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Found 19 results

  1. Hello respected photographers and members, I am planning to buy a Fuji XT10 in near future. I have seen almost all the reviews in youtube regarding xt10 and I am very much convinced that it will be a good camera to buy. I also want to buy the accessories needed for the camera. So I have a few qs in mind regarding the camera & the accessories. I will be much obliged if someone helps me out: 1. I live in a country where 99% photographers use either canon or nikon. So when I am asking for advice from someone, people are discouraging me to buy a Fuji. But I am really inclined to Fuji XT10 due to the form factor & quality. So what you guys suggest? 2. I am kind of unhappy that XT10 doesn't have OIS built-in. So what you say will it be a big deal shooting with XT10 with non-IS lenses? I am a smartphone photographer, so I know OIS is a big deal for smartphone photography. Should I wait for XT20 (or something like that)? 3. How good really is the kit lens (18-55mm) for the beginning? I like nature photography as well as street. But of course I will take portraits too. 4. I have a bunch of 52mm filters. The kit lens has 58mm thread. If I use a 58-52mm step down ring, will it cause uncorrectable vignetting? 5. Will any 58mm lens cap fit with the kit lens? 6. Suppose I plan to buy new filters. What will the best size to choose keeping in mind that in future I may broaden my lens collection. And if I buy bigger filters, what type of lens caps should I buy? What size more preciously. 7. Is anyone using 3rd party or different OEM lenses with XT10? How's the performance? 8. What lens (Fuji or any other good ones) will be the best for a little bit wide angle distortion but not full fish eye effect? 9. What speedlight should I buy? I am a tight on my budget. 10. Can anyone compare the kit lens with the LG G4 camera if possible? Many many thanks if u have read this thread and many more thanks if you can help me with these.
  2. So I've ordered the Fuji X-T10 along with the Fujinon 60mm 2.4 (to coincide with the X100s and TCL-X100 that I already own) in order to finally start second shooting for local documentary wedding photographers. Obviously, I would love more lenses but money is VERY tight at the moment and this was the absolute max budget I could afford until after the summer. It worked out at £670 overall ($984), including a cashback offer Fuji currently have on bodies in the UK. I would LOVE a 56mm but they are more than double the price of the 60mm. I was torn between the 35mm and 60mm as they were approx the same price, ish, but I decided to go with the 60mm as it is obviously a much different focal length to the X100s. My question is, have I made the right decision? The order has been placed and now buyers remorse has set in! Surely the Fuji X100s (with or without the TCL) would be just too close to the 35mm? Right? Surely the variety of the X100 along with the X-T10 + 60mm give me better options going forward for (documentary) wedding photography? Also, does anyone have any experience with the 60mm on the X-T10? Thanks guys, I appreciate any advice/feedback/experience you have for me.
  3. Can you advise some kind of swivel trigger clips to easy put on or take out the strap from an X-T10? Thanks.
  4. I recently purchased the XT-10. I am working on my manual mode skills and have a question. I have my light meter in my EVF, but when I need to change the ISO to reach proper exposure I have to press and use the front dial which takes me to another internal screen. This leaves me having to guess how high I need to go with my ISO to hit the proper exposure. Right now I just guess then check back to my normal EVF view and then have to make an adjustment again if I guessed wrong. Is there a way for me to change my ISO and have it show me live in the EVF light meter like it does for aperture and shutter speed changes? Thanks, Kim
  5. Hey guys, Noticing an odd problem. When doing time-lapses with the X-T10 I've noticed that the camera shuts off to conserve power given an interval of 1 minute or longer. I've been trying to focus the camera and use it in manual mode but when the camera shuts off in between shots the lens collapses and then doesn't refocus because it's in manual focus mode. Anyone know how to get around this? Also, still looking for a good time lapse software, if you have any recs. Andrew
  6. Hey guys, Just tried out the built in time lapse feature for the first time. Wondering what you guys use to stitch the images together? Andrew
  7. Hey guys, Just tried out the built in time lapse feature for the first time. Wondering what you guys use to stitch the images together? Andrew
  8. Hi guys. I'm wondering if any of you are having similar issues with your X-T10. When zoomed into 100%, there are little clumps of white pixels (roughly 2-4px in size) appearing on the photos. If I shoot in RAW, with the latest Camera RAW update, Photoshop/Lightroom takes care of the pixels (previous versions of PS/LR ignored the white spots). If I shoot in-camera JPEGs, the white dots are visible. I have experimented with different ISO/shutter speeds, and find that the problem is more apparent at low ISO and faster shutter speeds. Normally with dead pixels they show more on long exposures. I have tried sensor cleaning as per various google searches, and it doesn't seem to fix the problem. The camera is brand new, so dust etc shouldn't be an issue. I've exchanged 2 cameras, and currently on a third (which also has the issue). Does anyone know of a possible batch of X-T10s with a sensor defect, or has anyone experienced anything similar with any other X cameras? Any help would be appreciated. Iv just converted from Canon to Fuji, and love the X series, but these spots are leaving me a little doubtful!
  9. Hi, sorry if this is a repeat post. I'm new to the X-T10 and was wondering if it's usual to have a LOT of noise/grain in the EVF and LCD in lowlight/dark conditions? I was hoping to photograph the moon last night, but could barely see anything on the screen or in the EVF when trying to compose the shot due to all the noise. Is this normal for the X-T10? I realise it probably boosts the gain up in lowlight conditions, but it made it pretty impossible to focus or frame anything at all unless I half pressed the shutter release. It's a lovely camera, and this is gutting if this is the case and not a faulty model as I love night photography.
  10. fujifefo


    From the album: Ducks etc...

