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  1. Is the center button on the shutter speed dial supposed to lock and unlock when pressed? Mine is locked all the time but will unlock if I hold it down while turning the dial. My other Fuji cameras all lock or unlock i.e. I don't have to hold it down. Also, when I cycle through the DISP button, my LCD never changes to a no information mode. My other Fuji's will all get to mode where no info is displayed, just the image from the lens.
  2. Looking for recommendations for a bag for the 50R, with grip, with 50mm mounted. Additional room for 110mm and 30mm. Prefer shoulder/messenger style i.e. no backpack. I prefer leather/waxed canvas style e.g. Billingham, Ona (too expensive), etc. I like Billingham style but can't figure out which model would work best.
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