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  1. Thanks very much. I *did* trade my XT1 in for an XT3 about a month ago and I am very satisfied. The extra pixels are great - can select quite small areas of an image to enlarge and there are enough pixels to maintain quality.
  2. Any progress on getting this offer for $49 working? Maybe there is some "coupon code" we need to enter?
  3. Bergat, your post on the Silkypix product compared with Lightroom certainly makes sense and thank you. When it comes to development, though, that is the processing of the RAW image for quality, I think you ARE saying that you think the Silky-pix product is superior to Adobe Cameras RAW.
  4. This looks very interesting - but, of course, it's exactly what Lightroom is supposed to do. Could anyone with experience of both Lightroom and Silkypix Developer Studio Pro 8 for Fuji RAW files comment, please.
  5. I have an XT1 and absolutely love it. I'm thinking of trading it in for an XT3 - but am wondering if it is worth it. I'm not really interested in movies, and most of the extra you get with the XT3 seems to be in the video area. Also, is the XT3 heavier than the XT1? I really like the light weight of the XT1.
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