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  1. I ordered my GFX 100s the first week of March and when I ping B&H all I get is still back ordered. Has anyone heard a lot a reason delivery would take so long?
  2. Thanks for the input Jerry.I’ll make sure of the bandwidth for the connection before disappointment. BTW, have you used the Bluetooth/WiFi to transfer image files?
  3. I haven’t even got the camera yet. I’m trying to understand as much as possible about the idiosyncratic things that aren’t obvious. I’m hesitant to connect something Fujifilm recommends against. I thought it was electrical as well. Guess I’ll find out...
  4. I have been using hubs for data transfer for a while. Does anyone know why the recommendation to not use a USB hub?
  5. I was wondering what if anything you give up having the dual duty lens. Long ago I had a Series 1 Vivatar with a macro and I loved it.
  6. I ordered mine early march and got everything but the camera...?
  7. Thank you all for the kind words. Now all I need is the back ordered camera.
  8. Recently bought (ordered) a GFX100S and I’m looking for opinions on favorite lenses. Any opinions?
  9. My name is Steve S.I live in the Denver area, and i'm a retired Navy. I know a bit about photography but not nearly enough to justify buying a GFX-100s. I optimistic I can learn enough to figure out what this camera can do. Thanks in advance!
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