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  1. Yes but I'm wondering why then did it not affect all photos taken virtually at exactly the same time. All were taken with electronic shutter.
  2. Anyone have any idea why some photographs taken with the same lighting have dreadful stripes across them when I use the electronic shutter in the theatre on my X-T1 and yet some are fine seconds later? Is there anything I can do to prevent this?
  3. Never cease to be amazed at my Fuji gear. This is the X-T1 with 100-400 at 400mm 1/80s hand held f5.6 iso 400 and through a dirty window too!
  4. Covered my first fully Fujifilm sports game yesterday for local press and website. XT 10 and 100-400 plus 1.4 converter and X100S camera for team shot. I didn't even need a bag! You can check out a selection of photographs and my thoughts at http://newry.ie/photoblog/4214-first-entirely-fuji-gaa-game
  5. Update! I sent it and camera back and had them back fixed within a week. Camera also developed an issue around the time which may have been my own fault but all fixed free. Fuji even sent me packaging to send them back so didn't cost me a penny. Very good service which would give me the confidence I needed to continue investing in the system. Being a member of Canon cps, I was used to a quick repair turnaround so pleased to see Fuji can compete.
  6. I have the new 100-400 lens on my XT10 and really am enjoying it but one frustrating thing is that, when you zoom the lens either way, the connection between lens and body has enough play to disconnect the viewfinder and presumably all electrics. One minute you are zooming from 100 to 400 and the next the viewfinder goes black until you zoom a bit the other way again to reconnect. The stiffness of the zoom is probably a contributory factor. I'm sure I'll live with it but it is annoying and not really something that should happen. Probably hard to tell if the fault likes with the lens mount or the camera mount! Anyone else noticed the same on XT10 or XT1?
  7. Yes I do feel my zoom ring is very stiff coming from a canon 300 f4 lens myself but maybe because of the weight of the lens it needs to be stiff. On my XT10 it does shift in the mount when focusing but that wouldn't really concern me. What did Fuji say about it?
  8. I'm the lucky owner of an XT10 and a 100-400 4.5-5.6. When budgeting I decided that my money at this present time was better spent on glass than body so I went for the cheapest body available at the Photography Show and the most expensive lens (oh dear). Must admit The lens is superb and the camera is too even if not a perfect match for the lens. My question is this - Would you trust the tiny XT10 to hold the weight of the large lens hanging from it's bayonet and the skinny camera strap in tiny eyelets? I must admit it feels a bit scary to have that large heavy lens hanging from the tiny xt10 and just the supplied strap in the camera eyelets. Anyone have any technical reassurance ... Or otherwise?
  9. Armagh


    Thanks. i was literally up against the ropes. It was my first time covering a boxing tournament. What makes this all the more satisfactory for me is that the light in the hall was so incredibly incredibly bad. Some other pro photographers resorted to using flash and got a telling off. I was using a combo of the X100s and a Canon 5d 2 with a 50 lens and both struggled badly to focus so plenty of blurred unusable shots and missed shots but enough to cover the job. You can see more at http://www.newry.ie/photos/event/UlsterEliteBoxingFinal a mix of Fuli and C
  10. Armagh


    Thanks. Think x100 series are perfect for the announcements etc. Got some OK boxing ones as well but still need to practice
  11. Lough Ennell, Mullingar, Ireland. X100S
  12. Armagh


    Boxing presentation pic. X100S 3200 250th at 2.8 Love how it makes a warm scene out of a grimey dimly lit hall.
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