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Found 34 results

  1. In Playback mode is easy switch the slot of the SD card, just press and hold the "play▶️" button. But in recording mode, you have to go inside menu and look for the right setting (boring😖). Why not keep the same short-cut? Even in rec mode press and hold the "play▶️" button in order to switch SD card slot? Thank you
  2. I bought my X-Pro2 in June, 2016, and I have never updated the firmware. I want to get to the latest firmware. Is the latest version (v5.00, I believe) comprehensive, and upgrade directly to that version, or do I need to load each past firmware version in order and individually? Thanks for any help you can offer! James
  3. friends, I just read on the fuji site that 4.01 is a roll back to 3.0 and now I cant shoot f-log in camera. I shoot drone in two days and I promised 4k f log to the director and dp. I don't have time to source an external 4k recorder. I could use a .dat of the 4.0 but cant find it anywhere. can someone post a copy. I just chatted with a xt2 4.0 f-log shooter on instagram and he's not having any problems - running 4.0 is a risk im willing to take. let me know if you have and can post a copy. x love
  4. It seems that Godox X1T-F firware is written for Windows machines. Any one knows how or where to get this upgrade for a Mac? Thank you!
  5. I'm quite happy about annoucement of new update for X-T20, however there are few things that I'm really missing and some updates could add some of those in future. For instance: 1. Add histogram to video mode. 2. Add mic-level preview in video mode. 3. Customization of front dial. 4. Faster response of sensor in EVF + eye sensor mode. 5. Ability to wake up camera by press different button than shutter-release button (sometimes it wakes camera and also take picture immediately). 6. Smaller horizontal line, less disturbing during shooting. 7. More sensitive camera position sensor. Sometimes menu wont turn to portrait mode after turn camera in that angle. 8. Ability to add vignette effect in JPG's, like grain or saturation. What do you think is still missing and could be added or fixed? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Fuji has just announced its new Firmware update for X-Pro2 (ver.4.00). Few months ago I had a conversation with a Fuji Guy during a Tradeshow and he told me that the coming firmware update on Xpro 2 might affect compatibility with the Godox AD 200 HSS and TTL functions. Does someone who own an AD200 had the opportunity to test it with today XPro2 firmware update? I plan to buy an AD200 in the coming days and would like to be sure it will correctly work with the new Xpro2 firmware Thanks Cyril
  7. I originally wasn't going to update from 3.0 to 3.1 but decided to anyway. Today I tried some longer exposure on a mini tripod, using self-timer. First thing I noticed was that the LCD screen zoomed in randomly without me touching any buttons or dials. I was merely moving tripod a small fraction to centre image. Odd. Then after maybe 6-8 shots I noticed that the self-timer had disengaged. Again, odd. Sure enough when I checked the menu, the timer was off. As you know, it's generally two clicks and a dial turn away to adjust that, unless you turn off the camera and in this case, the camera was not turned off (I was in middle of shooting). My long exposure was through the "T" setting, which I have on my rear command dial. It was around 2 seconds (nothing epic). I wasn't using manual focus, so thus the zoom behaviour is very unusual. Self timer was on 2 seconds (just to avoid shake). I have now reset the camera. Last 3 updates I've had to reset for varied reasons. Anyone else experiencing any unusual behaviour with 3.1? I'll update if problem persists. Assume all OK after reset if I don't comment further.
  8. I can't upgrade my XT2 to firmware 2.11 Each time I'm downloading the firmware 2.11 from 4 different computers and 3 different browsers (so this is not a browser cache issue) and try to upgrade the firmware I've got a message: 'You've got Firmware 1.10 and want to upgrade to 1.10' What can I do ? Some ideas ?
