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  1. Which would be the better choice, the new X-Pro2 or wait for the XT-2 to come out. I shoot mainly landscape, nature and travel photography. Currently shooting with a Nikon D810, but want a lighter, smaller kit. This would be my first mirroless camera, I have never shot with a Fuji, but I keep hearing how great then lens are, which is very important to me, plus the dynamic range of the camera.
  2. Hello everyone. I am planning a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in June. I have done some research to determine if there are any "must vist" locations for capturing memorable images. If anyone in the group has any suggestions in terms of "If you're going to DC, you must visit xxx". Typically when I travel to places I've never been before, I find a lot of value in participating in a photography-centered scenic tour. The one's where the guide is a photographer and takes the group to those places that I am seeking to find out about here since there does not appear to be any photographic tours that I've been able to find. We will be staying at a beach resort. I suspect most of the images will be on the beach, but would like to venture outside of the resort for some either street photography or landscape images. I have not found any, but if anyone happens to know of any individual or company that runs photo excursions, please provide information. Any thoughts, suggestions, or other pointers in terms of safety; places / times to avoid are greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi All, I think some of you will be interested in my X-Pro Tour. It's from my perspective as a full time pro using the X-Pro system on location. I have photos with the stories and technical details behind them as well as my thoughts and perspectives from daily use of the X-Pro2. It's all on my blog at XProTour.com but here is a breakdown of individual posts so you can choose those that might interest you: X-Pro Tour Part 1 London, France X-Pro Tour Part 2 Villages of France X-Pro Tour Part 3 Best Days in France X-Pro 2: A Love-Hate Relationship Comments and feedback welcome! Enjoy, Joel
  4. I'm looking for a new travel tripod for my X-T1. I've been looking at Manfrotto BeeFree Carbon,Manfrotto 190GO Carbon, Sirui T-2205X+G-20X and the Benro Travel Angel FTA18CV0. I do not which one of these are the best. I have a Manfrotto tripod now, but its too heavy. I would like carbon due to more stability when I take long exposure seascape photos, but I do not know how much greater the carbon tripods are for this when they are as short as my selection is. I need a new tripod for long hikes, airplane travels etc...
  5. Hi, I recently traveled to Berlin. Together with my Fuji XT-1 of course! Some minimalistic architectural photo's from the immense Tempelhof airport. Such a weird, but also big, impressive, piece of architecture with a lot of historical background, but in modern times it is a great escape from the city to many people. Just wanted to share three of my photo's, so here goes. more photo's @ www.robertdoeleman.com
  6. Hi all, Just wanted to share one of the series of pics taken in El Nido, The Philippines. Despite not being very popular among travellers, The Philippines features incredible landscapes and sunsets as long as you don´t visit them during the typhoons season...
  7. Hello, flew from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro this past weekend and wanted to share some shots from the airplane flight there. Most of these shots were taken from the airplane window with my X-E2 and the XF 35mm. Hope you like it! I'll post separate entries so you may tell me which ones you like best by liking the post! Thank you. First shot was one of the ones I liked best, not from the plane. This is Copacabana beach. These birds flew by in a cool formation and I was glad to fit them in the compostition. Copacabana Beach by Marcelo Valente, on Flickr
