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  1. I love the 200 f2 and remember some time back rumors circulating about Fuji having patented longer fast glass - like a 500MM f4 or something along that line - has that dies on the vine?
  2. I too have that lens but have not seen this behavior - I'm replying to see if others have answers.
  3. Can't wait to get mine (having had the 1, 2, 3 and 4) - I see there will not be a battery grip made available but I guess that's because a single battery can give pretty amazing performance in terms of burst speed and number of shots taken.
  4. So I discovered this this morning... I shot an event on Saturday, taking my X-T3 and X-T4 and some fast Fuji glass. Turned out the 16MM f1.4 lens would not auto focus on the X-T3 though it was fine on the X-T4. Well, today I learned that this was my own fault - I had inadvertently pulled the focus ring backwards to disengage the auto focus clutch, so that answered the question as to why it didn't auto focus on the X-T3. And I have to thank the tech at Fuji - I called this morning to ask about this and he asked if the focus ring was disengaged... But - and here is why i am posting this here - that same lens set the same way DOES auto focus on the X-T4! It's as if the X-T4 body just ignores the setting on the lens - and that was something the tech (and the other ones he asked about it) never had seen before. So those of you with that combo - give it a try - it's just odd.
  5. Ah, so I was the dick - of course! Boasting of how groovy a dude I am by pointing out I don't pay that enormous $120 annual fee! I see it now! Answering the actual question was an afterthought - I get it! Well I bow to your superior stupendousness for putting me in my place. Or, you could check your ego at the door. No doubt you realize you don't "own" software anyway - the license merely gives you license to use it - a common conceptual error people make. But I really am oh-so-impressed! I have been humbled - a thousand pardons for my questioning of your ability to actually answer the question that was asked! But if we need to unzip, you can get a few more lenses to catch up to me...I rather like the 200MM F2 as well as the 100-400 with the TCs. Just sayin'. Because listing your gear in your signature makes one all the cooler!
  6. So, this is you showing off? I mean, kudos to you for being so cool as to not have to pay for the subscription, but that doesn't really answer the question I posted, does it?
  7. Gee, Ed, I am unclear as to your problem with what I stated. Aperture and LR were the only types of software of their kind at that time. Period. There were never any similar packaged prior to them, either. No other packages were designed to handle DAM as well as basic editing functions. There were (and still are) a number of DAM packages, to be sure, but they were single purpose only. Aperture and LR allowed the user to both organize and categorize their image files as well as do those editing functions. Now, sure, I have only been doing photography for only 50 years, so perhaps I missed something - so please do iluminage us as to what I said that was so amusing to you...
  8. Wow! I just looked at they are now pricing it at $1799 (and $1999 for DR Black) - that is quite a deal
  9. Just a guess, but is it possible you sometimes take photos with the camera pointed (more or less) straight up or down? I have found the X-T cameras (1 through 4) have all on occasion gotten "confused" as to photo orientation when I do that - say, pointing straight down at a flower or something.
  10. Huh - and here I thought these are really two different types of program. Perhaps I am mistaken. Seems to me Capture 1 is designed to compete directly with Lightroom - both have DAM (digital asset management) and image editing capabilities...so the user can organize the images various ways (collections, libraries, whatever) as well as perform basic functions like color correction, cropping and more advanced things. On 1 makes a number of individually useful tools, like Resize (which I have used since before they bought Genuine Fractals) - but I use that as a plug in to LR much like I use Topaz DeNoise or others of their suite of programs the same way. So it's a bit like comparing apples to orangutans, no? I started with Aperture back when it and LR were the only games in town, and after Apple said "screw you" to the pro community and dropped Aperture support moved to LR as it was closest in feature set (and at that time C1 was quite immature). But On 1 was never in the mix because what they offer are individual tools that are nice, yet no way to keep track of tens of thousands of images.
  11. Reading this thread, I wonder what the fans of C1 think about their subscription program (same as Adobe at $10month). I presume that, like Lightroom, the subscription approach will assure one of having the "latest and greatest" version as opposed to site licensing that generally implies additional payment must be rendered for the next full version upgrade. Meanwhile, a question - does C1 offer the facial recognition capability that LR does? Having "taught" my LR across the 30K images I have, now if I want to call up all photos that include my brother (for example) it's simple to do. Looking over the Capture One site I do not see this function mentioned at all. FInally, don't know if anyone has heard of or tried Excire Foto and Search - a new program that uses AI based image recognition to assign metadata to images. ("Foto" is standalone; the "Search" add-on is the plug in for LR). I did but it a couple of weeks back and can say it does a pretty impressive job. No individual facial recognition (thought it determines if there are one, two, three or more faces and whether they are smiling or wearing glasses) but, while not perfect, pretty impressive auto recognition of architecture, a variety of animals, etc. Having heard good things about Irident I am going to give that a try, though frankly I have been pleased with how LR (on my Mac, if that matters) has handled the .RAF files.
  12. Hi, Bo - I'm curious as to if you ended up purchasing the f1.0 lens. Did you consider the 56MM f1.2? For that one stop of different it seems to be much less costly and heavy. I have the 1.2 and do like it - and despite an ongoing case of permanent "GAS" (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) have no desire for the 1.0 Now, that once-rumored 500MM f5.6 - that I am very interested in!
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