  9. After the 5.x upgrade I can′t use my X-T1 in Powersync mode any more with studio my flash (Jinbei HD600 II) and Cactus V6II. I would love to downgrade the FW to 4.31 again. Somebody know if a downgrade is possible? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey, i wanted to start a wishlist for firmware improvements (KAIZEN). Maybe fujifilm reads this. Add you're own below! Currently X-T2: - Internal: 4k UHD, 4:2:0, 8bit, filmsimulation, 30fps - Exernal: 4k UHD, 4:2:2, 8bit, flog or filmsimulation, 30fps - only focus peaking but no zebra or vector scope Panasonic gh5: - Internal!: 4k UHD or DCI 4k, 4:2:2, 10bit, vlog, 24fps, 400 Mbps, All-Intra - Internal!: 4k UHD, 4:2:0, 8bit, vlog, 60fps, 150 Mbps, IPB - External: 4k UHD or DCI 4k, 4:2:2, 10bit, vlog, 60fps, 400 Mbps, All-Intra - focus peaking, zebra, vector scopes I know not everything is possible because of overheating but i guess they need to make improvements because of the competitive gh5. So the possible wish features would be: Fujifilm X-T2 KAIZEN update: - Internal: 4k UHD, 4:2:2, 8bit, flog or filmsimulation, only 24fps (because of overheating?) - Internal: 4k UHD, 4:2:0, 8bit, flog or filmsimulation, 60fps - External: 4k UHD or DCI 4K, 4:2:2, 10bit, flog only, 30fps - External: 4k UHD or DCI 4k, 4:2:2, 8bit, flog or filmsimulation, 60fps - External: 1080p, 4:2:0, 8bit, 120 fps - zebras and histogramm in video mode - a 1/48 option for 24fps shooting what are you're most wanted features? - maybe a higher bitrate? - maybe the option for h264 and h265? - maybe higher Mbps for better quality? - maybe a rgb-histogramm or vector scopes? Keep in mind not everything is possible because of sensor readout speed or overheating issues but maybe a few new features could be integrated for x-t2 + powergrip only? This would make it a perfect camera for stills and video. You could use it even on big productions as a b-camera because of external 4:2:2 10bit. But in situations when an external recorder is too big and heavy you still have the option for internal 4:2:2 8bit with flog 24fps or 4:2:0 8bit flog/filmsimulation 60fps. Why i dont buy the gh5 instead? I like the fujifilm x-t2 much more - the image quality is amazing - better lenses - bigger sensor - love the film simulations - dynamic range - ... Dont understand me wrong im really impressed with the current video features of my x-t2 but i still think there is room for improvements. Would be awesome if fujifilm reads this and thinks about future firmware updates for those hyprid fotographers/filmmakers which only want to buy one camera for both situations.
  11. Hello All, I am a new Fuji user for the past 5 months. And I LOVE these cameras, I’ve recommended them to no less than 14 people in my 6 months of owning one sine I got an XT1 last summer. That said, I am officially “All In” after shooting with the sony A series previously. I love the X Pro 2 for shooting in the streets but some things vex me and while these are not a big deal I think they would add even more practicality, functionality, and most importantly - speed to the camera which could really take it to next level in terms of speed and accuracy for still images. Here are a few suggestions/requests I would like to make to Fuji engineers since I hear that they listen, but have no idea where to make the requests. So I will do it here with the hopes that someone will guide me or someone at Fuji will see this. I plan on using this Camera for the next 3-5 years with any luck so hopefully they listen. * Expansion of function buttons. A. The front and rear control wheels currently have no functionality while shooting or until the joystick is pressed to control the focus area. I would ask that an update be made so that they can be programmed/used for other tasks such as changing the ISO or Shutter speed on the fly * Add “press” functionality for the front and rear control wheels * Add ISO control via the via the rear wheel this could be implemented in a few ways but i am thinking an override in the menu where either H or L on the ISO then becomes the override for scrolling through ISO stops (maybe even add iso 100) via software * Allow movie/video recording to be initiated * Lastly allow the AF-L and AE-L buttons to be assigned to any function. Thanks!
