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  1. I'm thinking of investing in an X100V (or 6). Rather than sell my trusty existing X100, I'd like to find a company in the U.K., that will convert it to 'monocrom'. Or, if only a later model will do, buy a second hand T or F and get that converted, keeping my X100 for colour. I know that this can be done in the U.S.A., but what about in the U.K., please?
  2. Hi Everyone I'm Marcel, from Melbourne, Australia. My current Fuji is the x100 and I recently made a decision to replace my 5D3 with Fuji. So for now, I am preparing to sell my existing Canon gear while I research and test the Xpro2 and wait for the XT2. The x100 is a great camera but I am going to sell because my style of shooting requires faster focus and operation (I mostly shoot street/urban). It's always the case that when new tech comes along we become more aware of the gaps in the older tech. I recently tested the Xpro2 in a local store and I must say that I was really impressed with the SOOC JPGs. The depth, colour and look of the pictures is the best I have seen SOOC bar none. Once I sell my 5D3 (& accessories/lenses) I am considering the option to buy an Xpro2 and an XT2 as a second body, given I will benefit from lenses that both can use. Anyone already on Xpro2 and XT1? is this overkill or you find the two bodies give you different characteristics that you can apply to your creative process? I currently edit RAW in LR but if JPGs are this good I will be happy to use them where possible. Alternatively I was looking at x70 to replace my x100, then decide on either Xpro2 or XT2. Obviously, I am intending to wait for the release of XT2 before making a purchase. Dilemma is that I tested two x70's already (in store) and haven't had the greatest experiences with the results. First set of pics were suffering from blur - I couldn't understand why auto selected speeds sub 1/18 sec. I think the menu must have been played with but "auto" switch should consider that the user is going to be less savvy - therefore keep speed up to reduce/eliminate shake. I can't see any logical reason to have speeds of 1/13th sec, while keeping iso at 800 and f8. Second attempt (different store) I avoided auto and pulled a dozen test shots, majority in focus. Without any film simulation, I am not seeing the IQ that I would expect from this sensor. Response is better but IQ not better than my x100 (and that's an old camera now). I came across this forum in my hunt to see x70 reviews and shots. From what I see, the camera is capable of nice images but IQ is a little flat. Maybe because I have now seen the Xpro2 capability everything is flat. I look forward to reading your experiences, so thank you for making this forum/community so interesting. It's a valuable process in getting the most out of the great Fuji cameras. regards Marcel http://fotomarz.tumblr.com https://twitter.com/fotomarz Instagrams: foto_marz & foto_marz_street
  3. Original Blog Post: https://insigniachiaki.wordpress.com/2016/02/04/the-beauty-of-vintage-or-why-i-use-fuji-x/ Telling other photography enthusiasts that I use Fuji is sometimes a scary thing to do. You see, there are many other enthusiasts who believe that “Full Frame is the way to go” or that “Mirrorless cameras are for pussies”. Although I strongly disagree with these statements nowadays, I can see where they are coming from. Because being a FF-addict myself in the past, I can definitely remember my lust for ever-shallower DoP (BOKEHHHHHH!!!) and (on paper) amazing high ISO capabilities. But everything got a bit bland for me once I dove into the the world of FF cameras. Nikon D810s of the world and Sony α series of cameras of the world just seemed too boring for me. Sure, DSLRs are great work horses, but I find them implausible to shoot streets with without intimidating one or two pedestrians; Sony FF cameras are IQ-beasts, but I found them ill-designed in the software department. Now, I realize that photography is not all about the looks, the style, and glitters and gold, but sometimes just a bit of ‘oomph’ to entice one’s photography zeal wouldn’t be so bad, right? That’s exactly why I started exploring Fuji-X and vintage lenses. The new generation of APS-C sized sensors are really, really, really good, to my pleasant surprise. Recently updated models like Nikon’s D7200, Pentax’s K-3II, and Fuji’s 16 megapixel sensor cameras are all capable of squeezing out outstanding IQ in low light. In some cases these APS-C sensors, I found, are even outperforming certain FF cameras. (i.e. Sony’s original A7 and A7R) And today, Sony has just announced three G Master branded lenses to expand their growing FE mount lineup of lenses. They look incredibly amazing from the specs, and I truly believe Sony has just brought another wave of image quality revolution. I have never been disappointed by Sony cameras’ and high-end lenses’ image quality. With that being said, I can vividly remember the exactly same type of hype when Sony had just announced their A7R II, an on-paper beast of a camera that many thought could have slaughtered most other cameras on the market. 