  8. hi fellas, my first post here, yet've been here on multiple occassions. Im about to embark on almost two years bike trip in australia/asia, hence looking for light and solid mirrorless system. basically i was all in for xt1, but the xt10 came and pretty much made some shifts in my mind. my budget is not that big - quite around 2000 gbp - around 3100 usd. opt 1: xt1 with 18-135 35 1.4 samyang 12 mm 2.0 opt 2: xt10 18-55 and 55 - 200 35 1.4 samyang 12 mm 2.0 yes, the weather sealing in xt1 is quite the big deal for my needs - i expect going through monsoon months in asia, than chilly winter in middle east. yet, the reports from older fuji cameras (especially xe2) talks much about how tough are this cameras, even without WR. and the better focal range, as well as aperature points to xt10. can you give me any recomendations? BTW: i posted similar question on dpreview, however the response tended to go away from my concern, as i am fully devoted to use fuji system (many bikepacking, traveling lads made my mind about fuji), so i guess it would be better to ask it here
  9. Traveling to Italy in a few weeks. Will spend a few days in Rome, Florence and Tuscany. What will I bring? Packing the X-T1, a handful of batteries, but want to pack light with only two lens. Currently own the 35MM 1.4, 56MM 1.2, and looking to rent a lens, something wider, to capture the architecture and landscapes. There are plenty of choices with the Fuji 10-24mm, 14mm, 16mm and Rokinon 12mm. What would be your two lens? Also, what filters (if any) would you bring to highlight the dramatic sky?
  10. Street shots from my recent stop over and Hong Kong. Enjoy XT1 + 35 HK May 2015 by Andrew Lee, on Flickr HK May 2015 by Andrew Lee, on Flickr HK May 2015 by Andrew Lee, on Flickr HK May 2015 by Andrew Lee, on Flickr HK May 2015 by Andrew Lee, on Flickr HK May 2015 by Andrew Lee, on Flickr HK May 2015 by Andrew Lee, on Flickr HK May 2015 by Andrew Lee, on Flickr HK May 2015 by Andrew Lee, on Flickr
  11. Hello, everyone is asking about lens options for travel, so, it's my turn now. I'm going to Spain in September. I'll be travelling to Barcelona, and driving from there to Pamplona, Bilbao, Burgos, Zaragoza, Valencia and places in between. So, here is my current idea. X-E2, Samyang 12mm, XF 35mm, XF 18-55mm and the XC 50-230. Now, I've also been thinking of a reduce option. I'm taking the 18-55 in order not to change so much between lens. Now, when I walk around my city, sometimes I only take the XF 35mm. So, maybe the 35mm is enough for most of the time when walking about. So, I'd leave the 18-55mm at home and take: Samyang 12mm, XF 35mm nd the XC 50-230. (maybe fit in the 27mm..it's so small, but, let's not count on it) So, with the first configuration I'd think I would leave the 18-55 most of the time in the camera. So the wife does not complain so much. And use the 35 indoors or at night. Keep the 12mm there for the churches and larger monuments I'd want to capture, and use the 50-230 eventually. Is the 50-230 essencial? Maybe not? On the second configuration..I'd walk around with the 35mm on the camera. Zoom with my feet. Put the 12mm on it when shooting wider and the 50-230 if I need that range. I also own the 60mm. So, maybe I could also have a third option of the 12, 35 and the 60mm and take only primes. Please give me some help! This decision will also influence the need of getting another camera bag or not. Thanks!
  12. A few shots of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. X-T1 with XF 18 f2 R
  13. olli

    Monks in Myanmar

    Buddhist monks at the Nga Htat Gyi pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar (X-E2, XF18-55)
  14. © 2019 Ted Chai Photography

  15. © 2019 Ted Chai Photography

  16. © 2019 Ted Chai Photography

  17. © 2019 Ted Chai Photography

  18. © 2019 Ted Chai Photography

  19. © 2019 Ted Chai Photography

  20. © 2019 Ted Chai Photography

  21. © 2019 Ted Chai Photography

  22. © 2019 Ted Chai Photography

  23. Hi guys, I am new to this forum, I have in the past year purchased an XT30, which came with the kit lens 15-45mm 3.5-5.6. I’m looking for a new lens with the primary usage of travel photography. So far I’ve been looking at the 18-55mm 2.8-4.0 or the 35mm F2. I am looking for a lens that will cover most scenarios when travelling. Nothing hugely fancy, anyone have any ideas? Cheers guys Alex
  24. From the album: Landscape Work

    © stephen pruitt/fluxion photography 2017

  25. From the album: Landscape Work

    © stephen pruitt/fluxion photography 2017

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