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  1. If the camera was in for service and if ANYTHING was done to or around the sensor or shutter (including replacement) the counter will reset to zero. I've had this happen at Fuji service when I was shooting with e S1Pro and S2 Pro Fuji cameras. The capacitor should hold a charge. You need to leave the battery in and hopefully the tiny battery should recharge. If not, you may have to send it in for service. Back to the zero shutter count if as I said service worked on or around the shutter/sensor and it was reset, that's ok as long as the camera works as it should. I would go out and shoot the piss out of it and make sure it works as it should before you depend on it for any shoots, or travels. Good Luck, and please let us know the results.
  2. Thank you for the link. I was hoping for end-user experience.
  3. I always say: The bigger, the better! LOL. I LOVE my 50R!!!
  4. Yes. Thinktank Retrospective bags are fantastic bags - a bit heavy, but offer great protection and carrying capacity. I have the Retrospective 5 and 10 in the pipestone (?) I think and I can load into the 5 the 50r, 30mm and 45mm. If I want to take the 100-200 then I'll use the Retrospective 10. But I'm a bag whore. I must have 12-14 different bags and my wife has made me sell at least 10+ over the past couple of years. There is NEVER the perfect bag. Depending on where I'm going, how much walking I plan on doing, and whether I'm flying or driving I select my bag. This past summer I spent eight weeks on the road shooting. I packed a Manfrotto camera backpack which I kept in the car with my GFX gear, and my XH-1 and a few lenses for wildlife, then I threw in the van two other bags. My Retro 10,, and a small Lowepro shoulder bag. Depending on that days itinerary I would select the gear, then the bag. My wife says I'm worse than her but this system works for me. When I fly - I have photographed various resorts in the Carribean, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica among a few other places, I pack a large backpack with my gear and since I usually stay at the resort/hotel, I can break it down there and distribute it among two/three other bags. But I do not believe there is the perfect bag. Also: Another great place to buy some cool bags (which I have) is your local Salvation Army store!! Yes, weird, but some cool bags there. Then you order some camera inserts from Amazon and basically you can design your own. I have a few of those I'll use every now and then. also check out Army Surplus stores in your neighborhood. Good finds there - as I avoid the super expensive "pretty" bags as I don't like to draw attention. Hope I didn't bore you too much.
  5. I only encountered this when the camera split the images between TWO or more folders. Since I use Lightroom, when I select to upload from a memory card all I have to do is select the "UNTITLED" (as the memory card is never named), and select ALL FOLDERS. If you are on a pc using the file system i wonder if you try Adobe Camera Raw (it's free) and try uploading there. I can't imaging that Adobe Camera Raw is not available for a Windows machine. Not sure if I've helped but please let us know. I do remember a ways back where not all my image would show up because the computer was only looking at one specific folder and the images were split into two as I had reached the 9999 limit on one folder - so the camera created another folder. Does the X100V have two card slots? If it does, maybe some of the images rolled over to the second card? Just thinking out loud here to try and help you. Good Luck!
  6. My copy has none of that. I doubt it affects the image quality but I'd contact the dealer for an exchange.
  7. Well I don't think Fuji will be re-designing lenses for a higher MP sensor. At least I don't think so. I do remember the days when I used my Nikon bevy of lenses on my D300, D700 and D3 which were 12mp cameras and then upgraded to the 36mp D800E beast. Honestly, other than having to manually fine-tune each lens to the D800 I did not see any degradation in image quality. But, these were all Nikon lenses; I'm not sure how third party lenses would have fared back then as I didn't own any. Personaly, if I were to by the XH-2, I would have no qualms whatsoever using ANY of my Fuji lenses with the upgraded 40MP Body.
