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  1. You're right: it's obviously a predator... but from what time? :-)
  2. Almost there... but not in the right millennium...
  3. OK, today's new mystery animal. Any guesses?
  4. I aim to please, George... Yes, lots more pictures to come. And thank-you for the compliment... just an X100 and a few beautiful objects...
  5. :) Quincy, no brownies in Ubud at the moment - so I got you a lemon tart instead... I also felt I had to eat it for you...
  6. Quincy, you're on the money. And exactly why it's darker. You won... It's a mammoth molar. I will photograph your virtual brownie tomorrow and post it here for you... My best, Wi.
  7. You're very, very close. You're an expert. This is very close. One more guess before tomorrow morning and you receive your free virtual brownie... if you're right... :-) :-)
  8. If anyone can guess what animal this is from, I'll photograph a brownie just for you and send it to the winner... ;-) Wi.
  9. Ancient chert (flint) blades from Missouri, USA, with X100
  10. The last pictures of my Old Bones set, taken with natural daylight and my X100. Enjoy...
  11. Bali Charm

    The Bone Set

    Another couple of pictures from our bone collection.
  12. I brushed the ironwood and bone with clear water before the shoot. No color correction, just Levels and a little saturation. Side-lit from one window, no filler light. Took a white-balance reading before I started the shoot... Wi.
  13. Tibia of extinct bison bone (Pleistocene Epoch) discovered in Kotzebue, Alaska. Approx. 20,000 years old. 800 ASA with the X100, handheld in afternoon daylight.
  14. Just playing around with some pictures from my last shoot of a kris sword-hilt carving of Ganesha - the 'wet plate' filter from a newly-downloaded Google Nik and my X100... Enjoy...
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