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  1. Hello Everyone, I am having a bit of a dilemma that I was hoping the good people here could help me out with. I currently have an X-T1 along with the following lenses: 18–135, 55-200 and 35mm f2. I just had my first kid three months ago and am thoroughly enjoying capturing him. I am however having a hard time getting good (focused) shots as he is starting to move a lot. I'm mostly shooting in the zoned AF mode with either single or continuous focus with the drive mode set to both single and high speed burst. ISO is set to auto. With the 18–135 there are hardly any keepers as it is a pretty slow lens. I get more keepers with the 35 but feel very limited with the focal length. So here is what I have been debating: Get the 23mm f2 - I loved the focal length when I had borrowed the X-100t Get the 16-55 - Nice range thats good for street and landscape and covers the 23mm focal length at a decent speed Get 90mm f2 - Good fast portrait lens Get a used X-100t - I get the focal length I want and an additional camera that I can take with me without having to worry about lenses now that I need to travel light (baby stuff) Get the X-T2 - Faster focusing, better low-light, new processor I am only a hobbyist who is looking to the experts out there to help me figure this out. Please be kind and helpful. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have heard/ read positive things about the long eyecup from for the X-T1. What does the community of shooters who wear glasses have to say about the long eyecup?
  3. What does everyone use as a light, easy to travel with tripod with the X-T1? The two I am currently looking at are the Platypod Pro and a Gorillapod. What do you all recommend?
  4. I was originally considering getting the Fuji 27mm (mostly for its compact size), but after playing around with my 18–135 at both 27mm and 35mm, I found that I preferred the 35mm focal length. Now, I'm not sure which would be a better purchase; the 32mm F1.8 Zeiss, or the 35mm F2 Fuji. The price difference is $100 and the pro to the fuji is the WR, while the pro of the Zeiss is that its faster. Another Fuji pro is that they will improve the lens performance via firmware. What do you guys think?
  5. Would you guys mind sharing the adapter you are using for this? I have Minolta MD 35mm lens I would love to use. Thanks.
  6. I tried these settings for a while, but when I compared the JPEG and RAW files, I felt the RAW files had more depth to them. Im guessing thats pretty obvious since there is so much more data. But still, Id like to play with the settings a bit more. Would love it if members could share their settings for RAW + JPEG.
  7. Would you mind briefly going over the steps?
  8. Hello All. I have always been obsessed with capturing the night sky (who isn't). Im relatively new to the fuji system and the following are two images I made recently. I live in Southern Connecticut and am frankly surprised at how much the combination of the X-T1 and the rokinon 12mm can see. Camera Settings: Long exposure noise reduction on / RAW / used fuji camera remote app for iOS Partial Milky Way Shot: 2000 ISO / F2.8 / 15sec Perseid Meteor Shower Shot: 1250 ISO / F2.0 / 15sec Both processed in Lightroom CC. I would love to hear the communities comments on things I can do (camera settings) to get better shots. I'm mostly concerned about noise.
  9. I was shooting a critter in my yard yesterday using the 18-135 at 135mm. When I imported the images in LR, I noticed that the foliage/ grass rendered weird—almost watercolor like. Is this a known issue? My X-T1 has firmware v.4 and LR is the latest version (CC). Is there a way to fix this?
  10. Thank you aceflibble! That is very helpful. The one thing thats also nice about Lightroom is the iPad app.
  11. Thanks for the post. I've been considering the switch as well. Would you mind sharing your sharpness, dynamic range, shadow settings?
  12. I'm new to the fuji system and just wanted to get some input on which software does the best job.
  13. Just found this helpful link http://www.lightroomfanatic.com/getting-started/lightroom-metadata-presets/
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