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  1. The 16mm 1.4 is AMAZING! I've owned it since 2015 when I used it on my XT1, and still use it on my XH1. IMHO it is one of Fuji's BEST lenses period - together with the 80mm. I have images taken with this lens hanging in Boston at the Children's Hospital there. VERY large prints.
  2. When I print, I have a 13"x19" Canon Pixma 100. The printer cost me a whopping $50.00 and it included 50 sheets of Lustre 13 x 19 paper. So basically it was free. I love that printer! I got rid of my Epson as it was nothing but issues with it - ink clogging, striping, splotchy ink placement. This Pixma 100 is over three years old, and it still works beautifully. Not too bad for free. Just a side note I never shut the printer off; it's always on as this way the ink doesn't dry, and more importantly there isn't the huge ink usage when the printer starts up and primes itself. You can check the canonusa.com website and they'll have specials every now and then. My ultimate goal is to move up to a 17" x 24" printer but that's sometime down the road.
  3. Great Eye. Love the colors!!
  4. Try reaching out to Fuji - though they'll probably want to have it sent in but it doesn't hurt to call
  5. Have you or anyone else cleaned the sensor? There is a s specific procedure for cleaning IBIS equipped cameras. My cameras have IBIS but they certainly don't vibrate a table....
  6. many folks complain about the camera remote app. I have no issues with it. I use it with my X and GFX series. Yes, sometimes it fail but that's far and few in between uses. I love the GPS feature, and the remote timer. I don't use any of the other features such as the transfer. Overall, though a bit finicky I like it very much.
  7. The first gen 10-24 had a habit of failing. It seems that moisture was deadly, and I don't mean downpour either. There is a guy on YouTube who went through three of them before he got fed up and quit the 10-24f4. The new WR version is supposedly better.
  8. HA@ What are you doing wrong?! You are shooting video on a GFX 100! HAHAHHAHA. Sorry. No insult, just sad humor. I don't do video... Can't help but I couldn't resist.
  9. I spent 53 days traveling in the Yukon and Alaska this past summer (2022). Using my vans power outlet and some splitters, and some accessories I purchased off AmazonI always had my XH1 (3 batteries), G50r (2 batteries), and G100s (2 batteries) , plus three drone batteries, my iPad, a power bank, apple watches, and two iPhones charging as I drove. Never had a low or dead battery issue on any device EXCEPT for the ONE time my spouse UNPLUGGED the main cable because she wanted to power up a har straightener (LOL NOW, NOT THEN). Check out the many options available on various online retailers, as well as Staples, Best Buy etc.
  10. On a new camera? That's odd. On my 11 year old xt1 (February 2012) it took about six years or so for the rubber to start peeling. I just put a few drops of gorilla glue and here we are in 2023 and it's still on there.
  11. Just chiming in but I buy various size lens hoods by the dozen on eBay. They are cheap, and they work. I use the Fuji hoods, and other no-name brands.
  12. I've been using Fujifilm since February 2012. I started with an XT1 - which just so happens to be sitting here next to me with the original 27mm 2.8 lens. I sold ALL my Nikon gear including multiple D800e bodies, 70-200 24-70 and 16-24. The only Nikon I still own is my original D700 with a 50mm 1.8 and the 18-35 zoom lens. I really fell in love with the Fuji system. As you will note in my "signature" below I own quite a few Fuji items. I have NEVER had a camera issue that required repair --- The exception being my Fujifilm S2Pro DSLR body that required a new sensor and Fuji replaced it free of charge and it was already a five year old camera. So I'd go for it if you really want a Fuji. On this forum you have an amazing support group that will answer your requests for assistance. Good Luck with whatever decision you make.
  13. Well as I mentioned above I was about to order a 100s. I did. It's FANTASTIC, but it does experience some hot pixels. Not too many, but that was only after 5-6 months of (everyday) use. I was away in the Yukon and Alaska for 53 days and with over 9,000 raw files I did notice some dead/hot pixels. Not sure what I'm going to do other than re-map.
  14. How about using the self-timer set for 10 seconds, or the Fuji App? Have you tried those two options? But first, set the camera to back-button auto focus. This separates the function of autofocus, from shutter release.
  15. Sir, I LOVE all your images posted here! The colors, and the details are amazing! I am planning on visiting Italy in the near future and I hope I can come back with images as beautiful as yours. Happy Holidays my friend. j
  16. Oh good point. As does any "chrome" effect...
  17. I was wondering if anyone is using the new 20-35 F4 lens, and if so what your opinion of it is. I'm waiting on B&H to send me a stock notice but I would like to have some user feedback. And yes, I've read and watched YouTube and other reviews.... Thanks
  18. We need more info before we can post a helpful answer. Let us know the type and speed of the cards you are using.
  19. Strange. My 16 1.4, and mt 23 1.4 BOTH focus on my XT1, 2, and XH1 whether the clutch is engaged or not. Did the rep explain why that is? I'm curious
  20. The glass is rather durable. Unless you gouge it with keys or something else in your bag most likely you'll upgrade your camera before the glass is scratched too much. As far as cleaning, I clean all my glass with an old, 30 year old cloth diaper that I used on my girls. I have several of them. If you don't have any of that, a good quality microfiber cloth, and a drop of eye glass cleaning fluid on a Q-Tip will take care of the viewfinder --- also very good on the rear panel, and lenses bTw Hope that helps.
  21. Interesting. Thanks. I'd love to see the 102.x megapixels though. My OCD kicks in here and there.
  22. Hey everyone, I feel kind of silly posting this but I question on something I noticed. All my raw files in LR show up as 101.8 megapixels, not the 102. I'm wondering if somehow the images are being cropped down in LR? I have to run a few tests to confirm this - by opening them directly in Photoshop, or Adobe Camera Raw but I was wondering if any of you guys are experiencing this. My settings are uncompressed, raw, 4:3 ratio, usually Astia color profile. My 50r records the raws at 51.1 megapixels instead of 51.4 as well. It's not a huge deal, but I was wondering if anyone has also experienced this. Let me know what you all think.
  23. I own the 50r and 100s. I would GIVE UP my all time favorite camera - the 50r for a 100r in a heartbeat!! I like my 50r more than my 100s.
  24. LOL. It's not like a dust pan. You won't see the dust collecting anywhere. I've been shooting Fuji since 2012 and I've yet to have my sensor cleaned in any camera. The auto sensor cleaner is a nice gimmick but in reality it's avoidance of dust, sand and other particles that will help keep the sensor clean. I don't change lenses in sandy areas. In dusty areas I keep my camera opening pointed downward at all times and before I attach the lens to the camera I make sure the rear ring where the contacts are located on the lens itself are clean by rubbing my finger around it. Then I make sure the rear element is not dusty. That's about all the precautions I take.
  25. I don't think the 50r was the "best" choice for fast moving concert images -- I'm assuming rock concerts is what you are shooting. I own both the 50r and the 100s and I shoot little league baseball and soccer with the 100s when I feel like goofing around, and use my XH1 when I really want to nail it with 11fps burst modes. As far as the "look" not sure what you mean. Is it the depth of field? At the distance you may be shooting concerts at, say from the pit, or the sides I do not feel it'll matter. You may want to go back to an X series for that type of photography and leave the 50r for more static or slower moving subjects.
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