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  1. 16 1.4 and 35 1.4 and 27 2.8 if I'm using my X camera
  2. Yes that is normal for a manual lens. Besides the manual focusing (due to bad vision) is why I don't shoot manual lenses.
  3. If I were going to hang with friends out of ALL my gear I would take two/three batteries, and my XT1 with my 27mm 2.8 (original version) That's it. The XT1 with the 27mm pancake fits anywhere including my pants pockets so I'd be set.
  4. Twillingate, Newfoundland, GFX 100s, GFX 100-200 zoom @ 137mm, 1/60th, F9 Handheld w OIS

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  5. Need to press the button near the viewfinder so it reads Viewfinder + LCD. This should fix the issue
  6. I've experienced this before. I've cleared it two ways: 1. reformat the memory card after you've uploaded any images. 2. Delete camera from from Fuji App, Re-load the camera. This "should" fix it.
  7. I've only had one issue with ONE camera (Fujifilm S2 Pro) and that includes owning between 1973 and today: Minolta SR-T101 (my sister still owns it) Minolta X-E7 ( I still own it and it still works) Digital: Fuji 4900z 4.3 megapixel - outstanding camera Nikon 8700 8mp - never had an issue through sale Nikon 300 6mp - never had an issue through sale Nikon D700 12mp - Still use it and still works perfectly with over 200,000 images RB67 Pro Medium Format 2 ea Mamiya 645 AFD Medium Format 2 ea Yashicamat Twin Lens reflex Fujifilm S1 Pro - ONE of the BEST early digital cameras with gorgeous colors and a Base ISO of 320, 3.2mp Fujifilm S2 Pro. The S2 Pro developed a bad sensor and Fuji in Edison replaced the sensor, and shutter free of charge with a. two day turnaround after I dropped it off. X-E1 - never had an issue X-T1 still own it. Rubber grip started to come loose and I used gorilla glue to fix it X-T2 Camera took a salt water bath and self-destructed. Not worth repairing per Fuji's repair estimate, sold for parts X-H1 - Still shoot with it never had an issue G50R and 100S. -- Haven't had an issue. Fingers crossed I don't
  8. There is a setting in LR where upon import you can select "Camera" settings. This way the raw file keeps the sim mode. This is what I use. However, I'm on the road traveling and can't get to my LR catalog right now. When I import my 100s and 50r files the raw files do retain the actual sim used and does not "convert" it to the Adobe profile. If I can figure it out remotely I'll post again.
  9. I get the same type filenames, but I don't use the app to import. However, I DO LOVE THE APP especially now that I can use it with the 100s and G50r
  10. Not sure what the fix is other than sending it to Fuji if it bothers you that much. I am going to m make an assumption that this has zero effect on picture taking, so if it were me I'd leave it alone. Now, with that having been said how often do you clean it? My XT1 is nine years old and I can count on one hand the number of times I've cleaned the EVF. And, to clean it I use a soft brush, to brush any dust away, and if it's smudged, I use a Q-Tip with 1/2 drop of glass cleaning fluid. So in other words, I don't clean it too often.
  11. I updated my 100s this morning. I too had to update the date/time/gmt information. Thank goodness that was all -- my other settings stayed intact. Kinda flaky from Fuji... One update I'd LOVE to see is the ability to either hide, or re-order the film simulations. I've been using Fuji's since my old X-E1 in 2012 and there are some film sims I have never used. It would be great to be able to hide them or at least re-order them in some order that makes sense to the user.
  12. I have used gorilla glue on my XT1 and it's held up for years now.
  13. Man, Thanks for the advice!!!! I had at Clarity at +1, in my C1 setting. I took clarity to zero and what a difference it made! Thanks again
  14. THANKS Jerry and Greybeard. This is very helpful! I do use geotracking. I'll have to test that. I was actually surprised this app still ran on my iPhone 7s which is six years and six months old! I'm keeping the old app just in case I didn't have too many issues with it and was reasonably happy. I'm actually looking forward to the new app primarily for the Activity feature. I wonder if it captures the total of shutter actuations on the camera? Thanks again guys! J
  15. If I may make a suggestion: Have you tried the Silkypix software which is free? I use LR and Capture One Pro 22 but I've also used Silkypix and it does a fantastic job!
  16. Hello everyone, I was wondering if Fuji finally fixed the new xApp as they promised on May 31st. Also, has anyone started using it? I'm also hoping Fuji ports this over so we can use it with the 50r and the XH1. I've had no issues with he old app and will still use it with my other cameras, but I was considering switching my 100s over to the new one. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  17. Hello Stefan, Have you tried Adobe Bridge? I believe it's a free download. May want to try a free trial of Luminar, or Capture One as well. You have nothing to lose but a few bucks if you decide to buy it.
  18. Welcome to the "club". you've made a wise choice. LOL
  19. Thank you for the update!
  20. I would LOVE a Medium Format GFX Monochrome camera. I'd be FIRST in line. And, I'll add that if it has the body of the 50r so much the better!
  21. Hello, I just pulled out my 50r and using the 50mm lens I tested the peaking. First, I flipped manual focus on and tried it in the color modes - Astia, Velvia, Provia. I have my manual focus peak to High and Red. I then switched to MONOCHROME w Red Filter and and Acros w Red filter and my peaking was still on RED High. I then switched over to plain Acros, then plain Monochrome and my Peaking was still Red High. If I come across a fix I'll post it. J
  22. I love the way C1Pro renders my X and GFX files. I've been a LR user since Beta 1A in 2006-07 and I still use it for culling, minor editing, and cataloging/storing but my main image processor is Capture One. I will say I've used Silkypix as well with my X files and it comes darn close to C1Pro but nothing, IMHO beats Capture One.
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