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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All, I think some of you will be interested in my X-Pro Tour. It's from my perspective as a full time pro using the X-Pro system on location. I have photos with the stories and technical details behind them as well as my thoughts and perspectives from daily use of the X-Pro2. It's all on my blog at XProTour.com but here is a breakdown of individual posts so you can choose those that might interest you: X-Pro Tour Part 1 London, France X-Pro Tour Part 2 Villages of France X-Pro Tour Part 3 Best Days in France X-Pro 2: A Love-Hate Relationship Comments and feedback welcome! Enjoy, Joel
  2. I've written up my thoughts on the XF90mm lens from Fujifilm, including some images from a recent shoot and a few other samples. http://photomadd.com/fujifilm-xf90mm-f2-lens-review-and-gallery/ Hope you enjoy! Matt
  3. Hello guys, After a few day with the X70 in my hands, I made this video to express my feelings (sorry it's in french). I give you a translated text in english, below the video. I choose this camera as I felt in love with the X100. I have used one but never had the chance to get one. I was sparing to buy it. But Fuji released the X70. Same tech but without view finder. I liked that the X70 get a orientable touch-screen and a auto button than the X100 doesn't have. I wanted to have a camera always on me. For personal memories and candid photos. I also like than someone else can use it with the auto-buton. So it become the camera of the whole family. I like the WIFI connectivity of the FUJI system to share directly the pictures. The orientable screen let me to stay in eyes contacts with my subject. I also was attracted by the X70 as it seems great for the style of pictures I'm creating. I work a lot with bands (rock, metal), so I'm often making pictures lying on the floor to find a great angle. With this screen I don't need to take silly positions. I'm also shooting wide angle for bands. The leaf shutter let me get a high speed flash sync. Then I can create a fantasy ambiant who is really relevant to my own style. In the bad points I would love to get an analogic button to set my ISO but I understand why it was not possible in terms of size of the camera. Fuji made a great job on how you can parameter and personalize the butons. There is a total of 8 customs buttons. Sometimes the buttons are a bit hard to press because the camera is small. I don't have big fingers and I sometimes have difficulties to press the rec button and use the cross arrows. It's a details but I also feel that the rec buttons looks a bit cheap. The red dot is not 100% centered in the button. It's only aesthetics, nothing blocking but that's a pity on that kind of camera. I'm really picky in terms of details. Anyway, to be honest I can totally live with those bad sides. The good points are way more huge ;-). I love the size of this camera anyway. I can really bring it with me everywhere. My way to take photographs has evolved since I switched to FUJI. I'm sure this X70 will change the game, again. Try this little camera, it will make you (re)discover photography. It's a great camera for amateurs who want to learn manual photography. The budget made it accessible. It's a little boy capable of many things. For me, photography is anymore about megapixels but about experiment. And using the X70 (such as many other Fuji camera) is a great experience. And voilà :-). Hope you enjoyed this little review.
  4. When reviewing images on the LCD in bright light, i have to shade the LCD with my hand. That turns the LCD off, which is silly. Ok, i get it, the eye sensor switches between EVF and LCD. But how can i review an image in bright light, shade it, and keep the stupid LCD on? i guess we need an option to turn the eye sensor off in review mode. I do still chimp, anyone does not? =) How to you think of this?
  5. Hi All, I'm pretty new to this forum (my second post.) I just updated my review Fuji X-Pro2, A Love-Hate Relationship. Some of my previous beefs with Lightroom have been fixed, hence my update to workflow and other sections. I also just posted Capturing Nature and The XPro2. My ongoing articles are from my perspective as a full time pro using the Fuji X professional system on a daily basis. They include some nice photos with the stories and technical details behind them. I would love to get feedback from y'all. Let me know if you find the Fuji articles in my blog useful, enjoyable, whatever... suggestions are welcome. Thanks! Joel
  6. I received my X-T2 a few weeks ago and have noticed that playback is slow and can take 10 seconds for the image to show up on the display. I tried putting the camera in boost mode and that didn't show any improvement. My batteries are full and my memory card is empty. I have not yet updated the firmware. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I’ve purchased 7artisans 50mm F1.8 lens three weeks ago directly from eBay 7artisans store. Here's my short review on this lens: Lens Review – 7artisans 50mm F1.8 (FX Mount)
  8. Greetings Fuji community! I'm a filmmaker and photographer who shoots on the Fuji X100F. Recently, I created a comprehensive video review of the camera - and I think you'll all find incredible. In this video, we'll dive deep into what I consider the most creative and stylish pocket camera I've ever used. Enjoy the viewing experience, and please share it around! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BWgd4A5oPc
  9. Article on Lens Review - 7Artisans 60mm F2.8 1:1 Macro with Fuji X-T30 camera. Image samples on 7Artisans 60mm F2.8 lens Flickr group. Article on disassembly, focus calibration of 7Artisans 60mm F2.8 lens
