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  1. My X-T@ appears to have lost its ability to autofocus. Assuming that this is a mechanical problem, where can I send it, and is the work likely to be good? I should add that it has a cracked rear screen as well. (I fell but mostly protected the camera.) My thumb is getting all wrinkly while I wait this problem out.
  2. B&H has a few options: the 60mm macro lens appears to be a winner, but before I leap off what is after all not a very big cliff, I am wondering if there is a general consensus. There is, of course, a hideously expensive alternative but even I can't rationalize getting it.
  3. Any idea when we might start seeing this in stores? I'm tired of holding my breath.
  4. I need to replace the lens hood for a 23mm ƒ1.4 lens. And ideas on where to search? The lens is fine; the hood did what it was supposed to: absorb the shock from its stupid owner falling on the stairs on a Kauai overlook.
  5. There was an earlier rumor (rumour for some) to the effect that Metz was about to produce a flash for the XT-1. And then all went quiet. I'm looking for such an animal and wonder where to find it. If not Metz, then who? If now soon, then when?
  6. The word has it that the camera is waterproof, or at least seriously water-resistant. I gather that some of the lenses are as well, but not all of them. Which ones am I least likely to have problems in the rain, which is not uncommon in the Pacific Northwest these days?
  7. There was a rumor, perhaps here, to the effect that Metz was about to produce a strobe for the Fuji XT-1. My impression is that it was expected to appear this December. I'm right in the class of those would would love to see this happen. Has anyone heard anythinghopeful?
  8. I vote for back button focus and a wider range of bracketing options. I would think that these could be fixed in firmware, but what do I know?
  9. Does this grip allow easy access to the door that lets you use the remote cord?
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