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  1. It can get quite boring fielding on the boundary! I bet having the camera with you makes it more bearable.
  2. The Pacific Ocean comes rolling in to steep coral shelves and is forced through small tunnels in the coral to spurt up into the air.
  3. The blowholes on the west coast of Tongatapu island.
  4. X-T4, 16-80 kit lens, 11mm Macro tube
  5. I found out they are called Squash Leaf Footed Bugs, and those are the nymphs. This is the adult form. Taken with X-T4, 16-80 kit lens at 80mm and 11mm Macro tube.
  6. Not sure what category they come under
  7. XT-4, 16-80 kit lens at 80mm, F5.6
  8. XT-4, 16-80 kit lens at 80mm, F5.6
  9. I find myself coming back to this thread regularly as I am at that stage of working out what I need, rather than what I want. I recently invested in the X-T4 with 16-80 kit lens and got the camera bag (Lowepro Flipside Trek 450 rucksack) that suits my needs perfectly. The carrying capacity of the camera area of the bag is fairly limited, and covers the camera, filters, flash unit and around 3/4 average sized lenses. Now, I am not 'unnecessarily restricting myself' by limiting myself to 3-4 lenses - I could buy a bigger bag and raid the magic money tree to get any lens I want but I think this is a very valid exercise in affordability and compromise, but still being able to achieve what you want. At present, I have: - 16-80 kit lens - 35mm F2 And top of my list to get is the 80mm macro lens. I have also been looking at what zoom lens to get. I love macro photography, hence my first choice of lens to buy is the 80mm, but as a secondary photography interest I like landscape and wildlife photography in equal measure. This leaves me in a bit of a quandary as the better landscape zoom is the 10-24mm, whereas for wildlife I would be better off with the 100-400mm. Maybe I can squeeze the camera and 4 lenses in my bag Edit: I have been doing more research on telephoto lenses and discovered that the 70-300 will be a far better fit for my needs, budget and restricted space - it is a much smaller and lighter lens with very good quality results and will be a seamless fit with the 16-80mm kit lens.
  10. Still saving for my 80mm macro lens, so I was pottering around in the garden when I came across a bumble bee. Had to shoot it with what I had on me at the time: X-T4, 35mm at F11, ISO 200, 1/250 sec
  11. For those living in the UK, Currys have got the XF35mm F2 available at the moment for £219.97, where the usual selling price in the UK is around £380. However, it is only available at this price in Silver finish - the Black version is full price. If you look on the Camera Price Buster photographic equipment comparison site you can see from the price history for the lens that this is the third time they have had this lens for sale at this price in the last three months. I ordered mine yesterday and it arrived this morning.
  12. Not proper macro shots, but I took these on my X-T4 with the 16-80 kit lens and macro extension tube.
  13. Apologies. I was at work when I thought to ask this question and I only just remembered I had my camera manual in my bag so I looked it up. I quote: In 'Shooting Only' the image stabilisation is enabled only when the shutter button is pressed halfway (in focus mode C) or the shutter is released. So, when you have the camera in continuous autofocus and you depress the shutter release half way then IBIS kicks in as I expected it to, but if in single focus mode it does not activate until you press the button all the way in, so you probably won't even notice it turning on and off. It doesn't fill me with confidence, tbh, that it ever engages. I would rather the IBIS comes on when you half press whichever mode you are in so you can see its effect. I think I will leave it permanently on - that way I can see it working and when I put the camera on a tripod it turns itself off anyway.
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