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  1. I've had a reply from Fujifilm UK on this now, and it confirms the last post. They state "The OIS switch on any lens 'overrides' the IBIS setting in the camera. If the camera is set to continuous and then the OIS switch on the lens is set to 'off', the IBIS switches off as well." So if you have a lens with OIS it means the brand new IBIS is completely irrelevant, it may as well not be there. IBIS is simply there for lenses that lack OIS. I wonder if this means all new Fuji lenses will now come without OIS??
  2. I have the X-T4 and it does allow you to shift through all ISO values, including the H & L ranges, and AUTO 1, 2, 3. The benefit of being able to pre-set AUTO 1, 2, 3 is hugely diminished on the X100V by having to go right into the menu system to select one of these settings. There's no reason, given there is a C setting on the ISO Dial, to write the firmware differently to the X-T4, both of which were released at the same time.
  3. There is no 'C' position on the SS Dial on the X100V. I think you are referring to another camera. I agree it's a good feature, but it doesn't seem to be available on the X100V. Similarly, being able to select ISO Auto 1, 2, 3 when the ISO dial is set to 'C' is also not available on the X100V. When it's set to 'C' you can only select specific ISO values with the front command dial. To select ISO Auto 1, 2, 3 you have to go right into the menus to select the one you want, there is no shortcut method.
  4. I have the Front Command Dial set up in the Button/Dials menu to change either SS, ISO, EV. But, when pressing it in to select SS (with SS Dial set to A), turning the wheel does not change shutter speed, unlike on X-T4 or X-T3. It will only change shutter speed if the SS Dial is set to a value. Am I missing something in menu settings, or is this how it's meant to work (differently from other Fuji cameras)?
  5. The manual says if the lens OIS is switched on it overrides the camera IBIS, so I tried comparing the two systems hand-held with the 50-140 and 18-55 lenses. In both cases, the lens OIS switched on was significantly better better than with the lens OIS switched off , i.e. than the IBIS. Then tried the IBIS with the 16-55 lens which has no OIS, and the image was rock steady. I'd be interested to hear what others have found doing this simple test.
  6. I've just read the manual again and the functionality is not there. It is on the X-T4, but not the X100V. The only way to use ISO Auto 1,2,3 on the X100V is to set the ISO Dial to A (not C), and then it seems you have to go right into the Shooting Menu to select 1, 2, or 3. I can't find a shortcut anywhere to elect ISO Auto 1, 2, 3.
  7. Menu Settings: > Auto ISO 1,2,3, all set with values. > Front Command Dial set to 1-SS, 2-+/-, 3-ISO. ISO Dial set to C. But when select ISO with Front Command dial it offers all values of ISO, including the extended L & H values, but does not offer Auto 1, 2, 3. Any sugggestions on menu settings I should check, or is this a firmware error?
  8. I've worked this out now. The X-T4 has an extra setting of 'C' on the ISO dial, effectively doing the same as 'C' setting on the Exposure Compensation Dial. So if neither dial is set to 'C', all the Front Command Dial can alter is shutter speed.
  9. Sorry, that should say set up exactly same as my X-T3 ...
  10. Have set up my X-T4 exactly the same as my X-T4, with the options for pressing being SS, +/-, ISO. On my X-T3 the options are available with the Exposure Compensation Dial set to 0 or C, but on my X-T4 the options are only available with the Exposure Compensation set to C. When it's set to 0 I'd expect the +/- option not to appear, leaving me with the options to adjust SS or ISO, but I get no options at all. I'm wondering if I have a defective camera (I haven't even taken a single shot with it yet) or if this is a firmware issue yet to be resolved?
  11. I can't work out what the Control Lock button on vpb-xt3 battery grip does?
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