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  1. A few weeks ago, this adapter was one of the most wanted on the list! It is the “electronic” version of KIPON BAVEYES adapter for Canon EF lenses on Fujifilm X body!! Electronically, it will allow autofocusing and iris control via camera body! New Kipon Baveyes EOS-FX AF Old Kipon Baveyes EOS-FX I also owned the original KIPON BAVEYES EOS-FX without the electronic. I used it mostly for work. Because “BAVEYES” is an x0.7 focal reducer! Easy math here = 50mm f/1.8 x 0.7 = 35mm f/1.26. Now if you multiply 35mm f/1.26 x crop factor (1.5) = then it appears a
  2. Most likely vintage lenses. If I have the funds, I would get the Fujinon MK lenses, Rokinon XEEN or SP lenses.
  3. I will be replacing X-T2 to X-H1 for filmmaking. I will continue to use X-E1 and X-T1 for photography.
  4. Cactus new firmware XTTL for Fuji is the most stable version so far. I tested it with X-T1 & X-T2. Not every flashes would work.
  5. If you want TTL & FP/HSS, buy two Cactus V6II... and wait til XTTL firmware releases sometimes in June.
  6. Cactus V6 II does supports Fujifilm X-T2 and the new Fujifilm GFX for HSS!!
  7. Gear: Fujifilm X-T1 | Rokinon 85mm | LTII | ƒ2 | 1/4000 | ISO 200 | Cactus V6II + FT-16 | Godox QT-600 BTS:
  8. CAMERA & FLASH SETUP: Camera System Set to Fujifilm. Flash System Set to Nikon. This not the only video I made. You will see it on my yt page.
  9. Another Fuji X-T1 owner got it working with same trigger but he had to use two triggers in order to use his Canon flash. I only needed one to put Godox trigger on top of it.
  10. I been waiting on the solution for two years now and here is the solution to get HSS working on Fujifilm X-T1 sucessfully!
  11. I have EOS-Fuji X Lens Turbo from Roxsen and EOS-Fuji X Lens Turbo II from ZY Optics. I been using it since June 2014. Original Lens Turbo is prone to flare like blue highlight spot at the center of the frame or any where the highlights shine the brightness. Lens Turbo II improved that flare issue/blue spot. LTI is fine for monochrome. LTII is great for both color and monochrome. Only thing you should be concern about, when using old glass to EOS-FX LTII, some glasses aren't multi-coated, so it'll flare. Some lenses have a rear optic that will touch the glass of Lens Turbo II, using a tape beh
  12. Back in January 2015 I had shown some of my work shot on High ISO using X-T1 mostly in JPEG and even at the highest ISO setting click here Let me tell you what I learned... You'll lose details during high iso because the lens itself didn't have enough resolution power to combat the noise reduction processing. You might have to set turn on LMO option or you need to get the sharpest lens possible, maybe the macro lens or possibly a Zeiss Otus lens... You be the judge, test every lenses and compare it at ISO 6400... you'll find that some has more details than others, all depends on the lens.
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