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  1. Thanks for your very prompt reply. I feel a little stupid. I've been shooting 35mm motorized SLR's and switched to DSLRs and never ran into this problem in over 50 years. I'm completely baffled by why my Fuji's can't fire the flash in a slow burst mode.
  2. I cannot use my X-T1's on either the 'CL' or the 'CH' setting when using studio strobes. I'm using a wireless remote tripper which works well when the 'Drive' dial is set to 'S' (single shot). However, whenever I increase the frames per second option, the strobes will not fire. As far as I can tell, all of my other settings are correct; camera is in full Manual mode, the Shutter Speed is set to 1/180. Having to shoot fashion or anything with movement is painfully slow when you're restricted to the 'Single Shot' mode. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
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