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  1. Thanks for your advice Olaf W. I immediately add X Acquire in the Full Disk Access settings after unlock, but I still can't allow X Acquire in the Files and Folders. I reboot macbook after setting but change nothing, The specify destination folder is still deactivated..
  2. hello guys, I have an authority problem on my macbook (OS version - Monterey) to install x acquire software. recently, i got a macbook pro(intel chip. not apple M1 silicon) and i try to install x acquire for tethering with my x-t1. I installed x acquire software and can find x acquire in menu bar, and i tried allow the x acquire access my files and folders but it isn't work. i try to figure it out the problem, and find blog that introduce same issue(big sur) at Feb-26=2021. [https://waltersanford.wordpress.com/tag/fujifilm-x-acquire/] x acquire compatibility chart page introduce they support the OS version of big sur and monterey. so i thought x acquire developer team solve this problem, but x acquire still not work on my macbook. i tried downgrade Mac OS (big sur) but my macbook is too new to install big sur.. is there anyone have an experience same as me and solve the problem before? plz help...
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