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  1. So my V6II Cactus trigger just broke. Turns out the power switch is garbage. While I was fixing the power switch I figured I would try fixing the loose fitting shoe mount. I found that the screws in the mount are too loose and that once apart I could access and tighten them. This solved my fit issues. I wrote a quick post about it here if you want to see the pictures. http://brett-martin.com/2017/12/12/fixing-the-cactus-v6ii-flash-transmitter/ Unfortunately after seeing how the power switch is constructed I don't think I can keep using the Cactus system, even though I just got HSS working. Going to try out the Godox system as they have a huge range of options from a tiny on camera flash to huge monoblocks that all work with Fuji.
  2. Good news, it looks like it is coming soon! http://www.cactus-image.com/community/discussion/comment/2851/#Comment_2851
  3. I asked them (via Twitter) let's hope they respond. Half the reason I bought Cactus is because it works with Fuji and so many other brands and they actually push out firmware updates! I can only assume they need to analyze the new TTL modes on the X-T2 and then hopefully have an update.
  4. Thanks for the link looks like they updated their info and the answer is NO Camera(s) tested that does not support high-speed sync modes on the Cactus V6 II: - Fujifilm X-E2 (Updated: July 18, 2016) - Fujifilm X100T (Updated: September 7, 2016) - Fujifilm X-T2 (Updated: September 9, 2016)
  5. OK so I did more testing as I have both the X-T1 and X-T2 currently. I can place the Cactus V6II trigger on the X-T1, long press the scroll wheel and it enters "Forced HSS" and it works with the Cactus V60 flashes with no issues at very high shutter speeds. The X-T2 does not work at any speed if I use "Forced HSS" mode on the trigger. Crossing my fingers and hoping for a firmware update to support the new Fuji HSS/TTL, I'm guessing after Fuji releases the updated HSS/TTL support for the X-T1.
  6. Has anyone had luck with the X-T2 working above 1/250th with the new Cactus V6 triggers and Cactus v60 flashes? I had it working with my X-T1 but as soon as I long-press for the "Forced HSS" the flash doesn't fire.
  7. Just got my B&H shipping notice with tracking number! Edit: 09/12/16 delivery Edit: Called B&H minutes after I got the shipping notice and asked if they could speed up the shipping. They said they would be happy to! however they cant... No way for me to know that the camera would not arrive until Monday until I got the shipping notification and the camera is already on the truck by the time the tracking number is sent. They can't recall that order and send out a new one as they don't have enough stock. So any way I cut it the camera won't be here until Monday because B&H didn't consider the pre-order ship date and standard 2 day shipping options. I image many others are in the same boat.
  8. I am in the same boat. I figured B&H would have these shipped out first thing this morning.
  9. Looks like B&H has marked the new batteries as "In Stock" on my order (though not on the site)
  10. I pre-ordered from B&H a few days late waiting on WAF. Hopefully I am still in the first batch to go out. I ordered from B&H as they are tax-free which saved me around $160 on my order. I was hoping to use the camera at an event this weekend but I don't have high hopes that it will ship out first thing on the 8th. I called/online-chat with the reps who gave me no new info or knew where I was in the pre-order queue other than to say the stock they had should fulfill "most" of their pre-orders.
  11. Thanks for the reply. It is also happening on skin.
  12. I took some photos last week and I am editing them now and I am noticing a purple/green color fringing on the photos. This does not appear to be chromatic aberration as it is happening in the middle of photos not on edges etc. I attached 3 images that show the spots which appear to glissen green/purple like an oil spill would. Any Idea what is causing this? All shots taken with speed lights only in a dark room and the 56 1.2 @ 5.6 1/160th, ISO 200
  13. Windows or Mac? For Mac you can download from Adobe Exchange site or just buy there and if you have Sync turned on it will show up in LRCC. Not sure on Windows.
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