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  1. Vague Fujisan before sunrise at Fumotopara camping ground
  2. I think it's been testing by some of X-Photographer currently. We may see some of big improvement from X-T1 that's worth waiting (Of course X-Trans3 as X-Pro2, 4K, faster and better focus performance or even fps 11 or 14?, etc.) At least LCD screen which having one side flip up for portrait angle is really good idea when I shoot that side with lower angle on tripod. Make it a lot easier in composition. Storm of rumors is coming
  3. If smaller and lighter are the main reason for your new camera plus advantage of DR, X-T2 might be the best choice rather than X-Pro2. I try X-Pro2 many times in the shop comparing with the feeling with my X-T1 on landscape or nature shooting. X-T series is still better on these (at lease the dial and tilt screen are easier for landscape shooting. Hopefully X-T2 will come with joy stick). X-Pro2 is very good for everyday shooting in your hands, however, I still feel that X-T is better on tripod and not bad in your hand compared to X-Pro2. For DR, It's hard to see any sensor to beat D810 especially APS-C size sensor. Based on dpreview studio test scene, X-Pro2 having DR around 14.5 stop compared to 16 on D810 (judged by my eyes ). Anyway X-Pro2 is having higher DR than Canon 6D or Nikon D5 at based ISO which is enough for 99% of my shooting styles. I absolutely believe that X-T2 sensor will do the same job. Last thing, if good lenses are your important thing, please trust in Fujinon. Less or no CA compared to Nikon lenses, better at corner and most of them are super sharp at wide open. I think the same level of Fujinon among Japanese brand lenses might be Sony GM series only and Fujinon is much cheaper.Even I'm Nikon Fan but also love quality of Fujinon than any of Nano lens. PS. Fujinon is making lenses for many brands (Many of Carl Zeiss which are made in Japan also made by Fujinon and I just doubt that Sony GM might be also). Just from my Opinion. Nikon Df and Fujifilm X-T1 user.
  4. I feel like if June 2016 will be X-T2 announcement, currently Fujifilm should start providing pre-production X-T2 to X- photographer already. And on April 2016, storms of X-T2 rumors will be spread out
  5. I'm currently owning 3 SDXC UHS II using with my X-T1 GS listed below. SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II 64GB SDXC Lexar UHS-II 2000x 64GB SDXC Toshiba Exceria Pro UHS-II 64GB SDXC What I can say is don't believe in MB/s printed on the card Sandisk said 280MB/s(read) - when I test with Blackmagic it's 233/128 MB/s (Read/Write) Lexar said 300MB/s(read) - when I test with Blackmagic it's 257/190 MB/s (Read/Write) Toshiba said 260MB/s(read) - when I test with Blackmagic it's 237/205 MB/s (Read/Write) Currently Toshiba seem to be the most reliable to me. I don't care much about Reading speed but Writing speed that you will see the effect on continue high speed mode.Also the body cover of the card, Toshiba feel the most tough. Lexar is my second best option and I will never buy Sandisk again.
  6. Fujisan and Dinosaurs X-T1 + XF 50-140 f/2.8 + TC 1.4x
  7. Starry Eruption - The Milky Way on Top of Mountain Fuji Starry Eruption by Mahalarp Teeradechyothin, on Flickr
  8. I need 5 shot bracketing at least I can get +2 to -2. Having this kind of bracketing is better than not having. I think there should be someone who tend to use it sometimes. I also don't understand why Fujifilm don't add this option.
  9. Symbol of Japan ... Fujisan & Shinkansen X-T1 GS + 10-24 f/4 Symbols of Japan ... Fujisan and Shinkansen by Mahalarp Teeradechyothin, on Flickr
  10. Protection filter needed are clear and easy cleaning especially not generate another unnecessary flare for your photo. Right now I'm sticking on Kenko Zeta Quint on my prime lenses which is very easy for cleaning and light weight because it is aluminium frame. And yes it's clear. However, for my zoom lenses which I always bring for landscape shooting, I prefer brass frame like B+W MRC Nano. It's very clear, easy cleaning and easy to put any filter holder adapter on (I feel brass is much better than aluminium frame on this task). It's just a bit expensive than Kenko one.
  11. Hi I'm using Fuji X-T1 GS for a while and mostly are on landscape photographs. Normally I start with auto focus to focus the subject/distance I want on tripod and after that I just keep the focal distance by changing focus mode to M (at front pedal). The thing is if I do operate other things on my camera such as checking photo from play menu after a few photos taken or even turn off camera while focus mode still on M, after turn on camera again or get back to normal shooting mode after using other menus, focal distance seems to be changed and I need to refocus every times. My Pre-AF is off. and I think it happens in most of the lenses I have (I mostly use 10-24 f/4, 16-55 f/2.8 and 50-140 f/2.8 for landscape shooting but sometimes prime lenses as well) How do I lock this focal distance value every time till I change it by myself manually or with re-auto focus? Or any setting that I missed it.? Thank you very much
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