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  1. Hi, I recently traveled to Berlin. Together with my Fuji XT-1 of course! Some minimalistic architectural photo's from the immense Tempelhof airport. Such a weird, but also big, impressive, piece of architecture with a lot of historical background, but in modern times it is a great escape from the city to many people. Just wanted to share three of my photo's, so here goes. more photo's @ www.robertdoeleman.com
  2. Hi, sorry for the delayed respons. These images and all of my images are shot in RAW. I use lightroom for editing.
  3. robertd


    Berlin Tempelhof
  4. Thanks all! More here: www.robertdoeleman.com
  5. Hi All, my first posting here, since leaving m43 and later Sony. Wanted a good zoom and 16+ megapixel setup, so I can not wait for the XT-2. For now the 100-400 is coupled with the XT-1. Had a wonderful time in the coastal area in Holland, waterleidingduinen it is called.
  6. Very nice photos, finally someone that is capable and has the vision to create images that really shows what this lens (even with converter) can deliver! Now I just need to sell some stuff and order this lens!
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