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  1. Hi there, Just checking a few things before my final switch to the X-T2 I like to do sunset/sunrise timelapse with my 6D and the DSLRDashboard app, which allows intelligent bulb ramping during the timelapse. This app doesn't work with the X-T2, unfortunately. I'm looking for another solution, such as TriggerTrap, which seems to do even more. However, does the X-T2 support remote bulb ramping? I can't find any info on that, neither for the X-T1. Thanks!
  2. X100T. Family portrait by Pierre Pichot, on Flickr
  3. Bucharest, 2016. X100T. Stairway to... by Pierre Pichot, on Flickr
  4. Great shots ! It's funny, I've done a lot of the same shots last year, it seems we have the same way to see things
  5. APS-C & user experience vs Full Frame & extensive features packing. It's enough for many to catalog Fuji as amateur and Sony as Pro.
  6. Mother & Daughter by Pierre Pichot, on Flickr
  7. Indeed, that's pretty much what I'd want too. For my style of photography, low light performance (AF & high ISO) are critical. As for the pixel count, I have nothing against it if it doesn't go against the low light performance. Sony managed to do it, I hope Fuji can too
  8. Indeed, I'm in love! And I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.
  9. A few shots from my ongoing project, "Strangers in the dark". All the shots were done with an X100T. Strangers in the dark by Pierre Pichot, on Flickr Strangers in the Dark II by Pierre Pichot, on Flickr Exit light by Pierre Pichot, on Flickr Exit by Pierre Pichot, on Flickr
  10. I've installed the trial yesterday, for me it's the opposite, I feel a bit lost, everything seems scattered to me. But C1 seems very powerful with its advanced layering system. I've only loaded 2-3 RAWs for now so I still need time to get my own point of view, but what is the general consensus on how C1 handles the Fuji RAW files? Lr is known for not being that good with Fuji files, what about C1? Edit: found partial answer for C1 8, still interested on feedback on v9
  11. Face to face by Pierre Pichot, on Flickr
  12. I'll definitely get one, once the X-Pro2 or X-T2 are available. Weather resistant lens/camera is a must for me for street photography as I love to shoot under the rain. It's the only problem I have with the X100T is that I'm always afraid when it's raining. And 50mm equivalent is always welcome
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