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  1. This happened to me in very cold Maine weather last November and December with the 32-64. Since then, I haven't had an issue.
  2. You might want to set up back button autofocus. There are tutorials online to get this setup. Once you press the focus that's it. You should not have to focus again unless you change the focal length/zoom in or out or accidentally move the camera. Back Button Autofocus for Fuji. I've been using that for my previous Nikons, and now all my Fuji cameras for ages.
  3. I use 10stop ND's for landscape work and I can focus just fine with my XT2, XH1. If I stack my polarizer on top of the ND the cameras may "hunt" a bit. Not sure why others here are having issues...
  4. Own twelve bags now. And that's down from the 14 I've sold. My two favorite backpacks are the CHEAP Amazon basics camera backpack for under 20.00 US which I've used for seven years now. And my newest addition, much to the consternation of my much better half, is a Manfrotto BeFree camera backpack. The BEST part of the Be Free is the camera compartment opens FROM THE REAR so when you put it down in the muds, or snow, or water, and then put it back on, your back stays clean. So far, this bag is my all-time favorite. It has compartments for my camera gear, drone, laptop up to 15", iPad, and the top portion has a smaller compartment where I keep my headlamp, hat, bug spray, drone remote and spare drone batteries. After three months of use I have to say it's my favorite so far.
  5. That's a tough choice for me! I would NEVER give up my 35mm 1.4. Without a doubt that one is a keeper. The second lens... 16-55, or the 16 1.4, or the 18-55. Not sure here
  6. First of all the upgrades are for the positive most times. It's a Fuji thing. Compared to other camera companies they are always updating and making their cameras better. Not sure about the XT4 freezing issues but I'm sure they've been addressed in firmware. However I use the XT1, XT2, XH1, and the GFX system and I've NEVER had an issue.
  7. Did not work for me. However, I was able to use my SB700's and 800's on my XE1. No go on the XT series, or the XH1. I just gave up and went to Good flash and triggers.
  8. Seriously? Switch to CFEXpress? Wow. SD cards WORK. Hell my D700 Nikon still uses CF cards and they have never failed me. I keep a out 30 SD cards. In using SD's for years I've had ONE go bad and that was a cheap PNY I think card. If you use quality Sandisk, you shouldn't have an issue.
  9. I agree with Johant. Video IMHO SUCKS. I still own the X-T1 and instead of buying an XPro 1, 2 or three I just slap my 27mm 2.8 on the X-T1 and go to town with it as my everyday carry camera. The X-T2, X-H1 and the MF gear stays pretty much at home. Since changing to Fuji in 2012 I can count on ONE hand, Ok, maybe two, the number of times I've used video. Heck, I don't shoot video with my iPhone, or my drones either. I can't stand it. I also do not think the size increase is due to just the video capabilities.
  10. Looks like a shutter sync problem but I'm not a repairman. I experience something similar back in 2005 with a Fuji camera, the Finepix S2 Pro and Fuji in Edison NJ replaced both the sensor and shutter assembly free of charge under their Professional services division - when it existed. It looks like these were not flash images, but in case they were, you may be shooting at too high a shutter speed; I'll just throw that up against the wall.
  11. jlmphotos


    Why? I have to ask? Are you not happy with Fuji? Or Nikon Or Canon, Or Olympus? We keep chasing the next latest and greatest. Have to say here that even though I have several bodies I still use my X-T1 from what - 2013-14?
  12. I use a combination of Capture One Pro and LR. Capture ONE def has the film simulations and I know LR did as well though I have not used them in quite some time. I do not think they are in LR by default. You may need to add them. I'd go to the Adobe LR website and poke around there.
  13. I own the PRO version which supports ALL cameras as I still secretly have my old D700 Nikon, plus I also shoot DNG on my Mavic Pro Drone. If you only use Fuji, and will never stray, then go with the Fuji version.
  14. Well I use the 12mm Zeiss Touit 2.8 and I find it very, very satisfying. As far as a lens for close-up shooting I use the 60mm F2.4. I find this lens to be amazingly sharp, and detailed. The detail and micro-contrast is incredible. A truly underrated lens in my opinion.
