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  1. Guys, thanks for all the info on what to get and what not. I finally decided to wait and use my X-Pro1 for some time, and wait to get a used X-Pro2 in the near future. ​I'm just worried, that I won't get a really good or at least reliable experience manual focusing the camera with the use of OVF with ERF. I not one of those ''just use the EVF'' people, I'm in the search for the ''ultimate rangefinder digital'' with at least some rangefinder aspects and the X-Pro2 seems the obvious choice. If I would go X-T1 I would miss the OVF too much for sure...
  2. And also... I wear glasses. I much prefered the OVF in the X100T over the X-Pro1 in terms of how well and how much I could see with glasses on.
  3. How good is the EVF in the X-T1 compared to X-Pro1? I currently own an old X-Pro1 and intend to buy the X-Pro2, but i think I'll enjoy the use of a bigger 0.77x EVF better, than the ERF+OVF. I'm using a set of six Minolta MD (W.)Rokkor lenses: 20/2.8, 28/3.5, 35/2.8, 45/2, 50/1.7, 50/1.2. I use them with a Zhongyi Lens Turbo MD - Fuji X ver.II adapter which makes them 1.1x crop and 1 stop faster: 22/2, 30/2.8, 38/2, 50/1.4, 55/1.2, 55/0.9. I now can't use fast apertures at daylight, outside as the max shutter speed of 1/4000 on the X-Pro1 is just not fast enough, and I don't intend to use any
  4. You mean the focus assist function to be able to remap it to the joystick. I'm in!
  5. I will buy the X-Pro2 soon and I intend to use it with Lens Turbo II and Minolta MD lenses as I do with my X-Pro1 now. ​I'm wondering how well is the Color digital split image manual focus assist mode implemented in using manual legacy glass? Has anyone tried it? I owned an X100T and used the ERF quite often, actually most of the time, but did not like the focus by wire implementation. The fact that sometimes I could not distinguish if the focus was tack sharp or a bit off, made me use the EVF more than I actually wanted to. The split image option was sometimes unreliable, especially if there
  6. As I read your comment I felt like as if you were somehow reading my mind. Thanks for your feedback, and have a nice day!
  7. I'm interested too. I own an X-Pro1 and would like to know if the actual hole (viewing area) is any larger on the X-Pro2. I'm mainly interested in this because I wear glasses and the The X100T I owned had a bit bigger view (forget the magnification thing, the size of the OVF is bigger than XPro1's) and was more eyeglasses friendly than the crumped small OVF of the X-Pro1. I really miss the X100T's viewfinder as it was perfect and if the OVF of the current flagship is ''the same'' as the X100T's ... I'm all over it!
  8. I would like to buy a used and well preserved Mitakon/Zhongyi Lens Turbo Minolta MD - Fuji X adapter if any of you is willin to sell one to me. I live in Europe/Slovenia, so I'll pay the shipping cost also. Thank you in advance!
  9. Oh man nice! Been thinking of that before but I assumed it's would not end up with good results. Would i need to polish the upper plain a bit (44mm-43,7mm=0,3mm) to achieve perfect infinity focus, just wondering? Or is the 0.3mm neglitable, since most of my lenses set all the way to infinity focus a little past infinity. Thank you!
  10. I'm kind of getting tired of this...so please, any help would be highly appreciated! ​I bought lots of Minolta MD lenses, including the quite expensive 50mm f1.2, but I want to use them on my X-Pro1 with at least some ''medium-to high'' quality focal reducer. As I live in Slovenia, the choices are pretty poor (read: none) and I really have no desire in buying the (imo) overpriced Metabones speedbooster, or the ultra version, so I was stuck with trying the cheap generic f.r. which showed lots of corner softness, regardless the aperture on every single lens, and I know how they should perfor
  11. That's the whole point of doing that. All adapted lenses become autofocus. Another brand Techart made a Leica M - Sony AF adapter aswell...
  12. Hi Fujilovers! I had an idea if anyone is interested… As you may know, the company Viltrox is producing AF adapters for M lenses and AF Speed Booster adapters for Sony APS-C. Wouldn't it be amazing if they made one for Fuji X mount, also lot's of mounts would be great (MD, M42, PK, OM, FD, Canon EF,…) like with their other adapters. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Viltrox-EF-E-Mount-Adapter-Auto-Focus-AF-for-Canon-EF-to-Sony-E-mount-APS-C-/321960438601?hash=item4af6566b49:g:daoAAOSwBLlVbQ~N Yes I am aware the AF speed is nowhere near Fuji's lenses, but the idea is somewhat promising. Wouldn't
  13. Yes it is...just other (longer) focal lengths using crop for 23mm lens (23, 27, 35 framelines)
  14. Okay I feel like you guys are going to find every little detail in my words that you don't like and point it out, I'm more interested if anyone would like the addition of different focal lengts option... until then, have a good one.
  15. They claim their X-TRANS CMOS II is capable of 24 mp Bayer equivalent resolution (also the new 24mp III sensor is capable of 36mp) but it's then stored as 16mp, so lower sized files with more detail. Yeah, pretty impressive sensor, and many are bashing it for it's ''only 16mp''. I also did a test between A7II and X-Pro1 adapted Minolta lenses, and guess what...X-Pro1 files seemed clear and much more detailed and sharp than Sony's (scaled down to 16mp or not), which were always a tad soft. Why not crop? Like it's become forbidden or some kind of a sin... What if I'm cool with 42mm at 14mp and
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