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  1. you seem to be the right person to ask... I'm having the same dilema, trying to scan my films (both 35mm and MF) with my xpro2 but without a dedicated fujinon macro lens. I bought a MCEX16 macro adapter but the pincushion distortion is awful. I didn't notice it with MF film but the combo MCEX16 + 56mm lens at working distance slightly crops the negative image so I couldn't really asses the issue so far (the only 'scanned' image so far had no straight lines). I use lomography Digitaliza film holders that do a much better job than regular flatbed scanner holders. Is this all because of the adapter (or better said adapted lens)?
  2. Hello all Fuji lovers! I'm curious to know how usable an X-Pro1 would be if I attached a 12mm lens on it (the Samyang 12/2). From what I understand, the OVF was designed for lenses as wide as the 18mm. Is the EVF as slow (refresh rate wise) as the X-E1? I found an X-Pro1 at a great price and I'd give it a go. Given the fact the AF speed is rather slow (compared to my X-T10 and above), a super wide used at its hyperfocal distance would be the logical choice... Thank you! PS: I searched the forum but didn't find much info on this topic.
  3. I went for the 15.6 mainly for the IPS panel (it's a Dell Latitude E5550). Just couldn't find anything smaller with a similar good display. I also wanted it to be able to partly replace my desktop. I don't regret the decision with the exception of poor mobility
  4. I've already considered the jill-e bag but the 15inch is not quite 15.6inch. judging by the measurements i'd be inclined to thing it won't take the latter...
  5. I did a little googling but couldn't find anything so excuse me if this has already been covered... I'm looking for shoulder bag for my fuji kit that can also take a 15.6 laptop (I have a Dell Latitude E5550 that's 38cm long (roughly 15inches), 26cm wide (10.3inches) and 2.5cm (1 inch) thick). As for the kit, I currently have two xt-10 bodies, 18/2, 23/1.4, 35/2, 56/1.2 and the 18-55/2.8-4, but I only need to accommodate for one body. the kit lens will most likely be left behind, and the 18 and the 35 are small enough to be stacked toghether. I'd very much like if it were a retro looking leather bag (ona bag type of look). I've searched the amazon for stuff like http://goo.gl/TiKrd9 or http://goo.gl/FQgzkw but I'm still not sure they fit the requirements. I know I'm asking quite a lot from a bag, but I'm also sure the collective fuji hive mind could return some great suggestions Thank you!
  6. In the mean time I've massacred the piggy bank. Only the second body left now (and maybe replace the 18/2 with a 16/1.4 in the future). Even with all the hype around the xpro2 I'm not totally convinced it's the right camera for me (although it looks great). Maybe I should wait for more news about the xt2. I could also get the xe2 at a very good price (around 360$ new) as I understand it's as good as the xt10 with the new firmware upgrade. If the performance difference between the xe2/xt1/xt10 and the xpro2 is not major, it's not really worth paying more than 5 times the price of the xe2 (or almost 3 times the price of the xt1). Will have to think it over...
  7. I've been doing a lot of thought lately and since my last post my plans have suffered some changes. A Fujinon 56/1.2 should arrive next week and I have serious intentions in buying the new xpro2 when it hits the markets (maybe wait a month or so to see some more real life reviews - much improved AF speed and high ISO performance are critical for my decision (the xt10 performs quite well at highISO but the jpgs look waxy-smudgy and that means shooting raw, which in turn means i can't use the in-camera film simulation modes)). a 23/1.4 is next on the list (with the xpro2 in mind i'd be having two bodies) and the 35/2 is also taken into consideration for its speed and WR, but i'm not a big fan of the actual focal length (a 38 would have been closer to my favorite film photography go-to lens - minolta rokkor 58/1.4) i guess i'm about to spend quite a bit so hopefully things will go ok. i wouldn't mind getting my money back at some point
  8. no i haven't. not many fuji shooters readily available where i'm from ) the 90 is a bit long for my taste. most certainly it's an awesome lens and there would be plenty situations fit for it, but for wedding documentary photography it's a bit long (or at least not so versatile as the 56)
  9. if i'd ever win the bloody lottery (without playing, of course)... ) now, with all the (preproduction) xpro2 reviews... i'm preparing to sell my pentax and break the bank piggie a bit to finance the new bad boy in town. in this case i'll be having two bodies so the x100 is out of the question. if i do get the new pro2 i'll probably stick with the 18/2 for a while (as a wide angle, relatively fast, compact lens) and maybe add the 35/2 (as a relatively fast, WR normal prime). i'd be falling back on the kit lens for the short tele end until the budget allows for the 56/1.2 this is a terribly complicated situation
  10. thank you for your feedback. it's a tough one... i can probably get a fuji x100t as new for the price of a new 23/1.4. on the other hand i'm well aware that investing in good lenses is the way to go, but being on a low budget always changes things. i've also been considering for the past couple of days a different approach: keep the 18/2, buy the new 35/2 wr and wait a bit more for a cheap second body (either the xpro1 that retails now 'new' for around 400$) or even the xt1 (after the new xpro2 forces the prices down a bit). the xpro1 is appealing for it's design and price, but the xt1 would make a great WR combo with the 35/2 (not to mention the big differences in technology). will sleep on the options a bit more. rushing things is rarely a good idea
  11. Hello, Fuji people! I hope this is the right place to ask, since it's a subjective question... For the time being I have the Fuji X-T10, 18-55/2.8-4 kit lens and the XF18/2. I'd like to get the 23 and 56 in the future, probably SH as the prices for new lenses are quite high. I also intend to use the kit for event photography (weddings mainly). My question is, should I get the 23/1.4 or the X100s instead? I know I'd be losing 1 stop of light (and get less OOF backgrounds) and probably some speed, but taking into account that I only have one body (+ a pentax k3 as secondary camera ) I reckon I'd lose a lot less time putting the x100 and firing than switching lenses. Besides, I would get another camera (with a great lens as I hear) for the price of a single lens... I'd love to hear your opinions, as subjective as they are. Thank you! alin (I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong section... couldn't decide whether to start the topic here or in the photo forum)
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