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  1. Thanks guys for your reply and suggestions. I have ordered my GFX100S and following two lenses: FUJINON GF32-64mmF4 R LM WR GF80mmF1.7 R WR Regards,Dipak
  2. Hi All, I am new to this forum and have just joined this community today. I am hoping to learn via this forum and the community here. I have always been a canon shooter and currently shoot with Canon 5DsR. I am planning on purchasing Fuji GFX100S. I am trying to learn more about Fuji systems. I have played bit with Fuji XT3 along with XF 50-140, XF 35, XF 10-24 and XF 18-55 I mainly shoot portraits and also do landscapes. What are your recommendations for lenses on GFX 100S for following: 1. Portraits 2. Landscaps 3. Walk around street photography Also, as I do have access to XF lenses, do they work on GFX camera's? If so what adaptors would I need and what features would I loose ? Thank you all. Regards, Dipak
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