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  1. If I use a film simulation and then import to LR both the raw & jgeg images show up with the simulation rather than just the jpeg. I have LR preferences set to "treat jpeg files next to raw files as separate photos". I believe on import the raw should be in color and the jpeg should have the simulation. What do I need to do to make this happen?
  2. I pressed the back dial set to aperture and it put a half moon over the aperture but iso came off of auto. Not sure why that was necessary but it seemed to solved my issue for the moment. Thanks for your help.
  3. I did not find anything related iso after auto iso. I press the front dial which is set to shutter speed and iso. That works find except it goes to auto3 iso. Aperture dial to command is correct.
  4. I forgot to note that I have the aperture ring dial to Command.
  5. I prefer to shoot manually in that I want the front command dial to be shutter speed and iso and the back command dial to be aperture. I have the Fuji XT4 and have set the iso dial to C and the shutter speed dial to T and the 16-80 lens to A. However, I get auto iso on the screen rather than just iso. And that impacts the aperture settings. How do I get the camera in just iso mode? I also have the Fuji X100V and have set the camera as above and it is not in Auto ISO mode. Just iso. I am concerned that the XT4 may not be operating correctly.
  6. Is this a Fuji camera setting issue or a LR preference-preset issue?
  7. I see there are preference settings in LR and mine is set to camera settings.
  8. When I import my jpeg+raw images into Lightroom Classic 10.3 all my photos come in with the simulation. For example, if I use the B&W simulation then all photos come in B&W including the raw files. How can I import my files so the jpeg has the simulation and raw is in color?
  9. I have tried reset and holding down the menu/ok button. it shows locked on the screen
  10. the shutter butter will not release. it is stuck
  11. I have no problem with the 100V. Today when I put in the XT4 card I got two issues: one was no image available and when I change to a card reader, a third of the photos showed there were already imported when they were not. I have to put the photos in a folder and import from the folder. Fuji and Adobe are not on the same page re the iMac card reader!!
  12. Two ways. One you could look through the viewfinder and see the effect of the simulation, press a button to set the simulation for the jpeg and then go back to Provia to see the real scene. Or if you have a simulation you like, then select it for the jpeg and then shot with Provia with the jpeg having the simulation. Should be able to do a custom setting with the simulations you like and then be able to shoot looking at the "real scene". Looking at the real scene is important to see the various colors in the scene so you know what you are getting rather than having to see a simulation.
  13. On an iMac with Big Sir, the flash cared slot with flash cards from my XT4 will not import to Lightroom Classic 10.1.1.
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