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  1. hi everyone, i have the 14 mm , the 18-55 2.8-4 and the 90 mm. Love them them all but I am using more often the prime lens I am thinking of replacing the 18-55 for the 35 1.4 or the wr 35 f.2. What do you think ?
  2. hi everyone, i have the 14 mm , the 18-55 2.8-4 and the 90 mm. Love them them all but I am using more often the prime lens I am thinking of replacing the 18-55 for the 35 1.4 or the wr 35 f.2. What do you think ?
  3. I'm currently saving pennies for lenses; I'd like to make the most use of my money, so ideally I'd want to take advantage of one of Fuji's cashback offers. I've done well out of these in the past. Anyway, I know that one deal ended at the turn of the year - does anyone know roughly when we might expect another one?
  4. Does anybody know if there is an alternative solution to the MLP-75XF lens plate? To add this plate to the already clunky foot is everything else than an elegant solution and a real shame for such a great lens. As it seems to be not possible to change the lens collar itself, I noticed that it is possible to remove the foot from the collar. Now it would be nice, if there is an Arca Swiss compatible foot to add to the default lens collar, without having to add a separate plate on the foot. Any ideas? 3rd Party?
  5. I've written up my thoughts on the XF90mm lens from Fujifilm, including some images from a recent shoot and a few other samples. http://photomadd.com/fujifilm-xf90mm-f2-lens-review-and-gallery/ Hope you enjoy! Matt
  6. I would like to buy a used and well preserved Mitakon/Zhongyi Lens Turbo Minolta MD - Fuji X adapter if any of you is willin to sell one to me. I live in Europe/Slovenia, so I'll pay the shipping cost also. Thank you in advance!
  7. I cant decide between the 10-24 and the 16 mm 1.4 fuji lens. I have the xt-1 and x-70. As well as the 35m1.4 and 18mm f2 . I would really like a zoom but I also really want the wide low light capabilities of the 16. I do a wide variety of shooting now. Landscape, Street, Portrait, but i also want to get into more night shooting of downtown los angeles and the urban architecture and life and low light shooting. So i am pretty torn on which to go for. I am fairly new to photography and some people have told me that the 10-24 is really go in low light because of ois but I have no idea. I need to decide sometime today. Thanks for your help guys.
  8. Hi I'm going traveling this summer to Spain. I've got the Samyang 12mm, XF35F2 and Fuji XF56mm. I'm about to sell my XF35mm to get a little wider perspective, and I'm thinking about trading it for either the XF16mm or the XF23mm. I've lent the XF23mm before and just loved how it handled, rendered etc. That lens produces a fantastic set of photos. I'll mostly take photos of my family (two kids and a dog) and casual "street" photography. Since I've never have handled the XF16mm I would like some feedback to which one out of these you would recommend. Whats important to me: bokeh /subject separation, autofocus, size and photo quality. WR is nice, but its not required. I've had the XF56mm for years and I've never been in a situation where it could be broken due to not beeing WR. Thanks, Jonas
  9. One of the great joys of owning an interchangeable lens camera is that we can completely change our user experience by buying a new lens. We still have the same familiar body, we know how to use her dials and buttons to get the effects we desire, but suddenly she feels excitingly different. Her balance is different, she may become giddily light and almost pocket-able, or she may take on a serious, heavy demeanor; depending on which new lens we have just slid onto her body. And it's like being given new super-powers. Suddenly we can see across huge distances, or see into the microscopic world of insects to resolve the finest detail. Or we can be given the power over depth of field and the ability to see in almost total darkness. Our view of the world around us has changed. And because memories are now digital - our history will look different from now onwards. I recently added the XF 55-200 to my collection of carefully selected lenses (27mm f2.8, 35mm f1.4, 18-55 zoom). The I went back to my favorite photo haunt, a simple park near my home - and everything looked different.
  10. Hi, I currently have Samyang 12mm and Fuji 35mm F2. I'm thinking of adding a 3rd lens and I'm thinking of getting 56mm. Since 35mm is useful 60-70% of the time for portrait, I'm thinking it'll be quite redundant with the 56mm so I'm also planning to replace the 35mm with the 23mm. I mostly shoot street, general family and friends event, portrait, landscape/nature/sky/sea/beach, and other mundane stuff. Questions: Is it wise to have my 3 lenses - 12mm, 23mm and 56mm? Given my situation above, is 23mm better than 35mm? Your thoughts are much appreciated!
  11. Thinking of 35mm film equivalent. I want to use an Olympus Zuiko 100mm f/2.8 lens on my Fuji X-Pro2. If I use a Fotodiox adapter, will the 35mm equivalent be 150mm? If I use a Metabones Speed Booster Ultra (.71), will the 35mm equivalent be 71mm? I'm asking because on my previous Olympus OM-D camera when I used an adapted Olympus Zuiko lens on it the focal length became two times. So the 100mm would act like a 200mm. If I used a Metabones Speed Booster Ultra, it would act like a 142mm (2 x .71 x focal length). Thanks
  12. The word has it that the camera is waterproof, or at least seriously water-resistant. I gather that some of the lenses are as well, but not all of them. Which ones am I least likely to have problems in the rain, which is not uncommon in the Pacific Northwest these days?
  13. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a XE-2 with a 35mm 1.4 and 18-55mm zoom lens. I've noticed the 35mm lens is quite noisy, which is an observation echoed by many others. My concern regards the noise and vibration when manual focusing. I've seen a lot of people referring to the annoying chattering type noise when autofocusing, which seems to have been made better with firmware updates, but not many people discussing noise issues with manual focusing. All my other lenses don't make any noise at all when focusing manually. This lens almost seems like it's making a sort of electronic noise and feels jittery when rotating the focus ring. My 18-55mm kind of makes a similar sound (although no jittery feeling), but it's barley noticeable. I guess I just want to know is this normal?