  15. If you want higher res, shoot a vertical pano. Just a suggestion as I've done this with my X-T1 for sh*ts and giggles and the results are amazing. J
  16. I for one feel bad that you feel this way about Fuji. I've been using Fuji since February 2013 and couldn't be happier. Maybe Fuji has a plan (?). If you have concerns, you should contact Fuji in Edison NJ, which is the service center I use and they are truly amazing, helpful, and friendly, or call Fuji in Valhalla New York. If I may suggest to tone down the rhetoric that you (rightly so) expressed here when you reach out to them. Wasn't there some recent upgrades just last week? Anyway, best of luck. And not because I'm a Fuji fanboy or anything but I feel you made a smart choice in selecting Fuji instead of Sony. That's just my two cents.
  17. That is not a workaround. PIC EFFECT should be on. Hence, it shows you a JPEG of what your image will look like. The only time I have that off is when using flash.
  18. You pay YOUR state's tax rate. I understand that B&H has some payment card that will REFUND the tax. I think it's called PAYBOO or something silly. Before jumping in I would look into it carefully though.
  19. I own TWO copies of the 18-55 which I LOVE as well as the 16-55 2.8. Both are amazing lenses. The 16-55 may prove a bit "front heavy" on the smaller camera. And the choice of lenses depends on what you will be photographing. Let us know and someone here will have further recommendations.
  20. Hello, and thank you for responding! It's great to hear feedback on the feedback! If you are financially able to go the medium format route then only you can make that decision - that is my brain speaking. My heart says: Hell yes! It's an amazing camera. Before you make that leap have you considered renting one for a few days or a week? Yes, it will cost you, but in the longterm it might save you money as you may find it's not for you. I have to agree with Herco whereas if you are not going to print BIG then no worries. I've printed gorgeous 30 x 20's with much smaller cameras. Again: it boils down to technique more than anything else. If you are pursuing going into photography as a career a medium format camera will "future proof" you for some time to come. There is nothing like a medium format image! And I have to disagree with your statement that FF is like MF. It is not. I've shot all three formats and even looking at images on the camera display, there is a difference. However, you go with regards to a Fuji in all honesty you can't go wrong! Good luck in all your future endeavors.
  21. I have never owned a X100 series camera. I do hear they are very compact and portable, and amazing. I have owned the "rangefinder" styl X-E1 which got my started with Fuji then I stupidly sold it and bought the XT1, XT2, and XH1. I've always loved the X-E1 so when Fuji came out with the 50R for me it was the BEST of both worlds. Medium Format (harking back to my Mamiya 645 AFD Film cameras) AND a rangefinder style. Now, I've owned the 50r since November and I must say I try and use it for everything as much as possible. I've even used the 50R to shoot a children's soccer match -- which I do not recommend LOL. Anyway, I ramble. Except for one thing: I love the small form factor of my X-E1 as it fit in my work briefcase so I now have the 27mm 2.8 pancake mounted on my X-T1 which is comparably tiny and carry that to the office and back. However, there is no comparison to using the 50r. If you can afford it, and maybe justify it's use and expense, I'd go for that. But if you are only shooting for online purposes then it's overkill. I shoot for various agencies, plus stock doing travel and landscape and the camera will pay for itself in a matter of a year or so; plus, as a small business I can depreciate it and save some tax. Hope that helps somewhat, but I would sit and consider what it is you want to accomplish and how to go about it. and as you may have read in my profile I have never ever shot street, and never will as I can't stand people. LOL so I can't help. you there. Good Luck and please let the community know what you've decided.
  22. To answer your question no. I connect the XT2, XH1 and GFX to my iPad, iPhone. If you care to elaborate on what you are doing, maybe someone here can help you.
  23. My XH1 and GFX 50R both came with manuals in the box. If not, and I don't agree with what I'm about to say as I feel it is the manufacturers responsibility, but you can download the manual and take it to Staples or any office supply store and have them print it for you in double-sided booklet style.
  24. APSC is good enough. Many years ago I shot with Nikon - D800 and D800e with the trinity of lenses, as well as with film Medium Format Mamiya 645 AFD's. My first mirrorless Fuji was an X-E1, then the XT1, 2, and the XH1. I've made 36 x 24 prints from the XT1 which was "only" 16mp that will blow anyone away. It all comes to shot discipline -- Tripod, focus, exposure, etc. etc. I sell thousands of images around the world and many prints as well. I've never, ever had anyone ask me, nor say to me anything about not having enough pixels. It's all about YOU and how you approach the subject. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  25. I've bought gray market. Back in my Nikon days and NEVER had an issue - but I also never had to send one of my Nikon's in for service.
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