    © mm2015

  11. fujifefo


    From the album: Ducks etc...

    © mm2015

  12. fujifefo


    From the album: Ducks etc...

    © mm2015

  13. fujifefo


    From the album: Ducks etc...

    © mm2015

  14. Hello everybody! There is a problem with the SMC Takumar 50/1.4 lens. I have a Fuji X-T10. I bought lens on ebay from Japan - SMC Takumar Also bought an adapter - Adapter When installing the adapter and lens there is no focused image, the image is blurred. The manual focus wheel on the lens does not adjust the focus. The settings on the camera are set correctly - the focus is transferred to the manual mode, the mode "Shoot without lens" is set. What could be the problem? Adapter? Lens? Camera settings? Examples of photos attached. I would be grateful for any help. Ilya.
  15. Is anyone else really annoyed that the trash icon button can't be assigned a "function button" for use in shooting mode? It makes no sense to me, as it never does anything unless you are in playback. There surely isn't a technical reason why it can't be re-assigned the way the video and d-pad buttons can. I can't think of a good ergonomic reason either, it's not a button I'm hitting by accident (on the X-T10 anyway). Making it customizeable would be super useful and increase the value of the cameras with no downside. Fuji if you're listening please just make it work like it should! (I'd love to put Shutter type or Face Detection on/off there, next to the drive mode dial since they often need to be changed together to get CH+AF-C working together).
  16. I've looked everywhere and can't find a Canadian distributor who actually has the add-on grip for X-T10 in stock. I placed an order with Camera Canada but the confirmation email said what I feared: They don't actually have it, so effectively what I did was unwittingly pre-order it. My local store didn't even have it in their system (though they had a stack of half-cases a mile high for the giveaway promotion). Are stores in the states actually stocking them? Amazon.com seems to have them but even there I'm seeing an awkward "In stock but may require an extra 1-2 days to process." message. Anyone have a store in Canada that ships and has them in stock?
  17. Hello, i just took my new X-T10! I have some issues who the manual and google don't help me. 1) i try to change the front dial to use the iso and as a command accepted, nothing happened. The only option i have for the two dials is the aperture (if you have XC lenses) and SS. can i change it or not? 2) for fun and some tests i want to use the high ISO (25.000 etc.). In X-E1 i was change the format to "FINE" from raw and then it was available. Now in X-T10 it does not work. You know anything about that? *sorry for my english....
  18. Hi everyone, I am new to the vintage lenses topic and just purchased first M42 adapter from well known K&F Concept - Pro version. The issue is it seems to be a bit loose while mounted to the X-T10. Is that normal or it should perfectly fit? Three very tiny screws are on the adapter - what are they designed for? I will appreciate any you opinions on that. Kind Regards, Arek
  19. I know Fuji cameras are bad at video and you need to be really careful to get anything worth looking at (use a tripod to avoid shake-related jaggies, avoid moiré-inducing textures, use MF to avoid focus hesitation), but I have some things I want to record and so far the ability to use my f/1.4 primes means my X-T10 is still probably the best way to get it done. Assuming I can record something that looks good, I still need to figure out audio, as the internal mic is obviously just okay, and if my 35mm f/1.4 is ever in AF mode the noise it makes re-adjusting focus is really really loud. So what will I need to use an external mic with the X-T10? I know the mic jack is 2.5mm rather than the more common 3.5mm. Has anyone gotten an adapter to work for it? When I look at adapters on Amazon a lot of them specifically mention that the microphone won't work but they are talking about headphone+mic "headsets" rather than e.g. a small lavalier mic plugged in (e.g. http://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-107121-2-5mm-Adaptor-Plated/dp/B005KP2AJY/ref=sr_1_7?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1441477003&sr=1-7&keywords=2.5mm+3.5mm+microphone ). Anyone have an adapter they bought that they know works with Fuji cameras? In terms of the mic itself I'm leaning towards this Audio Technica lavalier mic because it's pretty cheap, has a long cord and will also work with my iPhone if I want to record sepearately and sync up later. http://www.amazon.ca/Audio-Technica-ATR3350IS-Lavalier-Microphone-Smartphones/dp/B00HZA6EJO/ref=pd_cp_267_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0GB9Z66AP2R02AWFTF07 Anyone know a reason why this wouldn't work with my X-T10+an adapter? Advice for a better setup to use with X-T10? Thanks for any advice about what I should buy, or also any general advice about audio recording on Fuji cameras.
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