wanted to share three of my photo's, so here goes. more photo's @ www.robertdoeleman.com
  4. Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as a wedding photographer from New York State! This past weekend I went along with a friend and volunteered to shoot alongside them for free in order to shoot the whole day with just my X100T & X-T1 with 56mm f/1.2 lens! It would be wonderful if you'd be willing to take a look and offer some feedback! http://clients.thestoryphotography.com/fujix100tandfujix-t1/ Thanks so much! -Shulvy
  5. hi fellas, my first post here, yet've been here on multiple occassions. Im about to embark on almost two years bike trip in australia/asia, hence looking for light and solid mirrorless system. basically i was all in for xt1, but the xt10 came and pretty much made some shifts in my mind. my budget is not that big - quite around 2000 gbp - around 3100 usd. opt 1: xt1 with 18-135 35 1.4 samyang 12 mm 2.0 opt 2: xt10 18-55 and 55 - 200 35 1.4 samyang 12 mm 2.0 yes, the weather sealing in xt1 is quite the big deal for my needs - i expect going through monsoon months in asia, than chilly winter in middle east. yet, the reports from older fuji cameras (especially xe2) talks much about how tough are this cameras, even without WR. and the better focal range, as well as aperature points to xt10. can you give me any recomendations? BTW: i posted similar question on dpreview, however the response tended to go away from my concern, as i am fully devoted to use fuji system (many bikepacking, traveling lads made my mind about fuji), so i guess it would be better to ask it here
  6. So this isn't good. Just upgraded the firmware, and I do a few focus tests. Just focusing on various objects around my desk. Then I get this. I'm not even taking a picture. Anyone getting this? (see attached).
  7. Hi I'm using Fuji X-T1 GS for a while and mostly are on landscape photographs. Normally I start with auto focus to focus the subject/distance I want on tripod and after that I just keep the focal distance by changing focus mode to M (at front pedal). The thing is if I do operate other things on my camera such as checking photo from play menu after a few photos taken or even turn off camera while focus mode still on M, after turn on camera again or get back to normal shooting mode after using other menus, focal distance seems to be changed and I need to refocus every times. My Pre-AF is off. and I think it happens in most of the lenses I have (I mostly use 10-24 f/4, 16-55 f/2.8 and 50-140 f/2.8 for landscape shooting but sometimes prime lenses as well) How do I lock this focal distance value every time till I change it by myself manually or with re-auto focus? Or any setting that I missed it.? Thank you very much
  8. Millemiglia Race, Italy X-T1 + XF 50-140 2.8
  9. Hi. I'm newbie here. This picture was from the first day I've owned first Fujifilm X Series camera as X-T1 Graphite Silver. Bought it in Kyoto, Shot it in Kyoto. Autumn Floating by Mahalarp Teeradechyothin, on Flickr
  10. MTPhotography


    Triumph Car by Mauro Tandoi, su Flickr
  11. I was shooting a critter in my yard yesterday using the 18-135 at 135mm. When I imported the images in LR, I noticed that the foliage/ grass rendered weird—almost watercolor like. Is this a known issue? My X-T1 has firmware v.4 and LR is the latest version (CC). Is there a way to fix this?
  12. hi anybody knows if there is new upgraded version of XT1 in 2016?
  13. Hi i am sure this has come up before but any recommendations for a screen protector for the X-T1 Just got my camera though the post today WoW
  14. Hello! This is my first post here. I'm an enthusiast and recently got an X-T1 Graphite and the 35mm/1.4 lens, which I absolutely adore so far. While I love the 35 for everyday shooting (mostly street, casual, environmental portraits, etc), I just took a trip out west to Oregon to go camping and found myself a bit limited by the FOV for nature/landscape/astrophotography and often had to shoot vertically to compensate. While I was able to take some nice shots (see below), I realized I would like to complement my 35 with something wider to give me more range— I've narrowed it down to the following options: 14mm 2.8, 16mm 1.4, and the 10-24mm f/4. I guess what I'm looking for is image quality and character, and versatility/practicality. Size and weight are a consideration, but I tried the 10-24 and 16mm in person and neither felt too crazy heavy or unbalanced with my X-T1. Budget isn't really an issue either. I'm leaning towards the 16mm (due to reviews I've seen, the sharpness, 1.4, and the weather sealing) or the 10-24 (due to the versatility and the fact it hits a lot of great FOV's, image quality, and IS). What would you recommend? Thanks! Trevor
  15. Hello, I am looking for advice, I am concerned about how best to get focus on the ceremony walking down the aisle shot. I am using XT1 with 56 lens, and an X100T. thanks Shane
  16. fishelphoto

    First Dance

    Wedding from this past weekend (XT1, XE1, X100s)
  17. Shot with the X-T1, XF23 f1.4, Godox 685 and Godox X1T trigger. Hand held and dragging the shutter. Exposures between 1/4 to 1/15
  18. From the album: Montreal

    © Woodhouse Photography

  19. From the album: Montreal

    © Woodhouse Photography

  20. From the album: Montreal

    © Woodhouse Photography

  21. From the album: Montreal

    © Woodhouse Photography

  22. From the album: Montreal

    © Woodhouse Photography

  23. From the album: Montreal

    © Woodhouse Photography

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