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Found 19 results

  1. So I've ordered the Fuji X-T10 along with the Fujinon 60mm 2.4 (to coincide with the X100s and TCL-X100 that I already own) in order to finally start second shooting for local documentary wedding photographers. Obviously, I would love more lenses but money is VERY tight at the moment and this was the absolute max budget I could afford until after the summer. It worked out at £670 overall ($984), including a cashback offer Fuji currently have on bodies in the UK. I would LOVE a 56mm but they are more than double the price of the 60mm. I was torn between the 35mm and 60mm as they were approx the same price, ish, but I decided to go with the 60mm as it is obviously a much different focal length to the X100s. My question is, have I made the right decision? The order has been placed and now buyers remorse has set in! Surely the Fuji X100s (with or without the TCL) would be just too close to the 35mm? Right? Surely the variety of the X100 along with the X-T10 + 60mm give me better options going forward for (documentary) wedding photography? Also, does anyone have any experience with the 60mm on the X-T10? Thanks guys, I appreciate any advice/feedback/experience you have for me.
  2. Had a great walkabout in London a few weeks back taking in the market on Brick Lane and a walk through the City of London to end at Madison's overlooking St Pauls Cathedral... Images taken with Fuji x100s
  3. Armagh


    Boxing presentation pic. X100S 3200 250th at 2.8 Love how it makes a warm scene out of a grimey dimly lit hall.
  4. Hello, Fuji people! I hope this is the right place to ask, since it's a subjective question... For the time being I have the Fuji X-T10, 18-55/2.8-4 kit lens and the XF18/2. I'd like to get the 23 and 56 in the future, probably SH as the prices for new lenses are quite high. I also intend to use the kit for event photography (weddings mainly). My question is, should I get the 23/1.4 or the X100s instead? I know I'd be losing 1 stop of light (and get less OOF backgrounds) and probably some speed, but taking into account that I only have one body (+ a pentax k3 as secondary camera ) I reckon I'd lose a lot less time putting the x100 and firing than switching lenses. Besides, I would get another camera (with a great lens as I hear) for the price of a single lens... I'd love to hear your opinions, as subjective as they are. Thank you! alin (I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong section... couldn't decide whether to start the topic here or in the photo forum)
  5. Hi everyone, I just wasted three hours of explaining my idea and at the moment of posting my pc magicly shut down so in short... Fuji could incorporate 42mm, 50mm and let's say 65mm crop modes (framelines for OVF and EVF < like Leica did with the Q) without the need of using the TCL. I know this would kill/lower the sells of the TCL but would also make the X100S/T (especially considering it's size without the conversion lenses) more versatile for some 42mm, 50mm FL lovers and portrait (street) shooters who love the form factor of the X100 series. We would loose some of those megapixels (resulting in aprox. 14MP,12MP, 9MP) but for general use I don't see that as a huge problem, as long as you don't intend to print huge. I am aware that you can switch to TCL mode, but you're limited to shooting in OVF, and you have to crop the image and correct back the already corrected distortion in PP which is also not intended), also no correct image preview after shooting in that mode, EVF not usefull. They could even make two modes for the EVF, one with the framelines as if you were looking through the OVF + no paralax correction needed, and one with the 100% coverage for all FLs). Even with the EVF the camera would read 100% of sensor surface and display it on EVF/LCD and only take the crop portion of the image (or take one full image as a backup > RAW(full)+JPEG(cropped)? or using the ''Save original image'' option set to ON?). The change of what is saved and what not could be set in the Q menu also, and the change of framelines assigned to one of the custom fn buttons, as it's now possible for the conversion lenses. What do you think? Possible?...sure it is. Pretty please Fuji?
  6. Hello- In the process of writing an article about my love of the 50mm perspective, I've re-written and reposted this article, which originally was written for X100c.com. My forthcoming article will include comparison to the forthcoming XF 35mm f2, due to ship any day now... http://www.bradleyhanson.com/blog/2015/11/4/fujifilm-tcl-x100-review
  7. Hey guys, New to the forum and new to Fuji cameras, but I'm looking for some advice. I just bought a used Fujifilm x100s but am having nothing but trouble with it. Before I get into the details of the issue, I just want to stress that I'm not a camera expert, but I'm not a complete noob either, and am comfortable shooting in manual and regularly do so using my Nikon DSLRs. The problem I've got that is that the knowledge and understanding I've developed from using my Nikons doesn't seem to be transferable to this x100s. As you'll all know, the more you use a camera the more you develop a feel for what combination of ISO/Aperture/Shutter Speed to use in any given situation. I bought the x100s because I'd read it was excellent in low light conditions and easy to use. Well I'm finding neither of those things to be true. Almost every photo I take is massively underexposed. If I change everything to AUTO then it's over exposed. The only time I seem to be able to get a reasonably-exposed image is by using an ISO settings of around 1600 which is way higher than I've ever had to use before. If you look at the following image you will see a demonstration of what I'm talking about: This was taken this morning in my office in daylight. The top image is from my Nikon and the bottom my Fuji. I used ISO 500, F4 and 1/160th of a second on both cameras. ND is off (I made this mistake first but soon realised). Exposure compensation is set to 0 but irrelevant when shooting in manual and white balance set to auto. I appreciate that cameras have different tolerances and standards but I would expect the same settings on 2 cameras to produce relatively similar images. But my two are night and day. So, is this camera faulty or am I missing something? It is a used one and the person I bought it from is a camera reseller so has no personal experience with this particular unit. Thanks in advance for your patience and advice.
  8. I'm the proud owner of a Fujifilm x100s and here's my blog post about NYC and this awesome camera: https://www.alvarogonzalezfotografia.com/fotografiando-new-york-la-x100s/ Have a nice day!
  9. hi guy, I'm using X-h1, X-t1 with few lenses. I wonder should I buy an X100T or an extra 23mm f/2.0 lens. I'm gonna do street photography and sometime travel? Thank you guys.
  10. From the album: Untitled Album

    The view From Crystal Mountain in Washington State, taken while shooting a wedding there. X100S + TCL-X100 converter in motion panorama mode. Edited in Lightroom CC. www.bradleyhanson.com

    © 2015 Bradley Hanson

  11. This is a link to my review of the TCL-X100, originally posted to X100c.com. http://x100c.com/blog/22/3/2015/want-an-x100-but-prefer-the-50mm-perspective-youll-want-the-fujfilm-tcl-x100
  12. I go very often in Venice to do some street photo, hope all you enjoy it
  13. This is my photographic history as it relates to how I ended up using and loving the Fujifilm X-Series for all of my professional and personal work. http://www.bradleyhanson.com/blog/2015/5/26/my-25-years-with-the-fujifilm-x-series-cameras-and-lenses -Bradley
  14. Lino


    X100S | ISO200 | 23mm | f4.0 | 1/1000
  15. I've had a wonderful experience shooting my first wedding with the x-system - X100s/X-T1/X-Pro. That one was shot with the X100s - TCL-100
  16. Goran

    Rural Bosnia II

    The second part of my series "Rural Bosnia". The camera I've used is the x100s.
  17. This is a photo essay on the Badlands area of South Dakota that was published on X100C.com, taken entirely with the X100s (with and without the TCL-X100 converter). http://x100c.com/blog/8/6/2015/badlands-south-dakota -Bradley
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