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Found 11 results

  1. Gareth 32

    Dual Iso

    Does the Xs 10 have the Dual Iso at 640 and 2000? I can't see the difference in noise reduction when it comes to 2000 and Im wondering is it a defect of the camera or is there a setting that I've to turn on. That's if the Xs 10 even supports it in the first place. I'll be thankfull for any feedback because I've been racking my brains trying to work it out. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, Before I'm taking my XT3 for repair, making one last check: My ISO dial apparently stopped working - the ISO level is on 320 and turning the dial just won't do anything anymore. Also, tried to set the command dial to change the ISO with no luck, and I'm pretty sure I've adjusted everything correctly in the menu. The only time the ISO DO change is when I put the camera in F-LOG, then it changes to 640. Any ideas? I'm pretty lost here.
  3. What real-time exposure display options are available with manual lenses? I am investigating Fuji, with an X-T1 and a manual lens (no contacts). I want to see what ISO and SS my camera has chosen, with the current lens settings. (I would also like to use program shift to change the ISO/SS combination up or down.) There may just be some setting somewhere that I didn't think applied to this? I have turned on all the display options and have tried the different displays, but no ISO or SS displayed unless I manually set them, or if I depress the shutter [but that's not real-time, as I change the aperture ring]. I have the newest firmware, and I have reset my camera's settings several times, so almost all my settings should be at the defaults. I am very used to Olympus OM-D E-M1. On my OM-D camera, as I reduce the aperture on the lens, I see my ISO 200 / SS 1/30 move, maybe to 200 & 1/15. Then if I move it further, maybe this time it changes the ISO to 400 and keeps the SS at 1/15... but I see it all change as I move the aperture. If there's no clicks then I see it make minute even fractional changes to ISO & SS. Program shift via the front dial will also change the ISO/SS up and down.
  4. Hello everyone, pardon me if this is a newbie question but in my fuji X-T3, the minimum ISO for movie/video mode is 1000 and it seems that I can't turn it lower than that. Does the camera detect the ambient lighting and keep the value to 1000 or is it because of the lens that I'm using? (which is fuji xf 18-55mm f2.8-4 by the way) or maybe there is a way that I can change that in my settings? Thank you in advance for your feedback.
  5. Hi, I tried to adjust the command rear dial for ISO, but was not successful. I went through the correct procedure: Wrench, Button dial settings: command dial settings: back dial setting: ISO. I was able to change it for exposure compensation but not not for ISO. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  6. Although the menu is programmed as a minimum 100 iso , on the wheel L Mode the display show 200 iso in yellow. I can not use 100 iso Thank you for your help...
  7. I have an X-E2 running 4.0 firmware. I am driving myself crazy trying to figure this out. I really hope it's me and not some bug with the firmware. When I set my Auto-ISO settings, then go into my Quick menu, the settings have returned to factory default. Then when I return to the ISO settings page in the menu, they have also reset to factory defaults. What am I doing?
  8. I recently purchased the XT-10. I am working on my manual mode skills and have a question. I have my light meter in my EVF, but when I need to change the ISO to reach proper exposure I have to press and use the front dial which takes me to another internal screen. This leaves me having to guess how high I need to go with my ISO to hit the proper exposure. Right now I just guess then check back to my normal EVF view and then have to make an adjustment again if I guessed wrong. Is there a way for me to change my ISO and have it show me live in the EVF light meter like it does for aperture and shutter speed changes? Thanks, Kim
  9. Hello, i just took my new X-T10! I have some issues who the manual and google don't help me. 1) i try to change the front dial to use the iso and as a command accepted, nothing happened. The only option i have for the two dials is the aperture (if you have XC lenses) and SS. can i change it or not? 2) for fun and some tests i want to use the high ISO (25.000 etc.). In X-E1 i was change the format to "FINE" from raw and then it was available. Now in X-T10 it does not work. You know anything about that? *sorry for my english....
  10. Hi Fuji experts! Question on the X100.... My X100 is set to aperture priority (shutter dial at "A") and auto ISO. My question is why is it that auto ISO only allows me to set a maximum of 3200 ISO? I do not even have the 6400 ISO choice if set at auto ISO. Only if I set auto ISO to OFF then I can choose 6400. Thanks. Everydayfuji
  11. the ISO dial on my X-T1 had not been responding correctly, for example when camera is switched on iso is automatically set to H2 and never displaying correctly to my changes. anyone faced the same issue?
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