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  1. Wow!! thanks for the education. I really appreciate it!!
  2. Is it possible to take infrared images with a X-T4? Thanks
  3. I like buying local. But I also like to check internet prices. and I also dont like getting bent over on pricing but once again I like to support our local stores. I called a local camera shop and the price was close to double what ebays new pricing is. Is there a difference in actual Fuji lenses like where they are made or quality differences? In the same lens Thanks for any help Rick
  4. I have an X-T4 and shaky hands. This question may not make sense but it does in my mind. Would I be better off going with an XF16-55 which my understanding is, the F2.8 makes it a faster lens but with no OIS or a XF18-55 with F2.8-4 and built in OIS. Also does the IBIS work in conjunction with the OIS? Or does the IBIS work well with the 16-55 and no need for the OIS Thanks for any help.
  5. Is there a way of using a SB-800 flash on a XT-4 Thanks in advance
  6. The short story: Hi im Rick I was in a wreck and my head got banged around severely. My wife got a new car and I got a XT-4 to replace my Nikon D80. I took my first pictures from an old brown box my mom got me about 55 years ago. It was a Brownie she picked up at a second hand store. I saved and bought a roll of film. Man I wish I still had those first images. Ive spent years just playing around taking pictures but mainly collecting old photograph negatives and learning how to make the prints off the negs I had collected. Some of the negatives were bigger than 8" x 10". It was pretty cool seeing what would come. My wife and I have got into boating and float around in our vintage cabin cruiser at night looking for the perfect shots. I didnt have patience for for fishing during the day but I am driven to learn how to use a camera and capture the beauty of the lake at night. Christmas card pictures are also a highlight in my amateur photography. Oh and I fell in love with the vintage look of the XT-4 at first glance plus a Doc told me it would be good to challenge my mind to help it recover. I am on a high learning curve with a low attention span!!!!! LOL
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