  12. Has anyone else noticed trouble focusing on people in the foreground since the latest firmware updates? I noticed the camera really seems to prioritise something in the background over the foreground. Sure you can say switch to single point focusing (which I do) but I noticed the camera was much better at finding something in the foreground before the updates. ​Using Xpro2 with 16mm 1.4 and 35mm 2.0
  13. First of all: the following list might give someone the impression I'm disappointed with Fuji. I'm not. Quite the opposite, I'm slowly making a full switch from a Sony A7r based setup, building up my lens collection.* *Yes, the A7r is quite sharper, but you can see this only in VERY big prints. While it takes a lot less post processing to get the right colors with the Fuji, and this shows even in postage stamp sized prints... I'm waiting to be able to try in person the X-T2 against the X-Pro2 before making a final decision on the camera body, but in the meantime even my X-T10 is giving me superb results. But this doesn't mean that Fuji can't improve! So here we are, the list, in no particular order. FIRMWARE IMPROVEMENTS 1) Long term request of every Fuji user I know: we need a bracketing on at the very least 3, but better 5 shots with a 2 stop intervals. The existing one of 3 shots at 1 stop is useless 2) We need the ability to move the magnified area when checking the focus without the need to zoom out and move the focus point. On other cameras you can, and especially in landscape shots when you're checking the focus on the entire scene is mighty useful and way faster to be able to do it this way 3) Do you shoot landscapes yourselves? If so you should know too well that having a self timer that gets canceled every time you turn the camera off to preserve power during long hikes is a major pain. Please, make the self timer sticky 4) I prefer the aperture ring on the lens, but all the same many users have other preferences so let us use the rear dial to set the aperture on the lenses (even the ones with their own aperture ring) if we so wish 5) This is major, and it would set you apart for every other camera brand: let us upload, in camera, our own Lightroom or Photoshop curves ON TOP of the existing film simulations (not in alternative). Or at the very least we need the ability to create a curve with multiple points of our liking in camera.This would cut my post processing time a lot because at that point I'd have to do mostly localized adjustment, and it would make easier to be sure to have nailed the shot already in the field 6) I only shoot in manual mode. But I'd very much like a new kind of A mode (or, better, an option in the menu) where I can specifically tell the camera NOT to blow any highlight regardless how insignificantly small (without me having to constantly check the histogram). Basically an automatic ETTR 7) Switching white balance or film simulations in the Q menu should give us a preview of the change, like it already does if you do this via the general menu 8) Why can't we use the flash in continuous shooting??? If the problem is that it would be unable to keep up, give us at least the choice to abilitate the flash so it will fire as long as it can; after all few of us use continuous shooting for more than a short 3 or 4 frame burst just to nail the moment 9) I find them perfect for my tastes, but it sure would be nice for users coming from other brands to be able to change the direction of the dials, much like you already permit with the focus ring BODY IMPROVEMENTS 10) A proper eyepiece shielding the eye from extraneous light is a must for a camera, so please no more screw ups like the one on the X-T10; pick a standard, like the screw in ones of the pro Nikon bodies that you used on your medium format cameras, for example, and stick with it for all your models 11) It sure would be nice to have an Arca-Swiss compatible base (and left side...L bracket style) instead of a "plain" camera base Here you have it, and I'd be happy to discuss it further if you just send me a complimentary X-T2
  14. Hi there - just picked up a used XE2 and am looking at both of these lenses. From what I've read, the f2 has significantly better autofocus capability. Also read that firmware updates had much improved the f1.4. Is the difference still significant after the firmware update? Used 1.4's seem to be going for less money. Thanks!
  15. Is there any way to save copyright data into the EXIF data in camera? With the ability to use JPEGs out of camera, this seems needed even more than did on my Nikon. The only way I have found is adding this on the PC. Did I miss anything?
  16. I was shooting some BTS images at a shoot the other day and and snapped a few facing the sun flaring the lens. I noticed this ugly sensor pattern once I brought the image into lightroom. I was shooting raw on the 50-140 (+1.4x converter). I did some research and saw it's been in other fuji cameras, does anyone know if there's a fix in the works for this? Hopefully the attached images show up.
