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Found 8 results

  1. Hello to all, Recently added the VF for my X70. Somehow I see a strong resemblance to my old Bessa-L! Anyone or designer from the old Voightlander co. working at Fuji? For info I know I read in a few forums the VF was useless...and I dot agree and think the live view brightness is excellent. Coming from the old full manual rangefinder world with my Bessa and scale focus; I am still working on best manual focus mode. Or snap mode if you want. Enjoy!
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone had the chance to try the WCL-X100 and TCL-X100 on the X70. The mount is the same as the WCL-X70 so it's technically possible, although I guess the distortion will be quite an issue... Any interesting feedback? Cheers Antoine
  3. Hi all, I enjoy shooting at the wide-to-standard focal length boundary, and am torn between the x70 and the x100T. I mainly enjoy shooting small family gatherings, people, about town, and when travelling. From all that I've read, I know that I can't really go seriously wrong with either camera - however I have a couple of concerns that I've not seen addressed. Between the x70 and the x100T, the main concerns are: 1. Focal length: I love everything about the x70 except the 28mm equivalent focal length. I prefer the 35mm FOV. I know that the x70 has a software 35/50 mm mode that will display the 35mm FOV, and I think that for me the 16 MP is large enough to sustain the effective loss is resolution from the digital crop. But if I do shoot at 28mm, I'm worried about distortion since I'll be shooting closer to my subject. Put simply, will photos of people appear distorted and unflattering with the x70 as opposed to the x100T? (This is probably as much a question about photography as about these 2 cameras - unfortunately I'm not in a position to test this for myself, which is why I'm asking) 2. Price: the x100T is available for $200 less, so the difference in price is $400 between the 2 cameras. I think the x100T is a great camera for my purposes already, and I don't think I'd really need the rumoured x100F. However, would the price of the x100T drop significantly more than the current $200 discount to when the x100F is released? I can wait since I have another camera with me. Obviously nobody knows the answer to the future pricing, discounts etc., but was hoping someone who considered the camera during the x100S to x100T transition might be able to help. Between the x70 and the x100T, the differences in size, f/2 vs. f/2.8, absence of viewfinder in the x70 don't greatly bother me. Would love to hear back about what you guys think I should do. Thanks a lot, Rahul.
  4. I don't really use my X70 often I have an XT-1 as my main camera. I keep my X70 in my camera bag with the cap always on except when shooting. And I noticed these spots on my pictures when the aperture is above 5.6 they are on the left side and on the bottom right.... I keep my cameras clean and have avoided any dusty environments.. has any one else had these issues with an X70? the warranty has expired and I just placed an order for a X100F. these spots make me nervous about the X100F any thoughts?
  5. I recently moved from Micro Four Thirds to an X-Pro2 and I absolutely love the images I've been getting. But I missed having a small bodied camera that was easy to carry everywhere. I was hesitant about the X70 because of the lack of viewfinder and the 28mm equivalent focal length. Based on the great reviews I had read online, I tried the Sony RX100 IV but found it awkward to hold with image quality that was not nearly as good as I expected. So I returned it the next day. After striking out with the Sony, I decided to give the X70 a try. I've had it for a few days now, but the weather has been dreary in Philadelphia all week, and I wasn't really able to put the X70 to the test until today. After a couple hours walking around South Street, I'm really pleased with the camera and the images I'm getting from it. It's very easy to shoot one handed, quick to focus and I only missed a few shots. It's great for street photography because no one seemed to take any notice of me. And I didn't miss the viewfinder at all. Here's a few images from today. Philly Jesus Hookah Cigarette Doggies Pull Ups 1941 Dreads
  6. (I know this shot/editing is ugly but I was too lazy to make it better) Hey guys it's me again with another lens comparison test. Did a different one before: http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/317-135mm-lens-comparison/ This time I compared three different 18mm lenses Fuji is offering. XF 18mm f/2 (X-E2) X70's 18,5mm f/2.8 XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 (X-E2) The shots are unedited (fine L) Jpegs (SOOC). I just cropped them and stitched them together. The settings of each camera were set to default (0) except the WB (I adjust it manually with a white peace of paper). ISO 200. Provia. Aperture priority. Cause I don't have a tripod that's so low I used a chair where I put the cameras on top so the frame can vary a bit. Sorry for that. Click on each pictures to open and maybe download on Flickr in full resolution. If you have any questions please ask. If you have any complaints about my test please be polite within your criticism. I'm not a pro so this test might be far away from being perfect. Feel free to share some shots/comparisons of your 18mm Fuji lenses. So now I hope you will enjoy my little CD collection (the second and the forth fifth of this rack are covered by a glass door) f/2 center f/2.8 center f/4 center f/5.6 center f/8 center f/11 center f/16 center f/22 center
  7. Got my X70 yesterday, and I'm already sending it back. After a couple hours' use, the on/off switch came loose. It now wobbles and moves freely between on and off, with no resistance. Just wanted to put this out there, in case this turns out to be a recurring problem with this camera. The X70 seems great, otherwise. I was very happy with it until it broke.
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