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  1. It seems to have been the capacitor as it havent reset it self after I kept a charged battery inside. This was the response I got from the official Fuji people: "thanks for your mail. Sorry about the timely response. We do not reset the shutter count as standard but depending on the type of repair carried out; (main powerboard or shutter replacement) the shutter count may be reset. There are third party programs and websites that can help you tell the shutter count."
  2. Thanks, then I will try to charge the little ting up. Should i Leave the camera on or is it enough just having a charged up battery connected? Oh that sucks a bit. Maybe they have a way of seeing the counter in a service place 🤔
  3. Hello! I’m a bit worried I did a bad deal. I bought a used Fujifilm XT-3 quite cheap yesterday. I am the 3rd owner. The first owner was a professional photographer that bought the camera in 2019. Neither me or the seller can find the shutter count by checking the EXIF. He got a shutter count of 391, I got a count of 3. Seller told me he had the camera on service once to fix the shutter button, could the service guys have reset the counter? I also noticed when I got home I had to put in the date and time again even though I tested the camera like two hours before at the sellers place. I read this might be due to a small capacitor that stores some memory. Can this be the reason behind the reset shutter count? Appreciate any advice on how I can find the total shutter count, if I should return the camera or just live with the unknown and enjoy the camera.
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