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  1. Hello My X-T10 out of blue stopped to connect to the iphone i used to download the photos. Usually i connected to the wireless network of the camera, then opened tha app and downloaded the photos. Now if i do it the app in the iphone asks for connection to a wireless network. Like if it wasn't connected, while it actually is connected! (if you check in the networks to which the phone is connected it appears Fuji...) I uninstalled and then reinstalled the app camera remote in the iphone, with no results. I can't understand if is some iphone issue or camera software issue behing this apparent lack of connection.
  2. I think i have found myself the answer here https://www.fujix-forum.com/threads/x-t2-dark-horizontal-lines-in-recorded-files.61939/ the problem is the electronic shutter
  3. No typically are vertical and i use by default the electronic Shutter
  4. Since i have started to use my T2 i have noticed that occasionally and randomly, setting an high Iso in a low light environment creates on the display (and in the photos) a grid of large very dark lines. Sometimes more evident sometimes slightly less. After this happens the only way to remove them is restart the camera. That is quite annoying, particularly shooting during the evening. HAs this happened to you too? Why is this happening?
  5. I have noticed that my version of Lightroom is quite old (5.4) so i guess i need to buy a new one. Would you suggest Lighroom to edit fuji Raw photos?
  6. Hello! I am a beginner with a T2. I want to shoot in Raw, and have only Lightroom as a software to edit and convert the photos. When i uploaded in Lightroom the raw photos in RAF i was quite disappointed in realizing that LR can't read the Fuji Raw. Do i make any mistake (mayb my version of LR is too old)? Must a specific software be used instead of LR? It would imply that i should learn editing photos in another software ? Thank you very much
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