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  1. Thanks for your input guys, I appreciate it. I took the X-T10 and 60mm out for a spin on Sunday evening, and am absolutely in love with it in all honesty. Especially for candid portraits, it renders beautifully. After coming from the X100s for SO long, it has taken quite a bit of getting used to the different focal length... and the X-T10 is just SO MUCH fun to shoot with. Apart from that, I've found auto focus to be perfectly acceptable and back-button manual focus to be great too. I can't wait to see how it performs at a wedding this weekend (as a guest) especially for candid moments, as that will shape things going forward into second-shooting. I can see why so many portrait photographers rave over this lens, it really is magical.
  2. Ah that's great, thanks Larry! I've never been one for those ridiculously dreamy depth of fields, especially with documentary photography, so I'm hoping the 60mm will be more suited to me. Thanks again
  3. So I've ordered the Fuji X-T10 along with the Fujinon 60mm 2.4 (to coincide with the X100s and TCL-X100 that I already own) in order to finally start second shooting for local documentary wedding photographers. Obviously, I would love more lenses but money is VERY tight at the moment and this was the absolute max budget I could afford until after the summer. It worked out at £670 overall ($984), including a cashback offer Fuji currently have on bodies in the UK. I would LOVE a 56mm but they are more than double the price of the 60mm. I was torn between the 35mm and 60mm as they were approx the same price, ish, but I decided to go with the 60mm as it is obviously a much different focal length to the X100s. My question is, have I made the right decision? The order has been placed and now buyers remorse has set in! Surely the Fuji X100s (with or without the TCL) would be just too close to the 35mm? Right? Surely the variety of the X100 along with the X-T10 + 60mm give me better options going forward for (documentary) wedding photography? Also, does anyone have any experience with the 60mm on the X-T10? Thanks guys, I appreciate any advice/feedback/experience you have for me.
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