  14. Just bought the 56 mm and noticed that the when I turn the aperture ring to A, I can even go a litte bit further to the left... (the indicator line is then slightly left of the A and i can wiggle a bit back and forth towards the A setting) Can someone confirm that this is normal? All the other numbers are pretty good aligned with the white marker. Also I wouldn't say that the ring in general is too loose or so. Thanks!
  15. Here are a couple of shots I took with the XF90mm f/2 lens the other day. Just incredibly sharp even at f/2 - almost to sharp, and can be quite unflattering! These are B&W JPEGS from the camera with only a minor touch up in PS to remove a coupe of stray hairs, otherwise they are effectively SOOC.
  16. Hi Everyone, I am hoping for a little help with something that has been confusing me recently. I have seen a lot of posts in the forums where people are saying things along the lines of the 56mm f1.2 Fuji lens should really be considered as a f1.8 when compared to lenses on a full frame camera? Is this correct? The thread I saw it in most recently was: http://prometheus.med.utah.edu/~bwjones/2014/08/fuji-56mm-f1-2/ specifically the following post: I understand the theory, (ie bigger lenses mean more light) but surely this has all been factored into the Fuji lens calculations to ensure the comparisons are accurate. There are also factors such as the sensors proximity to the back of the lens on mirrorless cameras that to some extent must cancel the size issue out. I would really appreciate some help understanding this one. Thanks John
  17. Just an alert about a deal with WEX Photographic running just today, 30 November, offering 10% off Fuji X lenses. This is in addition to the Fujifilm Winter £75 cashback deal. I got the offer by email so I don't have a link, but you just order the lens and apply this code at checkout: FUJI-CM. I have no connection with WEX apart from as a customer. Ian. --
  18. Hi I have just bought a second but near mint x-e1 which I have paired with vintage lens. I am using a canon fd 50mm, and a Takumar 55mm and have found the images to be soft. I have also used a 35mm Fujian and the images are sharper. I think I am using the camera wrong. I have updated to the latest firmware and can see the focus peaking. In the evf the image is sharp but when I half press the shutter release the image seems to get softer and I refocus, I also use the ring button to magnify the subject and refocus but I am getting soft images. Is this the property of the lens I have? or the as I suspect the way I am using the x-system. Your guidance would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
  19. Traveling to Italy in a few weeks. Will spend a few days in Rome, Florence and Tuscany. What will I bring? Packing the X-T1, a handful of batteries, but want to pack light with only two lens. Currently own the 35MM 1.4, 56MM 1.2, and looking to rent a lens, something wider, to capture the architecture and landscapes. There are plenty of choices with the Fuji 10-24mm, 14mm, 16mm and Rokinon 12mm. What would be your two lens? Also, what filters (if any) would you bring to highlight the dramatic sky?
  20. Hi to everybody! Fujifilm is company that seems to listen to us, the photographers. That is why I opened this thread, just to make it easier for the guys at Fuji to decide what lenses they should release next. Hopefully they read it carefully. ;-) Personally I am shooting mostly architecture und landscape photography, that is why I would love to see some wide angle tilt-shift lenses. I know that there are adapters out there, so that you can shift full frame lenses on aps-c bodies. However for aps-c cameras there are no real wide angle options on the market (yet). So, here is my wishlist to Fujifilm: 11mm f4 Tilt-Shift 16mm f4 Tilt-Shift 9-18mm f2.8 WR (no OIS, in order to keep it smaller) What would you like Fuji to come up with?
  21. I'm playing a bit with the XF90mm since a few days and I have to say that the lens is the best in Fuji's lineup and probably my favorite so far. Sharpness, colors, bookeh, contrast, ... I'm speechless. You can find a full size JPG file here: http://j.mp/1H9gVCn Taken outdoors with one flash @ f/2, ISO 200, 1/180s I didn't tweak the sharpness at all. I only converted it to B&W and added the frame in Photoshop. The color profile used in LR to develop it is Provia. Full review coming soon...
  22. I have attached my 14mm on my xpro1,but as ovf is usuless, and xt10 has beter evf,Iam wondering about changing -body x lenses.who can help me?(mind that when travelling I carry two cameras with me and dont like to change lenses on street)
  23. ok here goes... been lurking in the background a bit..last year I purchased an XT1 and fell on it and destroyed the 18- 55 lens.. the camera survived for a short period and recently went to the big junkyard in the sky...I have an X100t which I enjoy... GAS hit.. I purchased an X-E2 w/ 18-55 and 55-200.. so far I have not destroyed it. just getting the feel of it.. However, I am pondering a prime... ?? input would be appreciated...35. 56...60(macro)????? Thanks for any advice.
  24. Hi, Does somebody know if Fuji has released lenses by surprise meaning that they where not on the roadmap before? I'm considering a wider angle lens, maybe the 14mm Fujinon or the Samyang/Tamron 12mm. The 14mm is already there for a couple of years but don't really have the angle of view that I'm looking for. The Samyang will be great but with limitations and is a bit of a "Spartan" in handling. The Fujinon 10-24 is no option because it will give to much trouble with the Lee Seven5 system. I'm really looking forward to a Fujinon 10 or 12 mm prime. So maybe I'll better stop dreaming and get the Samyang 12mm.
  25. Hi folks, I have an upcoming project that involves taking some environmental portraits of people. They will mostly be single person upper body outdoor portraits with an urban background. Since we need to see the surroundings, very shallow depth of field capacity isn't really required -- though it can't hurt. What lens (it can be Fuji or third party) would you use for this job and why ? Any advice welcome
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