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Found 27 results

  1. Philippe_S


    Orléans, France

    © Philippe Soares

  2. From the album: TPiorkowski

    Food Truck New Haven Long Wharf New Haven, Connecticut October 2017

    © @ Tom Piorkowski

  3. Here you can post your night photographs (done with Fuji X cameras, of course!) This includes all kinds of night photography, from night portraiture to star trails and even time lapse. To prime the topic: Fuji X-T1, 55-200, 3 small strobes. Minimal post processing.
  4. From the album: Random/Anything

    © Jon Willard

  5. From the album: Random/Anything

    © Jon Willard

  6. From the album: Random/Anything

    A recurring and reoccurring theme for me, "Lamp in the Woods"

    © Jon Willard

  7. From the album: Random/Anything

    More "Lamp in the Woods"

    © Jon Willard

  8. From the album: Random/Anything

    One of those "I think I'll hang an oil lamp in this tree and see what happens" shots, on an icy night.

    © Jon Willard

  9. From the album: TPiorkowski

    Halloween Trunk or Treat The Joker • Dark Knight New Milford Green Main Street New Milford, CT A "safe" alternative to trick or treating on dark streets! Free to all children!

    © @ Tom Piorkowski

  10. From the album: TPiorkowski

    Times Square New York City January 2017 Fuji X-T1, 18-55mm
  11. From the album: TPiorkowski

    West 40th Street Times Square District New York City January 2017 Fuji X-T1, 18-55MM
  12. Some pictures from a brief visit to Copenhagen. Regular work in the daytime, but I had the evening to make pictures. All with the X100T. Here are the remaining pictures: http://www.ipernity.com/doc/jthole/album/970402
  13. From the album: Japan outside Kansai

    © Martin Paludan-Müller

  14. From the album: Kansai

    A late night stroll in the harbour area of Kobe.

    © Martin Paludan-Müller

  15. Hi all, I enjoy shooting landscapes under to stars. I would like to hear from those of you who have tried this with your Fuji systems. If you haven't, speculation is not what I'm after. The reason I ask is that shooting at night under dark skies, away from city lights, brings unique photographic challenges all on its own. Cameras perform differently under these conditions. Though I'm not looking for perfection, just Fuji user experiences since I'm considering one of the newer Fuji models (X-Pro2, X-T2). I've been shooting night landscapes for a while now with Canon and currently with Sony FF. Overall, I've found Sony mirrorless more challenging to use under these conditions. Though of course it has other strengths apart from these types of shots; and there are workarounds. DSLR's have much nicer OVFs which work better for me in dark areas. With Sony, its really hard to turn off all the LCD and still use the functionality needed to get the shot. Most of my images are longer exposures (30+ seconds) where I do not want the LCD on for that entire duration. I'm wondering how Fuji systems work in these sort of night conditions? Can one turn off the LCD for long exposures at night? How about other challenges like focusing at infinity with stars in focus, long exposure sensor heat producing additional noise, etc...? Anyone on here doing these types of shots? Even if a newbie, I'd like to hear and/or see your experiences with Fuji at night. Here are a few examples of what I am talking about with the Sony A7: Thanks, Derek
  16. I rented an X-Pro2 to try it out for night photography. The new sensor is absolutely wonderful for night shots, gathering a ton of detail and color. The focusing is good on anything that's even slightly illuminated. Focusing on bright stars, I noticed it missed focus slightly about 50% of the time. I attached a sample, view the others on my 1x.com page https://1x.com/photo/1187220/all:user:592739 https://1x.com/photo/1188080/all:user:592739 https://1x.com/photo/1188087/all:user:592739
  17. Milkyway Çıralı - Antalya Fujifilm XT-1 Samyang 12mm f/2,0 f:2 - 30 sec - iso 2000
  18. Milky Way Colors by Dalibor Tomic, on Flickr Milky Way Colors by Dalibor Tomic, on Flickr
  19. Hi all, I am not sure if this is an issue that I the photographer am making, or if it's an issue with my lens? Normal shots are awesome and its a great lens. However I am getting into cityscapes/long exposure, and I am noticing really ugly blown highlights with squiggles around them. This was shot at F/20, but even at larger apertures I have noticed this affect also. Maybe its adobe lightroom? Thoughts?
  20. From the album: My fujifilm X30 photos

    Scrum during a Top8 championship game (women rugby top championship in France)

    © Christelle Camus

  21. From the album: the Beauty of Sumenep

    a night @ Lombang Beach

    © ronaldn 2015

  22. A few shots from my ongoing project, "Strangers in the dark". All the shots were done with an X100T. Strangers in the dark by Pierre Pichot, on Flickr Strangers in the Dark II by Pierre Pichot, on Flickr Exit light by Pierre Pichot, on Flickr Exit by Pierre Pichot, on Flickr
  23. Hi all, As the recent owner of a new X100t, and as someone still working their way through the full online manual, I would like some advice on the best settings for using my camera in a bar or club. This is for a potential commission, so it is important to have people posing, and to get some clear photos of the atmosphere and the venue. They could be used in a newspaper so the pictures need to be clear, sharp, and colourful. I have a cheap, exterior flash, but I am apprehensive about using it given the excellent low lighting performance of this camera. What settings would I use? There are a number of built-in filters for softening skin tones too. I would appreciate any expert advice. Many thanks!
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