42.2 megapixels BI sensor, 4K internal recording, 399 AF points, and now with 14-bit uncompressed RAW! Wow! However, it wasn’t until recently that most people could get their hands on the A7R II that many now have cooled down from that initial hype. The roller coaster-ride that was the A7R II had so much promise, and was indeed a revolution in an otherwise-bland year of 2015 for cameras; however, there were also a lot of swings and misses (overheating issues, ergonomics concerns, annoying menus etc.) from the A7R II that reminded photography enthusiasts and pros alike that “specs aren’t everything” when it comes to really shooting a camera in the field.
  4. I've had my XE-1 for about a year now and love the camera - it's really gotten me into photography. I started out with the 18-55 kit lens, then added the 35mm 1.4 a few months later. While the kit lens is great, I LOVE the way pictures turn out from the 35mm. I think partially its the prime forcing me to better compose my shot, but also there's something special about this lens. I'd like to expand my kit, but am having trouble deciding which way to go. My initial thought was to go with the 14mm, because of the small size and the ability to increase my focal length range into wide angle. I like taking architectural and landscape shots on vacations, and have felt limited sometimes by the 18mm on the kit. I also really like shooting at night though, and the extra stops on the 35mm have been helpful for a non-stabilized lens - so enter the 16mm. The more reviews I read about the 16mm, it seems like a really amazing lens. I'd get the extra focal length, but could potentially use it for more situations. Both to shoot street at night and to shoot people indoors, without the fear of distortion that I might get with the 14mm. On the other hand, when I look at what I use generally walking around when not on vacation, I tend to shoot at either 23mm or 35mm on the zoom. Which leads me to wonder if getting the 23mm or a used X100s might make most sense. It would provide more enjoyment when I'm not traveling, but wouldn't necessarily expand my range of available focal lengths. Sorry for the rambling post - at the end of the day, I think the ranking of characteristics are 1) lens I love using - the 35mm has a really special quality and 2) expand my focal length range. Appreciate everyone's thoughts and experiences! Here's a link to give an idea of what I like to shoot: 500px.com/wdshuck
  5. Hello My second post. I wrote the same in the sub forum but think that was my mistake, apologies Mods. I'm an experienced photographer, starting at university with film and quickly moving up and getting an M3. After that it was a love affair with Leica and she remains my mistress. I live in North London with wife and two children. My pal just got a x100t and I had a play last night. A very nice thing so yesterday I bagged a x100 for £205 from gumtree. It's about four years old and comes boxed with one spare third-party battery. I'm happy with the out lay and look forward to using it. I'm keen on a hood but the original one seems £££. Any ideas or anyone selling? With best, ShivaYash
  6. Hello- In the process of writing an article about my love of the 50mm perspective, I've re-written and reposted this article, which originally was written for X100c.com. My forthcoming article will include comparison to the forthcoming XF 35mm f2, due to ship any day now... http://www.bradleyhanson.com/blog/2015/11/4/fujifilm-tcl-x100-review
  7. From the album: X100

    Took this photo on the grounds of a museum....

    © Everydayfuji

  8. Is the Fujinon XF23mmf2 WR the same lens as the one used for the Fujifilm X100?
  9. From the album: X100 Black & White Photography

    © gingerbeardphotography

  10. From the album: X100 Black & White Photography

    © gingerbeardphotography

  11. From the album: X100 Black & White Photography

    © gingerbeardphotography

  12. From the album: X100 Black & White Photography

    © gingerbeardphotography

  13. hi guy, I'm using X-h1, X-t1 with few lenses. I wonder should I buy an X100T or an extra 23mm f/2.0 lens. I'm gonna do street photography and sometime travel? Thank you guys.
  14. From the album: X100

    Saw these crates at a backalley......
  15. From the album: X100

    Indo Malayan Fern
  16. From the album: X100

    Portrait of my bike....
  17. This is a link to my review of the TCL-X100, originally posted to X100c.com. http://x100c.com/blog/22/3/2015/want-an-x100-but-prefer-the-50mm-perspective-youll-want-the-fujfilm-tcl-x100
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