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  1. @Lindsay Webb Yeah, I ended up going with a Laowa 12 mm EF lens plus a Fotodiox Pro shift adapter. It’s not the most ergonomic setup in the world, but it gets the job done with an 18 mm FF equivalence. In fact, it would have been silly to use a full frame TS lens on a crop sensor because the image circle would be far too big; the ratio of a TS lens to a FF sensor is the same as a FF lens to an APS-C sensor.
  2. I never would have considered a macro lens for architecture, but I suppose it works all the same when the subject isn't close. Any idea why they would add shift capabilities to a lens like that rather than just a normal wide angle? Regardless, it does look like a compelling option. How would it compare if I got something like the Laowa 12mm ZD and a Fotodiox Pro shift adapter (EF to X)? I don't suppose I could just use that adapter coupled with a reverse adapter to use my Fujifilm lenses, I imagine the extra space in front of the sensor would impact the image.
  3. Has anyone tried to adapt a Canon TS-E lens to any Fuji body? I'm specifically thinking about getting the 17mm for my X-T4, however I'm still weighing up the cost against the diminishing returns. In general, how viable is adapting full-frame tilt-shift onto APS-C bodies? As far as I understand, on top of the focal length being increased by the crop factor, the shift range is also reduced by the same factor. So in the case of the 17mm, I would technically only have a maximum shift of 7-8mm. Is this correct? If so, is that still enough for a moderate amount of in-camera correction? I'm not expecting to capture a skyscraper from the across the street, but something that will cover the majority of cases. Finally, are there any alternative solutions I should consider?
  4. I had to come to the same realisation myself. I'm having to understand the circumstances in which certain features appear disabled.
  5. If I had to hazard a guess, yes, I believe those are the IS motors at work. Put an OIS lens on a non-IBIS camera and you'll hear the same humming from the lens. As for the noise remaining when IS is turned off in the menu, that may contradict my guess, but perhaps the motors are always running and are just unlocked when IS is enabled.
  6. For some reason, Fujifilm have decided to restrict the interlock spot AE and focus area option to the single and continuous focus modes. On my X-T20, and from what I understand almost every model prior to the X-T4, the reference point for spot metering could be adjusted using the focus area while in manual focus mode. Now, spot metering in manual focus mode is just centre-weighted, perhaps with a smaller area of reference (though I didn't notice any change when switching between the two). If this was a conscious decision, I'm not sure I understand the rationale. Personally, being able to set my focus and then pick my spot metering point is incredibly useful for certain situations. Does anyone have any thoughts or knowledge as to why this was changed? Do you agree that it's a useful feature? Do you think it could be reverted in a firmware update?
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