  17. I am reposting this from another x forum as I am hoping Fuji will see this if no one has already requested: I love the auto focus - it's terrific- but, I feel TOO fast for cinematic-like focus pulls when one operator / cinephotographer is shooting moving picture work. It's a dead giveaway it's on auto, with one operator. I would like to make a feature request in a firmware update for two additional slower modes for continuous auto focusing: Just "slower" and "slowest" or maybe "cine", and thin slowest called something like "slow". The current snappy pull simply does not look like a typical focus pull for a filmmaker. It is set up for snap pulls- which can work for action - but optimized for stills work, less so for motion. Adding these options would be a huge benefit to single-person run and gun operators , eg those who shoot short film, documentary etc, and automagically also enable the operator to better adjust framing on the fly to help ensure the focus pull locks onto the intended target . . . . Adding this feature, plus FLOG to the SD card (PLEASE try to keep it 4:2:2!) would make the X-T2 KILLER. LOVING the XT2 so far. Richard
  18. Here's a suggestion for Fujifilm to consider as a firmware update to X series cameras. For street shooting, I'd like to be able to quickly set my lens to hyper focal distance or at least to cover a range which would obviate the need for focussing. I would imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to add a menu item (which could be applied to a function button), which sets each lens to it's hyper focal distance. Alternatively (and this might be better still) they could have all cameras set up so that when you turn on the camera with manual focus selected, it sets it to hyper focal distance or the last manual setting used. At the moment if you turn the camera off it doesn't remember focus settings when turned on again. This is annoying and one of the few things which bug me about these superb cameras. How about it Fuji? For reference I use an X-T1 and an X-E1.
  19. Hi--Fujinix here. I'm new to the forum, but have more than 50 years of photo experience in the studio, on the street, portraits and commercial mostly, but also fine art and news. I have an X-T2 and like it more the more I use it and learn where to put my fingers. I am trying to update the firmware to the latest version, but when I follow the download instructions, the download never shows up in the download folder--nor anywhere else I have checked. Mac, OSX10.11 Any ideas?
  20. Is there any likely hood that a dedicated Fuji liaison may read this as I have been wondering if there will be a firmware update to control ISO from the command dial? I would picture the update to have an added feature "C" = command dial just under the AutoISO listings which will enable one to adjust ISO from the command dial and not go into the menu function. Additionally, having the command dial able to adjust exposure compensation would be nice as well as this can be done on XPRO2 and XT2 (turned to see on exposure compensation dial - all though lacking on X100T). Does anyone feel similar about customization of the command dial?
  21. Hey guys, after importing the first images to Lightroom (on a Mac running 10.11.2) after the update I noticed a weird behaviour: All RAW images are cropped to 16:9 after import. Changing the crop ratio to "Original" instead of "As Shot" fixes things. It's a small annoyance as it can quickly be fixed for all images but still it is kind of stupid. Has anyone else had that problem? The only thing I could find about it was this post on DPR: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3966021
  22. Hello. 1 - Well I found that shooting Flash I can't not use flashes with the electronic Shutter... BUT With little GR Ricoh, I can go up to 2000/1 so why I can't with this camera that is more powerful.... 2 - and I will like a Q menu ability for switching slots... I can't find and easy way to...
  23. I wish I could set the Zoom function in preview mode on the AF Joystick. I almost do everything over this little Joystick, a great improve.
  24. The Last Kaizen: Imagine Fuji would, for a last time, release a Firmware update for older X-series cameras (X-PRO1, X-E1, X-E2, X20, X100S, X-M1 & Co) that will bring 2 new features. Which one would you like to get? Please choose just 2 New Firmware features, not more!
  25. An worse problem is, that i lost 2 times my configuration settings (RAW / Quality / Compression, Release Priority Settings, even Function Button Layout !!) Otherwise, this is an awesome monster camara. AF is on an incredible level.
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