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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, First post here. Hope some Fuji users can help - any questions answered will be helpful - thanks in advance. I currently shoot with a Nikon D90 and 50mm prime for street photography. I really want to switch to Fuji. I went to check out the Fuji range and was initially considering the X-T20, X-T2, X-Pro 2. (All with 35mm F2) After putting the EVF to my eyes for a minute I felt kind of sea sick, Ive never looked through an EVF before. So I am left with OVF as the only option. This leaves the X100F and X-Pro 2 as my only options. 1) I wear glasses - and found the viewfinder very small on the X-Pro 2, the OVF is also quite unusual to use. Does anyone else find it difficult to use (glasses wearers?) Is parallax an issue here? 2) I see the X100F OVF seems much bigger and clearer, do users find this? 3) Im concerned to buy an X100F as the fixed lens may be restrictive - I know it has crop modes, does the OVF adjust to the crop mode selected - or only the frame lines? 4) Should I wait for X-Pro 3 before buying X-Pro 2? (either because X-Pro 2 prices may drop, or because they may improve the OVF on X-Pro 3?) 5) I know they are different cameras - but would you get an X-Pro 2 over an X100F? I like the X-Pro 2 more aesthetically (doesn't mean its better in practice) Thanks, Darren
  2. Hi Folks, Hate to join the forum with a moan! Lost the rubber eyecup from my X-Pro 2 the other day. I can't find any specific replacements on-line of on the Fuji product page. Does anyone know whether they are the same as the X-Pro 1 or a 3rd party replacement? Same happened on my XT1 and a bit disappointed that Fuji hasn't figured out how to attach them more firmly - or maybe that's the point, more sales! Any advice gratefully appriciated.
  3. Taken with my X-pro 2 with manual nikkor 105mm F2.5
  4. Photos taken at Dublin Zoo with various Fujifilm combinations. http://macfilos.com/photo/2017/1/25/dublin-zoo-just-william-two-fuji-x-and-an-orangutan-or-two William
  5. I get conflicting info online. I am trying to figure out whether the hole for the EVF/OVF is bigger on the xpro2 vs xpro1. Some say 16mm vs 14mm. Which is it? Also, some claim the magnification is larger on the xpro2 vs xpro1, and then some spec lists claim that it is actually smaller. Which is it? My only local camera store closed last year so I have no way of finding out for my self unless I order online. Thanks.
  6. I have searched far and wide, but haven't found any reviews of the 2.0 firmware for the x-pro 2. Is the x-pro 2 really that much of a niche camera? I mean statistically there should be a blog or a youtube video somewhere raving about the (on paper) huge improvements. I have found many articles that simple go through the new specs, but none that tell of the perceived differences. Please help :-)
  7. EDIT: Solved (root cause banding due to crappy App), see post #5, http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/3290-x-pro-2-video-and-wifi-flickering-video/?do=findComment&comment=29803 Hi everybody I did some experiments with video today, as I did have some weird effects when I tried video the last time... It seems that Video works fine when you start it directly on the camera and the WiFi is turned off. When I started video via the Fuji App from a phone connected by WiFi (using it as a remote release), the video was exceptionally badly flickering (and half the size only, it seems to do full 1920x1080 without wifi, 1280x720 with wifi. Wifi on: https://youtu.be/ky0yDR2Cwxo Wifi off: https://youtu.be/vhB49Xyz5V0 Did you experience something like that? Anything to get the video working? Best regards Nils
  8. Hello Fuji users... I am new to this board and wanted to get some feedback from any X-Pro 2 users that are familiar with the Sony A7X line.... I have several systems and very much ready to give the Fuji X-Pro 2 a shot. (I have terrible GAS lately.) What do you guys think? Why do you think I should switch? What lenses would you recommend, in what order? (I prefer primes...I love the 35mm. as a daily shooter and love manual lenses). Here is what is really intriguing about the Fuji system. (I do still have my X100, original since it was released day 1): I shoot RAW but the JPEGs out of camera looks amazing on the Fuji XPRO2. I love the idea of the Focus joystick. I love the film look of the B&W with the ability to create RAWs from camera. I may have already answered my question here... Thanks in advance and looking forward to exchanging ideas and learning on this forum... Murat
  9. On Fifth Avenue. More here.
  10. Jpeg sooc, natural light, Acros
  11. Fiddlergene

    After Pesach

    After Pesach, time for some challah. More here.
  12. As opposed to Fujifilm's usual High Performance mode on/off the x-pro 2 now has three modes. Economy, standard and high performance. But what is what compared to the old settings? Is economy even more economic than when High Performance is set to off on e.g. the x-t1? And what does standard compare to?
  13. Hi, I know I can set 3 ISO ranges using ISO Auto 1, Auto 2 and Auto 3. What I am nor sure is that will these settings affect the physical ISO dial selection. e.g. If the camera is defaulted to ISO Auto 1 (200-400) but ISO Dial is at H range. What actual ISO range will I get?
  14. X-Pro 2 images have a green tint according to camera reviewer Lloyd Chambers: http://diglloyd.com/blog/2016/20160327_2124-FujifilmXPro2-GreenTint.html If anyone has read his article, could you explain what he has found? I don't have the X-Pro 2 but I am getting more interested in correct white balance and natural colour and hope to learn something from this. How do I measure if my camera (X-T1) has a similar tint? How do I remove the tint -- would manual white balance from a grey card be enough?
  15. I am getting an X-Pro 2 next week. I want a fast card that will take advantage of the X-Pro 2's UHS II compatible slot. Lexar and other manufacturers have two speeds of UHS 2 cards, one of which is a lot more expensive and has double the read speed of the less expensive card. I do not care that much about the read speed. I am more concerned with the write speed, as I want to be able to shoot burst shots without waiting for the images to get saved and to shoot high definition video. The card specs that I have seen do not state what the write speeds of the cards are. Does anyone know whether the higher speed cards have an appreciably faster write speed, and if so, will it make a difference in the way the X-Pro 2 performs?
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