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  1. Thank you, I'll see about trying to get an exchange. I do love the little thing, it takes beautiful pictures and the screen/evf are fantastic in good lighting. Thanks again!
  2. Hi, thanks for the response. No, no focus peaking on. I've tried pretty much every combination of iso, shutter speed, aperture, PASM, switching to Auto, switching off the exposure preview... everything I can think of. Hence asking here. I drove out to a store last night to have a look at their display model. I couldn't quite get it in the same environments I have issues with, but it was certainly less fuzzy. Even sticking the lens cap on to *try* and simulate pitch black, the screen had hardly any snow at all. Mine goes crazy. Think mine's just a bit sensitive.
  3. *tumbleweed* Guess I'll be returning it.
  4. Anyone? Even inside with a lamp where it's not totally dark, the screen and evf are fuzzy as hell. How do you guys work around this? It's impossible to manually focus on anything 'cos everything's so fuzzy!
  5. Hi, sorry if this is a repeat post. I'm new to the X-T10 and was wondering if it's usual to have a LOT of noise/grain in the EVF and LCD in lowlight/dark conditions? I was hoping to photograph the moon last night, but could barely see anything on the screen or in the EVF when trying to compose the shot due to all the noise. Is this normal for the X-T10? I realise it probably boosts the gain up in lowlight conditions, but it made it pretty impossible to focus or frame anything at all unless I half pressed the shutter release. It's a lovely camera, and this is gutting if this is the case an
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