  10. I am looking to buy this half case for my new X-T3, I like the fact that I can cover the back LCD not only for safety reasons but to make me look less on it and focus more on photography. http://www.luigicases.com/a000-CasesFujiFinepixX100.X10.htm (X-T2 case will work on X-T3) However, I am looking to find out from somebody who owns such a case how well it fits and how well it works while shooting. I am concern about some small things but from the photos I cannot say more. Thanks, Serban
  11. This is my photographic history as it relates to how I ended up using and loving the Fujifilm X-Series for all of my professional and personal work. http://www.bradleyhanson.com/blog/2015/5/26/my-25-years-with-the-fujifilm-x-series-cameras-and-lenses -Bradley
  12. There are almost no comparisons between these two tripods and the few that there are don't go into much detail so I bought both and I'm going give you all my thoughts. Why I chose these two, I wanted a tripod but knew that if it didn't fit in my backpack I wouldn't carry it with me. For me the priorities were 1 portability and stability and 2 quality feel. CONSTRUCTION AND QUALITY: The mefoto has a smoother panning action but the Sirui's ball head is considerably smoother, the mefoto's ball head feels choppy and stiff. The mefoto is a heavier duty tripod. It feels more like a miniature version of a professional tripod. The mefoto doesn't fold up quite as neatly as the Sirui. To get the legs to fold uniformly and sit flush against the center shaft you need to extend it a bit so that the plate doesn't get in the way. The Sirui is a hair longer when folded but considerably less chunky. The Y shaped plate where the legs meet on the Sirui in particular is much smaller and made from thinner material. The rubber locks on the Sirui feel super cheap, it's that sticky sort of rubber and the ribbed texture captures all dest and lint. The attachment point for the ball head also feel cheaper on the Sirui. The integrated weight hook on the bottom of mefoto is much nicer than the tiny ring on the bottom of the Sirui. The segments of the legs and central shaft on sirui seem to rotate when loose but not on the mefoto. STABILITY I had a really hard time finding a comparison of these two tripods from a stability perspective but the mefoto is definitely more stable. On smooth surfaces the legs on the Sirui push out beyond their natural limit and slide around much more easily. The fixed central shaft, wider connection plate for the legs, larger feet, and heftier legs of the mefoto make it a lot more stable. OPENING Opening up the Sirui, the legs flip right open, the spring loaded leg locks at the top of each leg click into each of the 3 positions as you open it. To be honest I originally thought this was an advantage, but I'd be concerned that the spring might fail. It feels like you really have to twist the cheap, sticky (or perhaps tacky), rubber locks pretty far to unlock the legs. Opening the legs on the mefoto is almost hard work, everything about the tripod (except for the panning action) is really tight, perhaps a smidge too tight for my taste. The press in leg locks at the top of each leg are operated manually for both opening and closing which is kind of annoying, and there are only 2 positions unlike the Sirui which has 3. The twisting leg locks seem to take less rotation to unlock than the Sirui. USAGE On the mefoto, the plate, plate holder, and plate locking control knob all seem oversized. This becomes a problem when you try to attach the plate on the fly. It becomes really annoying to mount the camera to the tripod. This issue is less severe on the Sirui because the knob is a lot smaller and you can actually get your fingers around in when the camera is mounted. As mentioned before, the ball head on the Sirui is smooth like butter. The panning seems either more heavily dampened or just not as smooth. The degree marks on the pan are mostly hidden with the exception of a small window near the indexing point and I don't like that. The ball head on the mefoto feels bad by comparison, it's just really clunky and sticky. The panning on the other hand is butter. The panning degree marks are all visible at all times, I prefer this to the Sirui. The mefoto also has a bubble level, I didn't think I cared about that, but having it is nicer than I thought. The plates for both are terrible and don't have a D ring. The Sirui has a removable central shaft and a 3rd leg position which allows the Sirui to get considerably lower than the mefoto. WHATS IN THE BOX They both come with a bag, the Sirui comes with a crappy draw string bag while the mefoto comes with a nicer zippered bag. To be honest, its actually kind of hard to get the mefoto in and out of the bag. The Sirui also comes with a beaner clip to attach weights onto the ring on the bottom of the tripod. It's cheap and junky, and covered on sticky terrible rubber and I don't like it. I've attached some comparison pics. Let me know if you guys have any other questions, I'll have both tripods for another few days and am happy to provide any feedback you're looking for. WHATS IN THE BOX I'm going with the mefoto. Definitely more solid and it's small and light enough for me. If I was most interested in saving space and weight I'd get the Sirui.
  13. Initial lens review of Viltrox 85mm F1.8 lens on Fujifilm X-T30 camera.
  14. Finally posted up my Fujifilm X30 review. I'd written this ages ago and not published it for some reason! Posted up a load of images too to give an idea of what it is capable of. http://photomadd.com/fujifilm-x30-review-real-word-write/ Matt
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