  8. H Joel, I do ALL my preliminary culling in LR first. Quick pass through. The ones I'm not sure about, I'll round-trip to C1 and then I'll edit them in C1. I'll then bring them back to LR where I'll make a final determination as to the keepers. I also keyword extensively as I sell enlargements, as well quite a bit of stock every year. Thanks J
  9. I use LR for minimal adjustments and mostly for the digital asset management. I have over 250,000 images in LR right now. However, I use Capture One Pro for 95% of all my editing needs. My jpegs (from my GFX50r) are 40mb, and the TIFF's from raw are 310mb in size. My XT files are much smaller. I have folders set up in LR (which are actually on my desktop) where I drop files into. Then I open C1Pro and sync that folder which I have set as a preset in C1Pro. Once I'm done processing in C1, I export into another folder called "Roundtrip from C1Pro which is also a default in C1pro and in LR. Back in LR, I then synch that folder and any jpegs and tiffs I generated are dropped in there. I can then move the finished images to the library for cataloging, keywording etc. Sounds complicated but I have it setup automatically and it works flawlessly for me. Hope this helps.
  10. © © Jorge L Moro 2021

  11. once upon a time I was able to use my SB700 and SB800 on my XE-1 and XT-1. After I got the XT-2 and newer cameras I was unable to do so.
  12. Don't sell the 18-55~. That's my opinion. I own the 16-55 2.8 and TWO copies of the 18-55. Though the 16-55 is a tad sharper, clearer, and has truer color reproduction I still use my 18-55 due to it's lightweight. And, unless you are comparing them side-by-side honestly you can't tell. If it were me, well it is me: I'd keep the 18-55 for those times you just want to grab and go without all the extra weight.
  13. Keep us posted. I'd be curious what Fuji determines it to be. Thanks
  14. That white line is sensor damage. I experienced that with my old Fuji Finepix S1Pro and Fuji Edison repaired it under the Pro service waaaaaay back in 2005.
  15. The 16 1.4 will certainly work on the XPRO2 and 3 and pretty much every X series (including my old XT1. For landscapes you may want to consider the 10-24 F4 which has been updated with weather resistance, etc. The 16 1.4 is my go to for Astro photography, and I also own the 16-55 2.8 - another EXCELLENT lens but heavier.
  16. IT's a "suggestion". Have you tried it? If it doesn't work, it could be a power issue.
  17. Not sure of your age bracket but if you've ever shot film you are basically using a "film simulation". When I shot film I'd use Vericolor 120 for portraits, or Kodak Kodacrhome ISO 25 or Fuji Velvia ISO 25 pushed to ISO32 for serious colors especially greens. As others here have said shoot jpeg + raw. If you just want to pop JPEGS right out of the oven (don't know why anyone would do that but...) you can create your own profile and make of the image what you want. You can make it as flat - think F-log - or the full monty: Velvia. You do have choices which honestly I did not when I was shooting Nikon D300, d3, and D800/D800e years ago.
  18. Get yourself an "L" Bracket. This one cost me under 30 bucks on eBay brand new. I also have it on my GFX camera body as well. This tightens up on the tripod, no bottom plate needed on the camera, no rubber wearing down. and you can just swap it vertically and horizontally w/o losing your composition. IMG_9708.HEIC
  19. IF you just purchased it, take it back. Mine takes about 1-2 seconds if that.
  20. Last night I got my new GFX 100-200 F5.6 and here she is! I'm so excited. And 20 minutes after opening the box I found a dog hair on the lens! Today, the dogs are outa here -- LOL. Just Kidding. IMG_9568.HEIC
  21. Hello! Welcome to the forum! You'll find this forum is an excellent resource for pretty much ALL Fuji cameras! Most if not all of the members have proven to be helpful. If you have any questions, let the group know! Welcome home to Fuji!
  22. Firstly I don't see any of your images. Could be me, but I'm not sure. Secondly I agree where the XT1 produces some amazing images -- I still use mine over my XH1 for certain shoots. I also feel the High ISO on the XT1 is a bit better than the XH1. My opinion anyway. As far as your issue goes I wonder if it has to do with the processing engine on the XT3 vs the XT1. Maybe you need to tweak the recipe's to get what you want. Have you tried that? Thanks J
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